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WSCA/NASPO Contract For Managed Print Services. What is Managed Print Services (MPS ) MPS is a service - not a lease or buying agreement! MPS will assist.

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1 WSCA/NASPO Contract For Managed Print Services

2 What is Managed Print Services (MPS ) MPS is a service - not a lease or buying agreement! MPS will assist you in measuring, managing and optimizing your print cost and environment. MPS is a copier, fax, and printer fleet management service. MPS is a equipment service and supply management service. MPS is green - reducing un-wanted/needed copies and over purchasing of supplies.

3 Pre Procurement A survey was sent out nationwide to determine interest in a procurement for MPS. The Directors approved the survey results with New Mexico as the lead state. A Sourcing team was solicited and developed to include: Gerrie Becker, New Mexico Ted Fosket, Alaska Shannon Berry, Nevada Neva Peckham, Washington Debra Gunderson, Utah

4 The Sourcing Team met with Industry leaders 10/2011 in Albuquerque to determine what the market had to offer and educate the Sourcing Team prior to developing the RFP. Pre-Procurement

5 Draft RFP was released to all States Intent-to-participate forms were received from the following: AlaskaNevada HawaiiNew Mexico LouisianaSouth Dakota MinnesotaUtah MississippiWashington Montana Pre-Procurement

6 o Compliant with New Mexico Procurement Code o RFP released March 9, 2012 o Pre-Proposal Conference held April 4, 2012 o RFP closed May 18, 2012 Procurement Process

7 o Thirteen Responses Received. o Four Responses Deemed Non-Responsive And Were Not Scored. o Sourcing Team Individually Scored And Then Meet In Albuquerque To Attend Oral Presentations And Complete The Evaluation Process. o Three Additional Responses Were Deemed Non- Responsive By The Sourcing Team For Information Provided In BAFOs. o Contracts Awarded to Six Highest Scoring Offerors. Solicitation Outcome

8 o Pricing 30% o Technical 70% o No Cost Preliminary Assessment, Development Process, Implementation Strategy and Account Management. o References. o Organizational Experience, Security Options And Staff Experience. o Service Level Agreement and Oral Presentations. Evaluation Criteria

9 Scoring for Awarded Results

10 Contract Awarded to six vendors: Toshiba, Xerox, Ricoh, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Canon, Contract Start Date: November 1, 2012 Initial Term: 11/1/12 through 8/31/14: Renewal Options: Two (2) additional 24-month terms. Maximum Contract Term: through 8/31/18 Contract Overview

11 o Through the Participating Addendum, states may: Select Contractors. Include their own State Administrative Fee (if applicable). Include required (unique) terms and conditions. Identify options for political subdivisions. Request state-specific reporting or other requirements. Participating Addendums

12 o In all cases each STATE CHIEF PROCUREMENT OFFICIAL will have the final say on what entities can and cannot participate within a state. o The WNCDT (WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team) will contact State Chief Procurement Officials directly to start process (expect emails from o All 50 states and DC have executed the NASPO Cooperative MOA, and are eligible to use any WSCA or NASPO cooperative contract. Eligibility Process

13 Participation at different levels: 1)State signs a Participating Addendum for entire state and its cooperative purchasing organization. o Every legally eligible entity in the state can use 2)State signs a Participating Addendum ONLY for non state entities o Every legally eligible entity that is not a STATE agency can use 3)State does not sign a Participating Addendum o Every political subdivision PA within that state must be approved by the state chief procurement official a)Sometimes individually b)Sometimes by entity Participation Levels

14 o If a state determine that they will not enter into a state-level participating addendum, the WNCDT would like to understand how you want to proceed if other governmental or potentially eligible entities want to participate, especially for non-profit entities (501(c)(3)). o The WNCDT will process questions from potentially eligible entities for you, unless you tell us to do something else. o The following process will be used when other states or entities wish to participate. Participation Process

15 How do we get people signed up? 1. Email request from entity (can be through contract providers) as long as these details are included: contact individuals name, full name of entity, phone number, email address, physical address. 2. WNCDT emails state director and request authorization for participation. 3. WNCDT emails both contract providers and entity with authorization to proceed to complete the participating addendum. 4. Entity completes contract providers draft participating addendum (from the WNCDT), negotiates, signs and forwards to contract providers point of contact [this can be done by scanning signed documents if permitted by the entity] Participation Process - Details

16 5. Contract providers point of contact signs participating addendum and forwards to WNCDT at 6. WNCDT will annotate on participating addendum state authorization, create a PDF file of the participating addendum and the state authorization. 7. WNCDT will forward copies of the PDF file to entity, contract providers point of contact and the entity. *Steps 6 and 7 in one working day. Details Continued

17 o Participating addendum will be posted on WSCA/NASPO websites. o This is done to provide easy, direct access for your agencies, political subdivisions and other entities eligible to participate under your authority. o Contract Providers are to create and maintain state specific landing pages from their main contract landing page Then What?

18 Paul Stembler, WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator ( We use to keep traffic about these contracts concentrated in one location. For assistance with participating addendums please contact:

19 How does MPS work? A vendor will provide a no cost preliminary assessment of your fleet environment and make recommendations to your organization along with a cost proposal. We have six vendors on contract and we recommend you get a multiple of assessments before determining which vendor to choose. Each deployment will have a different environment, so this step is crucial to making an informed determination. MPS is not an overnight fix. You might have a several phased approach to implement the total plan. It is highly recommended you get executive support as this could be a big business process change in your environment. PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.


21 Gerrie Becker State of New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 401 Broadway NE Albuquerque, NM 87102 505-841-8618 (office) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040C (Toshiba) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040B (Canon) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040E (Lexmark) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040F (Hewlett-Packard) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040A (Ricoh) New Mexico State Contract No. 20-000-00-00040D (Xerox) Managed Print Services Contract Administrator

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