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Computer Care. The Power Cord Dont drop your laptop.

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1 Computer Care

2 The Power Cord


4 Dont drop your laptop


6 Take care of the screen

7 Keeping your laptop clean

8 Carrying your laptop

9 Authorized users

10 Secure your laptop

11 Stay out of the inside

12 Charging Laptop Battery

13 Screensavers, backgrounds, and other personalization

14 Label

15 Laptop bag

16 Anti-virus Software

17 When can I use my computer at school? During classes as permitted by the teacher During study hall (only for school-related assignments) Before or after school in approved areas

18 Are there times I am not allowed to use my computer? When riding a school bus During lunch period (keep secure) During practices after school (keep in locked location)

19 Can I print at school? With teacher approval you may print – You will need to have the printer set up on your computer You can also submit your documents electronically to your teacher

20 What happens if my computer is lost or damaged? You are responsible for your laptop at all times. If your laptop is lost, you will be responsible for the replacement cost. Keep your laptop with you or locked up

21 Can administrators look at my laptop? Yes – The district has the ability to monitor your laptop. This includes websites visited, chat conversations, saved documents, music, pictures, etc.

22 Can I charge my battery during school? The ability to charge your laptop will be based on an available power outlet in the classroom. The classroom teacher will determine if there is a safe/appropriate location for charging your laptop. Note: Never leave a laptop charging in an unsupervised area.

23 Can I use my headphones at school? With teacher permission you may use your headphones. You may also use your headphones before and after school.

24 How should I care for my laptop? Never carry by the screen (could crack screen) Dont slam the lid (could crack screen) Never close with something on the keyboard (could crack screen) Clean screen with lint free cloth Be careful with power cord. Dont place in location that anyone could trip over it. Dont wrap the cord tightly around itself. Food and drink should be kept away from the laptop

25 Protecting from damage – Keep your laptop with you or locked in your locker at ALL times – Dont give your laptop to others – Keep your passwords private – Take your laptop home every day or locked up – Always carry your laptop from room to room stored in the laptop bag – Always carry your laptop with two hands and the lid closed within the classroom

26 Resources Your classmates, teachers, and the internet – Dont be afraid to ask for help – Be willing to offer your help to others – Often a quick internet search will answer your ???

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