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What’s New In Service Provider Networks?

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1 What’s New In Service Provider Networks?
Intro to Carrier Networks

2 Broadband You Can Build On
It’s a great shot when you pull it off, It’s a smart shot when you don’t have the guts to try it. - Phil Mickelson Benjamin Franklin 2

3 What keeps me awake at night?
Service Providers What keeps me awake at night?


5 Who is ADTRAN? Leading provider of networking and communications equipment Smart, Reliable Solutions for Today’s Communication Networks Widely deployed throughout North America and a growing number of Global Service Providers One stop shopping for business networking equipment needs - routing, switching, telephony Innovative Product Approaches All-in-one solutions save space, integrate functionality, reduce cost Multi-service platforms leverage existing network infrastructure, enable networks for new service deployments at lower cost Dependable solutions for business and residential connectivity Strategic product position Entrepreneurial engineering capabilities Demonstrated financial competence 5 5

6 Strategies for Growth Our Growth Businesses 2009 Results:
Primary Growth Products 52% of Revenue Up 13.5% year over year Broadband Access = $111.5M Up 9% year over year TA5000 platform had record sales! Optical Access = $60.6M Up 12.5% year over year Internetworking = $80M Revenue Record! Up 21.5% year over year R&D Investment $83M Up $1.5M year over year BROADBAND ACCESS INTERNETWORKING OPTICAL 6

7 Carrier Networks Division Enterprise Networks Division
The Access Network Carrier Networks Division Enterprise Networks Division Communication Networks are broken into two parts – the core network and access network. The access network is that portion of the network where the majority off ADTRAN products are installed..

8 High Performance Services for Business & Residential Customers

9 Total Access Solution

10 Ethernet Goal for the Network
Migrate to a single, unified network infrastructure that delivers all next generation services, residential or business. Maximize existing assets without encumbering future capabilities. Ethernet

11 AOS: Foundation for Success
Same OS used on TA 900 Series Interoperable with leading softswitches Proven SIP and MGCP implementation Wide array of statistics and debug tools ADTRAN OPERATING SYSTEM 11

12 Driving Next-Generation Architectures
Carriers are moving toward converged networks over IP/Ethernet Scalability for enhanced broadband Lower operational cost Migration to IP-based applications and services Copper, fiber and mobile infrastructure Evolution to higher-speed business services 12

13 Providing Smart Connectivity for Delivery of Services
Network Transport/Aggregation Optical Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Broadband Access Higher Speed Internet IPTV POTS / Specials Unified Communications Hosted and Premise-Based VoIP Metro Ethernet Fiber and Copper Managed Network Services Security, LAN 13

14 Impact on Mobile Backhaul

15 Evolution of Technology
Infonetics, Deloitte Computing Costs Processing cost is dropping faster than bandwidth cost… …driving distributed architectures like the IP for LTE

16 Provide Essential Technologies to Deliver Enhanced Services
Technologies increase access network bandwidth for business and residential customers Ethernet-based Broadband Access GPON Active Ethernet VDSL2 ADSL/ADSL2+ SHDSL EFM Optical Access SONET/SDH Ethernet Internetworking Routing/Switching Unified Communications

17 Smart Solutions for Wireline Service Providers
Multi Service Access Platform (MSAP) BBDLC IP DSLAM Fiber to the Node (FTTN) Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) Network Aggregation: TDM, ATM and IP Business Carrier Class Ethernet Business Services Migration Optical Access Network Communications Terminating Equipment (NCTE) Multiplexers 17

18 Innovative Time To Market
Equipment Cost Materials and Labor Cost Cabinet Deployment Cost of deployment – in $5000 increments OSP Deployment 40 days 1-2 days Time to Market – in 5 day increments

19 Complete Broadband Solutions
Broadband Product Suite for Copper and Fiber Delivery Central Office Remote Terminal Remote Node Customer Premises

20 Emerging Opportunities
Next-generation architectures are now a necessity Counter the competitive threat from cable Increase revenues through the delivery of higher bandwidth services Optimize network to drive out operational cost How can carriers enable the new without stranding the existing? Legacy and next-generation services Phased evolution from discrete to converged networks

21 Building Tomorrow’s Network
More fiber – less copper Maintain existing subscribers and services Deliver higher bandwidths – install fiber, shorten copper loops near term, FTTP long term More packet – less TDM Migration to IP-based networks inevitable Unified network drives simplicity, savings, scalability Rise of Multigigabit Ethernet networks – decline of traditional TDM/SONET networks due to inefficiency, complexity

22 Carrier Ethernet Services Better Services to More Customers – Sooner
Faster Time to Market Universal Service Coverage Value-Added Service Delivery Simplified Deployment Model Ethernet to Every Business - EoX Leveraging Existing TDM/SONET Assets Addressing Multi-branch/SMB profitably Ubiquitous Service Rollout, On/Off-Net, Uncontrolled environments Value-Added Service Delivery Retained ATM QoS, TDM Dependability, SONET Resiliency Carrier Ethernet Innovation SLA Delivery & SLA Management Faster Time to Market, Launch Simplified Ethernet Installation & Upgrade Centralized Service Delivery Platform Immediate Ethernet Delivery Platforms EoTDM, Outside Plant (OSP)

23 Key Applications for Carrier Ethernet Enabling bandwidth growth and new services
Business Services Metro Ethernet service delivery Business-class direct internet access Point to Point and Multipoint LAN services Service availability is key Mobile Backhaul Support evolution from TDM to Ethernet Legacy support, including synchronization, are critical attributes 23

24 Mobile Backhaul

25 Next Generation Ethernet Applications 10Mbps to 1Gbps Ethernet Service Delivery

26 Service Provider

27 ADTRAN’s Unique Position
ADTRAN’s proven ability to enable sustainable delivery of business class and high speed data services ADTRAN’s significant embedded base of deployed solutions ADTRAN’s extensive real world experience in deployment ADTRAN’s full suite of standards based Ethernet delivery solutions ADTRAN’s commitment to delivery of mass deployable (replicable, scalable, easily maintained) Ethernet services ADTRAN’s commitment to continued innovation


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