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GHS Computer Technology Parent Information Night Apple Laptop One to One.

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1 GHS Computer Technology Parent Information Night Apple Laptop One to One


3 What is it all about? – GISD is providing to YOU for your time at GHS the use of an Apple laptop – 13 inch screen/DVD/CD/W+RW – 2 USB ports/Ethernet port/video/audio ports – Bag to protect and transport – Charger/extension cord – Insurance to replace/repair laptops after an accident

4 Apple Laptop One to One Why does my child need one for school? – The staff at GHS have been trained to use these tools in their classrooms – You will be asked to use these tools in every class that you attend here at GHS – Activities include: power points, videos, audio recordings, speeches, technical research, technical reports, creative writing, turning in paperless projects

5 Apple Laptop One to One What must we do to receive/keep an Apple Laptop? – Be a current student at GHS – Read/Sign/Comply with GHS Technology Policy – Turn in to Mr. Bozeman Insurance Premium(67/33.50/0) – This is NO TOY! Take care of the laptop and report to Mr. Bozeman anytime there are damages/loss.

6 Apple Laptop One to One Why do we need insurance?

7 Apple Laptop One to One Why do I need insurance? – Accidents happen, we all know that, some of us have more of them…too! – The computer costs nearly $1000 new – If you have no insurance, you are responsible for the entire cost of a new laptop – With insurance you pay a deductible($100) and get back a refurbished laptop that look like new.

8 Dos /Dont With Laptops Place your laptop on a hard surface when it is in use – dont put it on the carpet, a pillow, couch, the bed spread, or on top of the mattress – this prevents proper air flow and causes the unit to suck in lent, thus creating heat that will cause the unit to fail Put your laptop in the school issued sleeve in a GENTLE manner so the laptop doesnt HIT the bottom on a hard surface…like the classroom desk – this causes the case to crack and the HD to fail

9 Dos /Dont With Laptops After you use ear buds or earphones be sure to take them out of the machine and place in a safe place – most damages to the displays are caused by students leaving the items on the keyboard and shutting the lid and thus cracking the screen. Carry your laptop everywhere you go – dont leave it behind and think that is will always be there when you get back – this includes your charger.

10 Dos /Dont With Laptops Keep your laptop in a safe place – dont leave in the car overnight or during the day – the heat inside can kill a baby…and a laptop. Set up the lock code(dont give it away) on you laptop so others cant just open up your screen and monkey with your settings or go to bad places.

11 FAQ Do we keep this laptop all year? – No, you will return them in May for clean up How do I store my projects? – I suggetst a 2 GB to 8GB flash drive to back up your work – If you want to back up pics/music, you will need much more memory Can we hook up to our internet at home? – Yes, if you have service at your home you are free to connect

12 FAQ How does the monitoring of our students work? – We have a program that allows us to take over laptops when students are here at campus anytime we need to make an impression – We have another program that TRACKS every keystroke/location/movement that students make when they are on the laptop. We run a report every 2 weeks and review this for violations of our policies. How can we help monitor at our house? – Never allow students with laptop in a closed room – Place monitor in a way that you can view it at all times – Place a curfew/put laptop in your closet – just some suggestions

13 FAQ Can you shut off Facebook and other social sites from the laptop? – Yes, Facebook, Youtube, and other social sites are turned off at school – We dont turn off these locations at home – if you have that desire, I can place the student on our restricted list, call for more information When do we need to bring our insurance premiums? – Bring that with you on the day your receive the laptop

14 FAQ Must we use the school issued bags to house the laptops? – Yes, they are specifically designed for this unit – You may place this sleeve inside another backpack if you wish Can we personalize our bags and laptops? – No, you arent allowed to personalize the outside of the laptop or sleeve – You may use a ribbon, luggage tag, or other such item to mark the bag. So long as it will come off in May Are we issued the same laptop each year? – Yes, you will have the same unit while you are at GHS

15 FAQ Can we purchase these laptops when we graduate? – No, these laptops will be sold back and help pay for the next group coming soon Im good with electronics, why cant I work on my own laptop to repair issues? – By doing so, you void the warranty and are responsible for all cost of all parts that are replaced What happens if we have an accident? – Come see me so we can complete the proper paperwork in a timely manner – I wont be mad or angry at you What happens if our laptop is lost/stolen? – Same as above but we must also file a police report with a timeline of the events surrounding the loss/stolen laptop

16 Contact Information Shannon Bozeman – Certified Apple Tech – – 549-4030 Graham ISD Home Page – Graham High Facebook page

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