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The Jackson Era Chapter 11 Review. Who were the four candidates who ran for President in 1824? Where were they from? John Quincy Adams, New England Henry.

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1 The Jackson Era Chapter 11 Review

2 Who were the four candidates who ran for President in 1824? Where were they from? John Quincy Adams, New England Henry Clay, Kentucky Andrew Jackson, Tennessee William Crawford, The South

3 Who won the popular vote for election in 1824? Andrew Jackson

4 How did John Quincy Adams end up president? Henry Clay gave Adams his electoral votes to give him the majority.

5 In what ways did Adams try to increase government control? Wanted a stronger navy Wanted government to fund scientific expeditions

6 Why did Americans not support Adam’s programs? The objected to spending money on them and feared that the federal government would become too powerful.

7 What two political parties had emerged and who did they support in the Election of 1828? Democratic-Republicans who supported Andrew Jackson National Republicans who supported Adams

8 What new elements were introduced to politics in the Campaign of 1828? Mudslinging tactics Election slogans, rallies, buttons and events

9 Who won the election of 1828? Andrew Jackson

10 What restriction was lifted in the eastern states that increased suffrage in the 1820s & 1830s? The requirement to own land in order to vote

11 Who did not get the right to vote? Native Americans African Americans Women

12 How did Democrats bring democracy into government? Open up government jobs from all walks of life How did they do this? By creating the spoils system and giving supporters jobs

13 In what war and battle did Jackson win national fame? War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans

14 What was Jackson’s nickname? Old Hickory

15 Why did the 1828 tariff issue cause sectional differences? The North wanted it to protect and encourage American business. The South hated it and called it the Tariff of Abominations as it raised the prices goods

16 What was the Tariff of Abominations? A protective tax placed on foreign goods

17 What right did the Southern states say they had in response to the Tariff laws? That states can nullify federal laws that go against state’s interests

18 What is nullification? The idea that a state can declare a federal law illegal

19 Who is the leader for the Southern States? John C. Calhoun

20 How did Jackson respond to the issue of Nullification? He supported the Union over state’s rights

21 Section Two Conflicts Over Land

22 Who created a written alphabet for the Cherokee? Sequoyah

23 What kind of economy did the “Five Civilized Tribes” have? Farming society economies

24 Who were the “Five Civilized Tribes”? Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw and Choctaw

25 Why did Jackson and other Americans want the Indians to move west of the Mississippi? To clear the land for white settlement

26 Why didn’t the Whites just move west instead of wanting the Indians lands in the East? The area west of the Mississippi seemed unsuitable for farming

27 What law was passed that forced them to move? The Indian Removal Act in 1830

28 What was established for the Indians to move to? Indian Territory

29 Which tribe refused to accept a treaty and move? The Cherokee How did they fight the government trying to force them to move? They sued the state government and took the case to the Supreme Court and won, but Jackson did not support the Court’s decision

30 The forced march of the Cherokee west was known as what? Trail of Tears


32 Which Eastern group of Native Americans successfully resisted removal? The Seminole in Florida Who helped them fight a war with the United States? African Americas who had runaway to escape slavery

33 Section Three Jackson and the Bank

34 Why did Jackson and most Democrats not like the Bank? They believed it was unconstitutional and gave the federal government too much power. Jackson also did not like Nicholas Biddle

35 Why did Jackson’s opponents push for the renewal of the Bank of the United States early? They wanted to use the bank issue to defeat Jackson in the next election in 1832.

36 Who did the Democratic Republicans ask to run for President in 1836? Vice- President Martin van Buren

37 Who ran against Jackson in the 1832 election and van Buren in the 1836 election? Henry Clay

38 What political party formed made up of former National Republicans and anti-Jackson forces? The Whigs

39 What was the Panic of 1837? A severe economic depression

40 What were the causes of the Panic of 1837? Large amount of loans for land speculation and to Cotton farmers The printing of too much paper money

41 What was Van Buren’s response to the Panic? Tried to set up a more stable banking system Cut White House expenses

42 Who did the Whigs run for President and Vice President in the Election of 1840? William Henry Harrison and John Tyler

43 Who became the first vice- President to succeed a President who died in office? John Tyler

44 How did Tyler disappoint the Whigs? Supported states rights Vetoed Whig bills, including the recharter of the Bank of the United States

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