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Baltic High School Classroom Connections 2012-2013 Presentation.

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1 Baltic High School Classroom Connections 2012-2013 Presentation

2 Taking Care of your Tablet Always keep your Tablet in its protective sleeve when its not in use. Do not place anything in the carrying case that will press against the screen. Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti- static cloth.

3 Using your Tablet at School Tablet must be brought to school fully charged. Students may use printers in classrooms. If students want to print on a home computer, they must ask the Technology Help Desk to add their printer software to the tablet computer.

4 Managing Files and Saving Work Tablets will be set up with My Documents in which students should save their work. My Documents will automatically save a copy of all students documents to the school server while they are on the school network. Students should also backup all of their work at least once a week using removable file storage. Removable memory cards may be purchased at a local retailer or online.

5 Software on Your Tablet The software originally installed by BHS must remain on the tablet in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times. The Tablet is supplied with Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system and with additional Microsoft Office 2007 and Adobe software. The tablet has an anti-virus protection software installed. State sponsored school e-mail accounts are filtered for inappropriate language and viruses. Only K12 state e- mail may be used on your tablet

6 Acceptable Use Guidelines The tablet is meant for educational use and in support of the educational goals and objectives of BHS. Do not go into chat rooms or use the state e- mail as an IM device during school. – Failure to comply will result in loss of e-mail If you inadvertently access a web site that contains inappropriate material, close and notify a teacher or network administrator immediately.

7 Protecting and Storing Your Tablet Computer Students tablets are identified by a serial number to identify it as yours in case of loss or theft. Please keep your password confidential to protect information stored on your computer. – Only your username/password can login to your tablet outside school Tablets must be stored in a controlled environment between 45 and 80 degrees. (Monitors will crack if temperatures are extreme)

8 Repairing or Replacing Your Tablet HP warrants the tablets from defects in materials and workmanship. The HP warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents or computer viruses. The school will handle all normal wear or parts failure repairs at no charge to the student. Loss orAccidental Damage Protection Families may elect to cover tablets for accidental damages to the screen, pen, case, etc. through a plan offered by State Farm or through their own homeowner’s policy (which may not cover the same damages as the State Farm plan), details are online on the school home page. This plan is an agreement between the family and State Farm Insurance, for full details, contact the State Farm agency.

9 Repairing or Replacing -continued State Farm policy – available for students and parents to cover tablet replacement in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage like a fire. The protection is $30 annually per tablet, and covers accidental damage to screen, pen or computer case. May not cover incidents of intentional damage or multiple cases of damage.

10 Frequently asked questions What about insurance for breakage through carelessness? – Intentional or negligent damage may not be covered. The State Farm plan is widely used throughout the state with excellent feedback from other schools. The bottom line is: Take care of your tablet, treat it like it is a valuable, expensive piece of electronic equipment Will there be facilities to back up the files I create on my tablet? – Files saved in My Documents are backed up daily on the school fileserver when a student logs in and logs out correctly. An SD card or USB drive is recommended for additional, personal backup.

11 FAQ What will I do without a computer in my classes if my tablet unit is being repaired or while I am replacing it if it is lost or stolen? – A student whose tablet is out of service for wear or parts failure will receive a spare to use until their original tablet is repaired. – A tablet that is being repaired for damage or has been lost or stolen will not be replaced with a spare. In the meantime, a student will have to use a desktop computer or no computer until theirs is repaired or replaced

12 FAQ If the accessories to my tablet are lost or stolen, how much will it cost to replace them? – See page 49 of the Secondary School handbook (available online) How do I connect to the Internet at home? – Mr. Reynolds will demonstrate this when tablets are handed out in school

13 FAQ What has the school done to help prevent students from going to inappropriate sites? – By federal policy, all Internet traffic must be filtered on all school owned computers. There is Internet filtering in place at school and a special filtering program installed on all tablets, preventing access to inappropriate sites when outside the school. Students who attempt to “hack” around the filters will lose Internet access or use of their tablets for a period of time detailed in the student handbook.

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