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WSCA Software Value-Added Reseller Contracts Webinar July 12, 2011.

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1 WSCA Software Value-Added Reseller Contracts Webinar July 12, 2011

2 Sourcing Team Members Mike Drombrosky – Washington Gerrie Becker – New Mexico Ted Fosket – Alaska Stacy Ingalls – Arizona Maureen McGovern – Arizona Andy Miller – Arizona (G.I.T.A) Lori Nordlien – Oregon Connie Roberts – Arizona (ASU) Pam Rugg – Utah Ted Stalling – Arizona (City of Tempe)

3 Pre-Procurement Industry meeting in Phoenix Draft RFP released to all States Collected 16 Intent to Participate forms from States

4 Intent to Participate AlaskaArizonaColorado DelawareHawaiiLouisiana New Mexico MontanaNebraska North Dakota OhioOregon South Dakota UtahVermont Washington If your State did not sign an Intent to Participate, you are still able to utilize this contract and encouraged to do so.

5 Procurement Process Compliant with the Arizona Procurement Code RFP Release date February 28, 2011 Pre-Proposal Conference held March 16, 2011 RFP close date April 15, 2011

6 Solicitation Evaluation 23 proposals received 13 proposals deemed not-susceptible for award based upon not meeting one or more of the solicitation criteria 10 proposals were fully evaluated 4 proposals deemed potentially acceptable for award and taken to Discussions/Negotiations 1 proposal deemed unacceptable for award for unacceptable language (T&C). 3 Offerors received Awards

7 Evaluation Criteria Qualifications400 Points Methodology300 Points Pricing200 Points Conformity to T&C, Instructions100 Points ___________________________________________________ Total Points available:1000

8 Evaluation Totals DLTEN POINTEInsightCompuComDellSHIGov ConnectionsCDW-GCarahsoftZones Technical Score - Subtotal309.88572.00517.75370.38346.50550.00290.25473.75322.250.00 Cost Score - Subtotal52.00200.0072.40101.008.00153.0016.0018.0016.000.00 Combined Score - TOTAL361.88772.00590.15471.38354.50703.00306.25491.75338.250.00 Final Ranking613582947

9 Contract Overview Contract Awarded to three Offerors: (In alphabetical order) En Pointe Technologies Sales, Inc. Insight Public Sector SHI International Group New Contract Start Date: June 3, 2011 Initial Term: June 3, 2011 through June 2, 2013 Renewal Options: Three(3) one year periods Maximum Contract Term: 5 years

10 What is on Contract? Software Purchases Licenses for Commercial Off the Self (COTS) software products. – Dynamic contract with entire catalog available, except for custom software, and software as a service (SaaS). _ Catalog can be added to as Vendor establishes new Publisher relationships. Maintenance agreements for software. – Maintenance available for both software purchases through this contract, and maintenance on software purchased outside of this contract. Services related to the sale and management of distributed software.

11 Contract Features Multiple Award gives Participating Entities more options – States may have a PA with a single provider or multiple providers Ceiling pricing – ability to negotiate better pricing for volume purchases, or special circumstances ( e.g. standardization) Websites to include catalogs and the ability to obtain quotes, order, basic reports Software license management

12 Contract Pricing (Samples) Rate above cost (%) En Pointe InsightSHI Microsoft 0.75% 1%0.50% Adobe 0.75% 2%0.75% IBM0.50%2%0.75% Symantec0.50%2%0.75% Intel0.75%2%0.75% McAfee 0.50% 2%0.75% VMWare 0.50% 2%1.00% CA (Computer Associates) 0.75% 2%1.00% Quest 0.75% 2%0.75% SAP Business Objects 0.75% 2%0.75% Checkpoint0.75%2%1.00% TrendMicro0.75%2%1.00% BMC0.75%2%0.75% Commvault 0.50% 2%1.00% RedHat0.75%2%0.75% For example; If one seat (license) of Red Hat cost each Software VAR $100.00 then En Pointe would add their fee of $.75, Insight would add their fee of $1.00, and SHI would add their fee of $.50 to get the contract price.

