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Safety Regulations & Classroom Procedures OMHS Business Ed.

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1 Safety Regulations & Classroom Procedures OMHS Business Ed.

2 Important Info Students will have a Acceptable Computer Use Form and a OMHS Business Dept. Policies form on file

3 Classroom Procedures Students must be accompanied and monitored by a faculty member when working in the computer lab.

4 Classroom Procedures Students should always save to their directory – NOT to the shared directory or my documents. Shared directory items without permission will result in zero credit. My documents is deleted daily and therefore will not be saved.

5 Classroom Procedures If you bring CDs, or flash drives from home into the classroom, you must have them scanned before using.

6 Classroom Procedures Students will exit all programs (back to the desktop) before leaving the computer and will log out of their name. Only 7th period students will completely shut down the computers. Always shut down the computer using the proper shut down sequence rather than just turning off.

7 Classroom Procedures Always wait until the read light is off before ejecting portable storage devices from the computer.

8 Classroom Procedures If you have trouble inserting a portable storage device into a port you should NEVER force it.

9 Classroom Procedures Students will not access the computers control panel. EVER!

10 NEVER eat or drink around the computer, keyboard, printer, or other electronic devices. Classroom Procedures

11 Students should not play internet games even if they are finished with their assignments. Classroom Procedures

12 You should whisper to fellow students when getting or giving assistance in order to cut down on the noise level in the classroom.

13 Safety Regulations When unplugging an electronic device, pull by the plug NOT the cord.

14 Safety Regulations Do not roll around the room in the chairs.

15 Do not stand or sit on the computer tables. Safety Regulations

16 No horseplay in the computer lab.

17 Safety Regulations When using the stapler, binder, hole- punch or shredder, you should never place anything in the device other than paper.

18 Safety Regulations NEVER stick foreign objects into any of the crevices of a computer.

19 Safety Regulations Never run while carrying scissors. Be very careful of the pointed edges when handling them.

20 Safety Regulations If you get a paper cut, you should disinfect the wound and ask the teacher to see the nurse for a band aid. (There is a first aid kit in the classroom.)

21 Safety Regulations You should keep your feet away from wires and plugs that may be on the floor by your desk.

22 Safety Regulations Please keep your work area clean and clear of debris.

23 Safety Regulations In case of a tornado or fire, you need to know that the escape route is clearly marked on a map in this classroom.

24 Safety Regulations When the paper cutter is not in use the safety latch should be on.

25 Safety Regulations Make sure electronic equipment is turned off and unplugged before maintaining or making repairs.

26 Safety Regulations When there is a lockdown in the building, you should follow the procedures already in place.

27 Safety Regulations You should be very cautious about giving out personal information when on-line.

28 A Final Note… Using computers in the school is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with these rules will result in termination of your privileges. Yes, this does mean YOU!

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