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Columbus School for Girls Middle School 1:1 Program Parent & Student Orientation.

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1 Columbus School for Girls Middle School 1:1 Program Parent & Student Orientation

2 Important Resources

3 The Need for 1:1 Programs 21 st Century ◦Shift in the World  Value: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration  Important to teach these skills  Technology key tool in teaching these skills ◦ 1:1 US Program ◦ 1:1 Research

4 Pilot Program Why ◦Explore devices that will best meet needs of our learning environment When ◦Next Week ◦Regarding Overnight Privileges What ◦Form VI- Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft Surface Pro ◦Form VII- Lenovo ThinkPad L420 LaptopLenovo ThinkPad L420 Laptop

5 Ownership CSG Maintains Ownership Links for User Agreements User Agreements for Form VI User Agreements for Form VII No Financial Responsibility of Device

6 Oops! Covered under Warranty ◦See User Agreement #5 A lost device: Contact Ben Liu immediately. Surface ($1400) and Laptop ($1200) A lost sleeve/carrying case: Replace immediately on your own A lost Surface Pro Stylus: Purchase a new Surface Stylus ($29.99)Surface Stylus A lost Surface Pro Charger: Purchase a new Surface Charger 48W (including 5W UWB for accessory charging) ($79.99)Surface Charger 48W A lost Lenovo Laptop Charger: Purchase a new 65-watt AC adapter ($54.99)65-watt AC adapter

7 Prevent Loss & Damage See Parent & Student FAQs on Website See Student Tips on Website See User Agreement #3 about Insurance Rider ALWAYS use the SLEEVE or CASE!

8 Damage Prevention: Cases & Sleeves Microsoft Surface ◦Sleeve ◦Zipper Lenovo ThinkPad ◦Carrying Case ◦Sleeve ◦14 inches $49.99 $39.99

9 Standards of Behavior Agreement Each student & parent/guardian must sign Important to keep students safe Important in respecting others Important to keep devices protected

10 Academics How We Will Use Them ◦In Class & Out of Class This Spring ◦Exploration & Orientation 2013- 2014 ◦Expectations across classes & in classes

11 Help Desk Problems? Damages? Loss? During class? Outside of school? Contact the Help Desk ASAP! 252-0781, ext. 431

12 Installing Software Anti-virus Music Movies Apps

13 How to support your daughter See Parents Tip Page On Website ◦Creating a Work Environment ◦Discuss how and where to store device at home ◦Talk to Teens about the Internet ◦Media Agreements ◦Tracking, Filters, Productivity Software ◦Cyberbullying ◦Netiquette ◦Establish Guidelines for Apps (Microsoft Surface)

14 Next Steps 1. Parents/Guardians must sign User Agreement - Please turn into Kari Parker at end of this session (or MS Office) 2. Students & Parents/Guardians sign the Standards of Behavior Agreement - Please turn into Kari Parker at the end of this session (or MS Office) 3. Students must bring in a sleeve (Surface) or carrying case or sleeve (Lenovo ThinkPad) - Please show to student’s advisor

15 Contacts Perry Rogers, PhD., Assistant Head of School for Academic Development and Community Outreach 252-0781, ext. 147 Ben Liu, Director of Information Technology 252-0781, ext. 293 Dave Jones, Network Administrator/Help Desk Manager 252-0781 ext. 226 Kari Parker, MS Technology Integration Specialist Karen James, Middle School Division Director 614-252-0781 ext. 198 Linda Swarlis, Ph.D., Director of Information Services 252-0781 ext. 129 Help Desk: 252-0781, ext. 431

16 Question & Answers Time For Questions & Answers CSG Middle School 1 to 1 Handbook Website:

17 Important Resources

18 Agreements

19 Microsoft Surface Pro Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Basic Parts

20 Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Laptop 2 Basic Parts

21 Expectations School Provide Devices Maintenance Classroom Integration Support Technology Development of Child Parents Provide Guidance Help Monitor Student Set Guidelines with Student Support Student Students Take Care of Device Be Responsible Online Follow Guidelines Use it !

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