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YES New Mexico Enterprise Eligibility System Human Services Department Lead Agency November 28, 2007.

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1 YES New Mexico Enterprise Eligibility System Human Services Department Lead Agency November 28, 2007

2 2 AGENDA Project Overview Vision Background Business Objectives Participating Agencies Project Accomplishments Initiation Phase IV&V Strategy Initiation Phase Deliverables Project Budget Project Governance/Timeline

3 3 Project Overview The Human Services Department is planning to implement an enterprise eligibility system that will serve as a web portal to allow citizens to access multiple social service programs The system will streamline eligibility processes across participating agencies The 2007 legislative session appropriated $2.0m in Computer Enhancement Funds for the project

4 4 Project Overview (cont.)

5 5 Vision Build a common platform  Conform to state and federal standards  Offer citizens “No Wrong Door” to HHS programs  Develop to be adaptable, scaleable, and modular Meet goals of Social Services Architecture  Common information architecture for multiple programs  Enables common governance structure to build future coordination  Bring social services to one common web portal

6 6 Background Business Need  Seven Agencies have the same need  Must solve issue for 26 social service programs  Enable No Wrong Door access to services Common Solution  Seven Agencies will coordinate shared solution Funding Request  To evaluate enterprise level solutions  To develop project implementation and deployment strategy  To develop the conceptual design for YES-NM

7 7 Business Objectives Increase access to New Mexico Health and Human Services through a common web portal Develop a common point for anyone to confirm eligibility for any available NM social service Establish common eligibility platform to be shared with future programs Increase productivity and efficiency of field personnel Offer citizens a 24/7 self-service screening option for social services Reduce time and effort for enrollment process Enable coordinated effort with community partners and service providers Improve data collection and integrity Reduce support and maintenance costs

8 8 Participating Agencies

9 9 Project Accomplishments Hired Project Manager and Business Analyst Named Project Formed Executive Steering Committee Formed Joint Agency Team for 7 Agencies Planning Advanced Planning Document Approved Obtained $2.0m in FY08 funding

10 10 Initiation Phase Will incorporate the following tasks:  Perform a Strategic Analysis to develop a roadmap to implementation  Finish an RFP for design, development and implementation of the system  Develop an Implementation Advanced Planning Document  Evaluate other state systems based on New Mexico Requirements  Request State Project Planning Certification

11 11 IV&V Strategy The project strategy for IV&V in the upcoming phases is to have a vendor responsible for the following:  Review the project requirements/specifications so that independent IV&V is satisfied  Review all project deliverables  Verify that proper project management controls are in place.  Participate in necessary project meetings  Provide periodic risk assessments to the Joint Agency Team.  Provide a Project Status report within the first month of the contract and monthly there after  Periodically prepare an IV&V assessment report for the Joint Agency Team and the Department of Information Technology.  Provide a post-implementation assessment

12 12 Initiation Phase Deliverables Amount Requested$275,000 Project Needs Feasibility Study$40,000 Procurement $60,000 Strategy & Planning$100,000 Implementation Advanced Planning Document$50,000 IV&V for Planning Phase$25,000

13 13 Project Budget SourceState YES NM Agencies$100,600 FY 2008 Appropriation$2,000,000 Total$2,100,600

14 14 YES New Mexico Governance

15 15 Tentative YES Timeline

16 16 Questions?

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