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Kick-Off Meeting Project Name: Project RFP/RFQ No.: Date: Time: Location: 1 Kick-off Meeting.

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1 Kick-Off Meeting Project Name: Project RFP/RFQ No.: Date: Time: Location: 1 Kick-off Meeting

2 Introductions – – Also complete sign in sheet and confidentiality statements RFP/RFQ Objective Project overview Define the end results Determine a timeline –Proposal due date; Deadline to submit questions; Pre-proposal conference; Answers to questions posted on the DGS Web site; Weight setting meeting; and Selection meeting. Define task assignments Define BOP roles and responsibilities Define Agency roles and responsibilities Voting and Non-voting members Responsibility of Evaluation Committee Members Confidentiality Statement and No Conflict Form Define your evaluation team structure Sourcing Strategy-Determine the type of contact: Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time and Material, etc. Meeting Agenda 2

3 Objectives –What is the end result for this procurement? (provide project overview and define what the end result of the project is ) –Timeline required to meet requirements –ID Individuals Voting – Non- Voting –Contract Performance Measures –Task Assignment –responses to be provided by next meeting 3 Goals

4 Roles & Responsibilities DGS/BOP Leads: (Non-Voting) –Sourcing-Project Management –Market Place Analysis & Potential Suppliers –Create SRM solicitation –Bid Opening & Review for responsiveness –Negotiations & Contract Award –Debriefing for non-awarded suppliers –Protests –Contract Management Amendments Changes –Customer Service Agency Procurement Leads: (Voting) –Budget Requirements –Requirements of the contract –Evaluate Proposals –Daily Management of Contract Supplier Management –Purchase Orders –Goods Receipts –Invoice Issues Performance Issues Note: DGS, Comptroller, Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO) & Legal are non-voting members -- Agency and their designees score and evaluate all proposals 4

5 Procurement Process Preliminary Questions: (Many answered on Notice of Forthcoming Procurement Form) –Project Manager (from Agency): –How soon are these services required: –Is a current contract in place? if yes, Expiration date: Length of original contract: Number of Renewals: Do you want a 3-month extension to prevent a lapse in coverage?: What is cost structure of current contract?: Provide copies of reports on spend from original contract, if available –Budget for new contract $(Federal or State Funds) –Any special insurance coverage required: ___________ –Does this procurement involve IT Services: –Does this procurement impact Article 43 employer/employees/union matters? –Has PIBH expressed an interest (or part of PIBH carve out contract)? Which methodology for this procurement? –IFB, ITQ (RFQ),RFP DGS/BOP Recommends: Agency Recommends: Is an RFI beneficial to add to this process? 5

6 Market Place - Potential Suppliers Current Supplier(s),if an existing Contract Potential Suppliers –Known – Agency recommendations –If RFQ, What category(s) must the proposers be qualified under. –Unknown- DGS/BOP research and provide recommendations Standard practices Pricing methodologies Price points Suppliers/Proposers 6

7 Evaluation Process Evaluation Team Structure –Program Manager (From Agency) Will assemble individuals to form a project team to include others from other departments or Agencies who can contribute special technical, operations, financial or management expertise to the evaluation process –Technical –Cost –Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO) –Legal –Comptroller Evaluation Team 7

8 Sourcing Strategy Performance Based Contract or Deliverable Based Contract –Fixed- Price Contract –Cost-Reimbursement or Unit-Price Contract –Time and Materials Contract –Mixture of above Next Meeting –All committee members to attend –Develop a timeline and End User (Agency) to provide draft of the SOW 8

9 NameAgencyTelephone address ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Project Title: ______________________________Date:____________ Sign In Sheet 9

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