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Chapter 14 Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy.

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1 Chapter 14 Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy

2 C14.2 The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson Inauguration Facts over 10,000 attended came from 500 miles partied in & out of White House nearly a riot

3 Jackson brought change new people voting common white men could vote Jackson promised to get rich out of govt. return govt. to the people

4 C14.3 From the Frontier to the White House Jacksons Early Years born SC frontier 1767 grew up poor hot temper 13, captured by British during Revolution became lawyer moved to TN bought land & slaves killed man in duel

5 Becoming President served in House & Senate General during War of 1812 1824 – won popular & electoral votes, but not majority House chose John Q. Adams helped start Democratic Party (poor, farmers, working class) 1828 – won presidency


7 C14.4 Jacksons Approach to Governing Kitchen Cabinet informal group of Jacksons friends gave Jackson advice met in White House kitchen

8 Spoils System Jacksons practice of rewarding political supporters gave them govt. jobs he replaced 10% of civil servants

9 C14.5 The Nullification Crisis Tariffs taxes on imports encourage growth of manufacturing in U.S. causes higher prices for imports people encouraged to buy American favored by North had factories sold American goods

10 South opposed tariffs tariffs raised prices of foreign goods (imports) tariffs discouraged trade hurt cotton sales believed tariffs favored the North

11 Problems in South Carolina SC decided to nullify tariff laws SC threatened to secede (leave the U.S.) if tariff laws enforced Congress lowered tariffs S.C. backed down

12 C14.6 Jackson Battles the Bank of the United States Jacksons Concerns believed bank benefited rich Eastern investors bank in way of Wests development distrusted banks president

13 Banks Charter would expire 1836 Congress renewed it 1832 Jackson vetoed renewal bank would end in 4 years commoners happy Jackson re-elected for second term Jackson killed bank early by removing federal deposits put money in state banks (pet banks)

14 C14.7 Jacksons Indian Policy Approaches tried by Indians treaties with U.S. to share land some sold land, moved some fought settlers, U.S. Army some adopted white ways Cherokee took matter to Supreme Court won case Jackson ignored court

15 Indian Removal Act, 1830 Allowed Pres. to make treaties with Indians Indians must trade their lands for land west of Mississippi not supposed to be removed by force Jackson sent army to remove them

16 Trail of Tears Journey of 17,000 Cherokee to Indian Territory Forced to go by U.S. Army 4,000 died of cold, hunger, diseases

17 Seminoles fought U.S. Army in Florida, 10 years some taken to Indian Territory others hid in swamps, stayed in Florida

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