13 Contractor Contact Information En Pointe Technologies Sales, Inc. En Pointe Contract # ADSPO11-00000358-1 Imran Yunus Phone: 310-337-5908 Mobile: 310-766-0124 Fax : 310-258-2310

14 Contractor Contact Information Insight Public Sector Insight Contract # ADSPO11-00000358-2 Erica Falchetti Phone: 800-467-4448 Ext 3071 Fax: 480-760-9488

15 Contractor Contact Information SHI International Group SHI Contract # ADSPO11-00000358-3 Katie OKane Phone: 800-477-6479 Ext 5904 Mobile: 848-248-3129 Fax: 732-868-5905

16 Where to Find Information Arizona State Procurement Website WSCA Website or

17 Who can Use Software VAR Contract All 50 States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico Any entity eligible to utilize a State Contract, with the permission of its States Chief Procurement Official.

18 Next Steps… Each participating entity needs to execute Participating Addendum(s) with selected contractors Model Participating Addenda for each awarded supplier are on the WSCA website

19 Participating Addendums Through the Participating Addendum, states may: Select Contractors Include their own State Administrative Fee Include required (unique) terms and conditions Identify options for States or their political subdivisions Request state-specific reporting or other requirements

20 Eligibility Process In all cases State Chief Procurement Official will have the final say on who can and cannot participate within a state. The WCSA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team (WNCDT) will contact State Chief Procurement Officials directly to start process (expect emails from All 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico have executed the NASPO Cooperative MOA, and are eligible to use any WSCA or NASPO cooperative contract.

21 Participation Levels Participation at different levels: 1. State signs a Participating Addenda for entire state and its cooperative purchasing venture. Allows for every legally eligible entity in the state to utilize. 2. State signs a Participating Addenda only for non state entities. Allow for every legally eligible entity that is not a State Agency to utilize. 3.State does not sign a Participating Addenda Every political subdivision PA within that state must be approved by the State Chief Procurement Official. ( Either Individually or by Entity)

22 Participation Process for a STATE interested in participating How do we get signed up? 1.Download the model Participating Addenda from the website, complete the PA, including ANY additional terms and conditions, etc., and share it as a DRAFT with the contractor contact (on the model PA). 2.Once you have both agreed on the final language, you (the state) should prepare the final form and send it to the contractor contract for signature. They should send it back to you (the state) for your signature. 3.WNCDT will annotate on participating addendum state authorization, create a PDF file of the participating addendum and the state authorization 4. WNCDT will forward copies of the PDF file to entity, contract providers point of contact of the entity [The process can be done with PDF files, if you require physical signatures, we suggest having them follow along, using the dates on the PDF to keep things moving.] Step 3 and 4 will be completed by the WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team (Kate and Paul) in one working day

23 Participation Process How do we get other eligible entities signed up? 1.Email request from entity, or contract providers, but must contain the following details: Entitys contract individuals name, full name of entity, phone number, email address, physical address 2.WNCDT emails state director and requests authorization for participation 3.WNCDT emails both contract providers and entity with authorization to proceed to complete the participating addendum 4.Entity completes contract providers draft participating addendum ( from the WNCDT), negotiates, signs, and forwards to contract providers point of contact. ( scanning signed documents if permitted by the entity)

24 Participation Process continued 5. Contract provider point of contract signs participating addendum and forwards to WNCDT at 6. WNCDT will annotate on participating addendum state authorization, create a PDF file of the participating addendum and the state authorization 7. WNCDT will forward copies of the PDF file to entity, contract providers point of contact of the entity Step 6 and 7 will be completed by the WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team (Kate and Paul) in one working day

25 Then What? Participating Addenda will be posted on NASPO and WSCA websites – This is done to provide easy, direct access for your agencies, political subdivisions and other entities eligible to participate under your authority – Contract Providers will create and maintain state specific landing pages from their main contract landing page

26 For assistance please contact: Kathryn Offerdahl, WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Analyst ( Paul Stembler, WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator ( They use to keep traffic about these contracts concentrated in one

27 Software Value-Added Reseller Contract Administrator Terri Johnson State of Arizona - Department of Administration State Procurement Office 100 N 15 th. Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-542-9125 602-542-5508 (fax) Contract numbers: En Pointe - ADSPO11-00000358-1 Insight – ADSPO11-00000358-2 SHI – ADSPO11-00000358-3

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