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Out of the Box Fall 2010 - Welcome Back Teachers! DMUSD Technology Dept “Bringing it to YOU Simply”

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1 Out of the Box Fall Welcome Back Teachers! DMUSD Technology Dept “Bringing it to YOU Simply”

2 Let’s Take a Look... What is included: ItemReplacement Cost Laptop$1,100 Battery (installed)$150 Power Adaptor$85 Video Adaptor (pigtail)$25 USB Flash Drive 2GB$10

3 Sign the Agreement This new Laptop is DMUSD Property on a 4 year Lease from Apple, Inc. You are responsible for proper care & protection of it. You should consider adding a rider on your homeowners policy! If a technical malfunction occurs, the Tech Department will erase everything & re- image the hard drive to this original format. YOU are responsible to make BACK UP copies of your essential files regularly. Be smart & be prepared!

4 Let’s Login! Username = Teacher Password = dmteach

5 STICKIES APPLICATION Tip: Use your Stickies for: “To Do” lists, Special student needs (like SST, RSP, ESL or GATE follow-ups), Note-taking, etc.

6 A New Operating System Snow Leopard OSX Preferences – Change your Password – Change your Account Picture – Change your Background

7 Connect to Wireless In DMUSD – Password: delmarsea today for the in-service else delmarsea at Ocean Air sea at all other school sites

8 Safari & FireFox Login and see the START page – DMUSD websites – Attendance – – Report Cards – Sub website – My Tech Desk – Tech Support, etc. L  k at the bookmarks too

9 Entourage System Setting Up your Personal Account

10 Entourage Account Settings

11 Transfer Your Files Use your new USB Flash Drive: 2GB of memory Connect it to your old computer – Drag/drop any school-related Documents & Files onto the Flashdrive icon – Avoid transferring any “personal” files, photos, or movies onto District property – Eject Flashdrive Connect it to your new MacBook Laptop – Drag/drop your Documents & Files onto the MacBook hard drive to copy – This is how you “back up” your files also; do it monthly!

12 Printing How to set up for IP Printers at every school

13 Other FAQ’s? Bring it with you to every meeting for professional development for note taking & downloads. Can I take it home everyday? Yes – But, bring it back to school everyday – You may want to add coverage to your Homeowners Insurance policy Can I leave it in my classroom? Yes, just lock it in a closet. Can I Sync my iPhone to it? Yes (just think about your sharing personal info) Can I import my iTunes Music Library? Yes – But Apple says you are only allowed to “authorize” 5 computers per iTunes Account, just be aware…you can “de-authorize” old computers. Can I put stickers/labels on it? Yes Can I use permanent marker on it? No What if I lose my USB Flashdrive? Sorry, you don’t get another; buy a replacement. What else?

14 Need Help? DMUSD Tech Support: MicroSoft Office Tech Support: Apple Tech Support: iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand) Tech Support:

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