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-1--1- a leading Telecommunication Solutions Partner.

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1 -1--1- a leading Telecommunication Solutions Partner

2 Multi-Play Services over Broadband Networks ITU Arab Regional Workshop on Broadband Access Technologies 19-20 November, Damascus - Syria

3 The Need for Multi-Play Services

4 -4--4- The Telecom Operator Perspective BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL Cable Operators Mobile Operators Alternative Carriers Municipal Telecom Networks

5 -5--5- The End-User Perspective Lean Back Activities Lean Forward Activities Consumer Interest for Enhanced Broadband Services Source: Boston Research Group Subscribers interest for Broadband Services SERVICES NOT AS USUAL

6 -6--6- What is Triple-Play SwitchedBroadcast Video Data Broadband IP Voice INTEGRATED SET OF VOICE, DATA & VIDEO SERVICES OVER A CONVERGED PLATFORM

7 -7--7- The IPTV service market

8 -8--8- The Value of Triple-Play Improve ARPU Differentiate from competition Strengthen market position Reduce customer churn Enhance customer satisfaction Leverage brand name to: improve revenue sharing with content providers push additional services (e.g. online games) attract additional advertising revenue PROFITABLE OPERATORS

9 Enablers for IPTV / Business Models

10 -10- Regulatory Issues Convergence brining new legal challenges to regulators fostering of competition unbundling of Local Loop (LLU) Redefining boundaries between: telecommunications and audiovisual private and public non-commercial and commercial Distinguish between television broadcasting services and information society services Key IPTV regulatory issue is whether it will be regulated as a data or a broadcasting service

11 -11- Content Acquisition Issues Legal Framework? Content Sourcing? Service Packaging? Release Windows? Contracting terms? Contracting Rates & Revenue Guaranties? Content Protection?

12 -12- Enabling IPTV / Triple Play Offerings Thus, regulatory authorities need to: Cooperate with all stakeholders (operators, content providers) to ease access to content Foster the competitive environment (market liberalization, LLU) to drive the need for differentiated services Need to distinguish the regulation of: Linear services which include all traditional TV and Radio broadcasting streamed over the Internet Non-linear audio-visual content services where the viewers decide when a specific program is transmitted

13 -13- IPTV Service Delivery (Value) Chain Content provision Access Providers ISPs Service Delivery Consumption Content & Rights Owners e.g. Major Studios (Hollywood, content publishers) Content Aggregators Buy Content & Rights from Owners, Showtime etc. Network Operators Access Providers, ISPs Provide access infrastructure e.g. ADSL, VDSL, FTTH. Operate Service Delivery Platform, OSS/BSS Customers Homes with CPEs and IP Set-top- boxes Wholesaling Advertising

14 -14- Triple-Play Business Models PROMOTING CONTENT NOT BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY FleaMarket Flea Market Dump Pipe Connectivity sell only No part in value chain Low risk, low cost Risk to lose brand value to Service Providers Shopping Mall Open Model Team-up with content providers Charging access fee + content revenue share Share revenue, risk & consumer awareness Department Store Walled Garden Resell of re-branded content Strong consumer relationship High ARPU Higher complexity & risk

15 Intracom Telecoms IPTV Vision

16 -16- INTRACOM TELECOM Solution Proposal LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR NEXT-GENERATION CONTENT SERVICES INTRACOM, a partner of choice with a total offering For Service Providers and Network Operators fs|cdn, Full Service Content Distribution Network WHAT WHO WHY

17 -17- Triple-Play: The Whole Picture

18 -18- Content running on fs|cdn BUILT-IN SECURE CONTENT DISTRIBUTION …the system is robust against Sophisticated Hacking. Furthermore, elements of the DRM system are robust at higher levels of hacking. MERDAN Security Audit

19 -19- Triple-Play: The Whole Picture

20 -20- fs|cdn Supported Services fs|cdn: DELIVERYING NEXT-GENERATION SERVICES Digital Broadcast TV & Radio Video-on-Demand (VoD) & Audio-on-Demand (AoD) Interactive Service Guide (ISG) Time-shifted TV/Personal Video Recording (PVR) Messaging/Chatting TV Portal Integrated Telephony Services Interactive Custom/Niche Applications

21 -21- Delivering the ultimate user experience Main Menu

22 -22- Channel Guide Delivering the ultimate user experience

23 -23- Program Info & Reminders Delivering the ultimate user experience

24 -24- Video/audio on Demand Delivering the ultimate user experience

25 -25- Program Recordings Delivering the ultimate user experience

26 -26- Data/infotainment application Delivering the ultimate user experience

27 -27- TV messaging Delivering the ultimate user experience

28 -28- Online unified billing Delivering the ultimate user experience

29 -29- User management & profiling Delivering the ultimate user experience

30 -30- ISG Personalization Delivering the ultimate user experience

31 -31- Delivering the Ultimate User Experience Entering the mobile space CONVERGENCE OF MULTIPLE NETWORKS (CABLE / MOBILE) – IMS INTEGRATION

32 -32- A Successful Triple-Play Strategy… …should address: Scalability Flexibility End-user Experience Local color Right pricing Content

33 -33- A Successful Triple-Play Strategy… …should address: Scalability Flexibility End-user Experience Local color Right pricing Content

34 INTRACOM TELECOM 19.7 km Markopoulou Ave. 19002 Peania, Athens, Greece T +30 210 667 1000 F +30 210 667 1001

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