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Power, Telecom, Mechanical and Lighting Systems Solutions

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1 Power, Telecom, Mechanical and Lighting Systems Solutions
International Business Center CO-LTD Tel Dummar +963 (11) Bahsa +963 (11) Fax Dummar +963 (11) Bahsa +963 (11) SMS +963 (94) (95) P.O. Box Damascus - Syria

2 SUMMARY IBC is a complete Telecom and Power solutions company specializing in Power Equipment and Telecom with complete implementation and O&M. IBC has a broad portfolio of skilled management, engineers and technicians. IBC offers total Power and communication services beginning with startup, site build and implementation , operation & maintenance, and upgrading of Power and Telecom systems in coordination with end users and customers. IBC puts all its resources, innovation, and extensive experience in the Power and Telecom market to assist and support organizations, processes, technical choices, and marketing actions.

3 Who we are: International Business Center CO-LTD (IBC) is a Privately owned Syrian company established in 1960. IBC operates in the Middle East with offices in Syria, Jordan, and Sudan. IBC has affiliations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iraq. IBC, as an equipment and services provider, offers professional services and solutions for Power and Telecom businesses in the region. IBC total number of staff exceeds 300 employees. IBC has 12 offices, 2 training centers, and 12 warehouses in Syria.

4 MISSION STATEMENT To be a local and global company, respected and valued for: Providing outstanding service to our customers and to become their partner of choice. Exceeding the expectations of our client with our flexibility, creativity, innovation, and highly motivated workforce. Delivering high quality products and services at low cost. I just changed the first and second sentence a little bit.

5 PRODUCTS & SERVICES In today’s rapidly changing industry, many areas of specialization are required for the deployment, implementation, and management of customers’ networks. IBC fulfils this need by offering an array of technical services vital to the success of a leading Power and Telecommunications infrastructure and service providers. A summary is provided in the following sections: IBC as a Power and Telecom solutions supplier and management firm offers a wide variety of services for the industry including, but not limited to, Power and Telecom products in the Middle East.

6 TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT Skilled Managers in Power and Telecom projects are available and ready to provide their expertise: Complete Power and Telecom Solutions O&M of GSM Systems Data Collection and Site Audit for GSM Networks Turnkey GSM Sites implementation System change out plan management. Project Management RF and Optimization Power and Telecom Training

7 Network Design & Implementation
RBS, BSC, MSC, and OSS Dimensioning & parameters definition Installation Engineering and Data Transcript Dimensioning & Parameters definition Transmission engineering including SDH, PDH and OSP Power and Diesel Generators Dimensioning & Parameters definition

8 Network Enhancement Radio Network Quality Assessment and Optimization.
Hardware Quality Audit and Data collection according to customers’ standards and requirements. Grounding measurements and improvements.

9 Auxiliary Power Generating Sets. Batteries.
IBC Products Auxiliary Power Generating Sets. Batteries. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems UPS. The color and font changed on this slide and the next few as well.

10 IBC Services GSM Network System turnkey implementation, commissioning and Integration Services: Sites materials, tower, shelters, sites build, equipments installation , configuration, or dismantling Implementation Project Management Services IBC believes in truly understanding the customer’s goals when it comes to their hardware and software set up. It is our mission to provide the most innovative hardware and software that is available to suit our clients. After-sale support is an understood commitment by IBC In whatever investment field, maintenance is required almost by default. Below is a brief listing of our major service agreements. What is GSM Turnkey system implementation? Looks important, where is the bullet points for it?

11 IBC Services Consultation Services:
Service Level Agreement “SLA” for the O&M of Power plants and GSM Network. Covering all Power and GSM areas and selecting the right skills for Operators’ requirements. Qualified consultancy based on yearly, monthly, or hourly rates for both short and long term contracts. For highly integrated products, IBC engineers provide ITAC support during implementation and perform quality audits and site acceptance. For the above services, more detailed information will be provided upon request.

12 IBC Services Site Audit and Data Collection: For the purpose of Quality improvement, System Optimization, or simply updating operators’ records, IBC qualified staff will visit each site in the system and collect the following (but not limited to) data: Out Door Data: Equipment part and serial numbers, Site position, RF and transmission data and pictures. Indoor Data: Equipment part and Serial numbers and Site configuration. IBC staff will generate the reports to the operators for the updating records, site compatibility and optimization. For the above services, more detailed information will be provided upon request.

13 Signature Projects Syria
Telecom MTN 2009_present: Service Level Agreement for1800 RBS Sites, 14 Switches, IT centers, IN, and billing locations Operation and Maintenance. IBC has improved MTN Syria KPI in 2009 through enhancing Radio network availability to above than 99.98%. Site Audit and Data Collection project for the purpose of Complete System Optimization . The site reports were delivered to MTN with an accuracy rating above 98%. Rollout contractor including: MW installation, RBS swap, core network installation, civil work, etc Ericsson –STE 2000_2001: Commissioning of 57 Fixed RSS remote sites in Syria. Implementation and commissioning of Emerson Power. PDN power supply and implementation.

14 Signature Projects Syria Telecom Huawei 2011-present:
Site Audit and Data Collection project for the purpose of Complete System Optimization . Macro or Micro G&C&Wimax BTS Installation-New Rollout. DBS Installation-New Rollout. BSC/RNC installation-New rollout. Wireless SWAP Indoor to Outdoor. Civil Work. SDH/PDH Links implementation and commissioning. NETWORK Equipment rack installation and power cable, alarm and internal cables. Access Network and other works .

15 Signature Projects Sudan
Power Marawi Sad Hospital: Complete Power Solution. Sudatel: Complete Power Solution. For Khartoum Switching Center. Sale of DG, Transformers, UPSs, Batteries etc. Telecom MTN: Preventive & Corrective maintenance contract for the properties and installations of GSM network of MTN Sudan. Supply of site materials for 2,000 RBS sites.

16 ~ ~ ~ Thank You ~ ~ ~

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