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AB 86: Adult Education Consortia Planning 2013-2015 12-20-13 Webinar Series

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1 AB 86: Adult Education Consortia Planning Webinar Series

2 Certification of Eligibility The Process The Document The Deliverables The Timeline Resources Next Steps 12/20/13 2

3 Process AB86 Cabinet and Work Group Stakeholder Sounding Board Town Hall Meetings Website Research Experts 12/20/13 3

4 Guiding Principles Promote shared leadership As simple as possible Reflect the diversity of California Provide equitable funding Provide a structure that supports regions to self-organize Provide flexibility throughout the process for regional planning to evolve and develop 12/20/13 4

5 Certification of Eligibility Released 12/19/13 Regional funding allocation included Two sections, two due dates – Certification of Eligibility Cover Sheet – 1/31/14 – Supporting documents – 2/24/2014 Reporting Due Dates Templates Attachment 12/20/13 5

6 The Document Introduction and Overview 72 Awards – Planning – Population – Need Introduction and Overview – $22,500,0000 for regional consortia grants – $2,500,000 for statewide coordination and technical assistance 12/20/13 6

7 Program Areas 1. Elementary and basic skills; classes required for HSD or equivalency certificate; 2. Classes for immigrants: ESL, citizenship, and workforce preparation; 3. Programs for adults with disabilities; 4. Short term CTE programs with high employment potential; and 5. Programs for apprentices. 12/20/13 7

8 Objectives 1.Evaluation of existing AE programs. 2.Evaluation of AE needs. 3.Plans to integrate programs. 4.Plans to address the gaps. 5.Plans to accelerate a student’s progress. 6.Plans to collaborate on provision of professional development. 7.Plans to leverage existing regional structures. 8 12/20/13 8

9 Reports to the Legislature March 2014 – Status of funding and grants – Identification of consortia members March 2015 – Regional Comprehensive Plans – Conclusions – Recommendations 12/20/13 9

10 Definitions A Region is defined as the geographical boundaries of a community college district. A Consortium is at least one community college district and at least one school district within the geographical boundaries of the community college district. A Member is defined as a public school district within the geographical boundaries of the designated region. A Partner is determined by the local consortium’s membership. 12/20/13 10

11 Eligibility Consortia Shared leadership Fiscal Agent Non-participating community college district A district may be a member of only one consortium but may partner with multiple consortia Consortia members determine partners A consortium may be made up of more than one region. Must meet criteria prior to funding 12/20/13 11

12 Certification of Eligibility Cover Sheet Due January 31, Template – Fiscal Agent info – Process used to determine fiscal agent – Contact info – List of participating members 12/20/13 12

13 Intent-to-Participate Member Signature Forms Due February 24, Template – One form per member – Signature required (PDF) 12/20/13 13

14 Project Management Plan Due February 24, Narrative – 8 page maximum – Organizational Structure – Shared Leadership Strategies – Project Planning Roles and Responsibilities – Communication 12/20/13 14

15 Preliminary Budget Summary Due February 24, Template – Must be signed by fiscal agent’s CBO (PDF) FOUR signed copies – To California Community College Chancellor’s Office, 1102 Q Street, Sacramento CA 12/20/13 15

16 Key Dates 12/19/13 – Certification of Eligibility Released Technical Assistance Webinars – Fridays, noon 1/31/14 – Due: CoE Cover Sheet 2/14/14 – Notification of Intent to Award 2/24/14 – Due: Intent-to-Participate Member Forms, Project Management Plan, Preliminary Budget Summary 3/5/14 – Performance Period Begins 12/20/13 16

17 Deliverables and Due Dates 7/31/14 - Regional Comprehensive Plan (completed-to-date) and Expenditure Report 10/31/14 - Regional Comprehensive Plan (completed-to-date) and Expenditure Report 12/31/14 - Draft Regional Comprehensive Plan 1/31/15 - Expenditure Report 3/1/15 - Final Regional Comprehensive Plan 4/30/15 – Expenditure Report 8/31/15 – Final Expenditure Report 12/20/13 17

18 Appendices Table of Regional Awards Application Forms and Templates Template for Regional Comprehensive Plan Article I: Program Specific Legal Terms and Conditions Article II: Standard Legal Terms and Conditions Maintenance of Effort 12/20/13 18

19 Next Steps Webinars every Friday at noon except 12/27/13 and 1/3/14 Completion of Certificate of Eligibility Project commencement 3/5/14 Resources at 12/20/13 19

20 Questions 12/20/13 20

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