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Safety & Security 9/02/2014. Learning Target I can learn how to keep my iPad safe and secure. Success Criterion: – I can list my top 3 Do’s and Don’ts.

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1 Safety & Security 9/02/2014

2 Learning Target I can learn how to keep my iPad safe and secure. Success Criterion: – I can list my top 3 Do’s and Don’ts for use of the iPad.

3 Brainstorm What will you need to do to make sure your iPad stays safe & secure?

4 Hooray! I get an iPad. Now what? You and your iPad will soon be spending a lot of time together. The following slides describe the ways in which you should treat the iPad carefully so it’s always safe & secure.

5 Should I keep it in its case? Yes, keep your iPad in its case at all times. Secure the corner straps when it’s not in use. Keep the case in its original condition; stickers or writing are not allowed as decorations.

6 How will I know which one is mine? Selfie! Your lock screen must be a picture of yourself. The iPad will be checked out to you via the barcode, just like a textbook. Do not tear this barcode off or destroy in any way.

7 Your Passcode Keep your passcode as four numbers that you can remember. If you forget your passcode, trying the wrong number too many times will cause the iPad to disable. Before it’s too late, complete a repair ticket to get it fixed.

8 Can my iPad get lonely? Yes, so do NOT leave it unattended! – Know where it is when you’re at school and at home. Keep the iPad in your possession. – Do not loan it to your baby sister, your cousin’s best friend, your neighbor’s aunt, or even your classmate who wants it to take it down the hall. You are responsible for its safety & security! Storing the iPad in a car is NOT a secure location.

9 If You Don’t Know Where Your iPad Is… Do Not Wait! 1.Let an adult at home know that it’s missing. 2.Immediately report that it’s missing to a school official. 1.You can also try using Find my iPhone by logging in to with your Apple ID and password.

10 Where should I keep my iPad? Carefully place it in your backpack while traveling to/from school Store it on top of your desk/table while in the classroom Do not set the iPad on the floor, as it is more likely to get stepped on or scratched

11 Where should I keep my iPad? Avoid extreme heat, cold, or liquids

12 How can I keep it clean? Use a soft, microfiber cloth, tissue, or even your t-shirt sleeve to clean the screen Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners Use care when consuming liquids or eating food nearby. Your iPad does not like Cheeto hands!

13 What about charging? It is YOUR responsibility to charge the iPad for school each day. – When fully charged, your battery will typically last around 12 hours. Suggestion: Plug in your iPad overnight in a place where you will remember to grab it the next morning!

14 What about charging? A lost charger brick and cable are NOT covered by the Assurance. If these are lost, you need to pay to replace them. You can purchase an Apple brand one here at school or replace it with an Apple brand one bought from the store. If it stops working? Bring it to the library to be replaced. $19

15 What if I forget my iPad at home? Loaner iPads will not be provided if you forget yours at home or if it’s not charged. You are still responsible for all assignments, but will have to use your iPaper and iPencil instead.

16 What happens if I keep forgetting to charge or bring my iPad? The iPad Agreement states that students will: – Charge their 1:1 device at home nightly and bring it to school each day with a full charge (classrooms do not have the capacity to charge devices during the day). If you choose to not bring your iPad ready for school each day: – You may lose the privilege of having an iPad. – Repeated days of an uncharged or forgotten iPad will result in the iPad being taken away.

17 What if it gets scratched or breaks? Do NOT try and fix it yourself! Immediately go to your building Tech Assistant for help; do not keep using the iPad. If you have a VPS Assurance for iPad policy, the fine will be waived. If not, you will be responsible for the fine to repair the iPad. Your iPad will be out for repair for a number of weeks.

18 iPad Settings & Tampering The iPad has security and software settings that allows the iPad to work on the VPS network and for you to do your assigned classwork. If you tamper, or mess around, with the security and software settings on the iPad, you will be issued a $5 fine per incident AND progressive discipline will apply. When in doubt, leave the settings alone.


20 Question #1: Question: Where should you keep your iPad when you’re on your way home from school? Answer: Safely stored in your backpack.

21 Question #2: Question: What should you use to clean the iPad screen? Answer: A soft cloth, tissue, or even your t-shirt sleeve.

22 Question #3: True or False: Stickers are allowed on the iPad case. Answer: False.

23 Question #4: True or False: iPads really love hot soup. Answer: False; be careful when consuming food or drink around your iPad.

24 Question #5: True or False: You need to charge your iPad each night at home. Answer: True; bring a charged iPad to school each day.

25 Your turn!

26 Design a poster with the following: – Your top 3 Do’s for iPad use – Your top 3 Don’ts for iPad use – Include both pictures & words Suggested app(s): Doodle Buddy, Keynote, PicCollage

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