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Florence High School 1:1 Laptop Initiative Parent Training July 2010.

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1 Florence High School 1:1 Laptop Initiative Parent Training July 2010

2 Noted Change The noted change to printed student handbook indicated on signature page is in regards to fees… The printed handbook does not contain the following replacement cost information:

3 Noted change continued The replacement cost for a laptop is $531.29. Power adapter - $49.49 Battery - $97.49 Keyboard - $19.98 Screen - $129.98

4 Fees continued The $50.00 insurance premium covers replacement costs after a $100 deductable has been met

5 Rules It is now time to highlight some important parts of the AUP & Handbook.

6 Acceptable Use Policy - Highlights The Dell Netbook is the property of Florence High School. Use of the computer and the network is a privilege. The Netbook is intended for educational use. Students may be selected at random for netbook inspection by administrators.

7 School Property You MAY NOT take your laptop off of school property until your parents have signed AUP and paid fees! Doing so will result in suspension and possible criminal charges!

8 Parents, if you are paying fees tonight and signing form, your child may bring laptop home tomorrow!

9 Netbook labels Labels on the netbook should not be removed. (Serial#, Service tag, Asset tag). OTHER stickers or writing should not be applied to your netbook-this voids YOUR warranty.

10 Laptop Usage: Home Use Follow the Acceptable Use Policy EVEN when at home. Report any problems with your computer as soon as you return to school.

11 Laptop Usage: School Use Recreational use only outside the school day. This is your personal computer, do not trade or share with others or leave unattended. Keep your computer with you at all times! During PE, you will be shown where to park your laptop.

12 Laptop Usage: School Use Put it to stand by instead of turning it off between classes. Bring your computer AND box/bag to school each day. Charge your computer at home every evening. Log-off your computer before leaving school.

13 Laptop Usage: General Use Practice care and respect for the netbook. ALWAYS use your carrying case. ALWAYS close netbook to carry. Use your laptop on a flat surface. Protect it from heat or cold.

14 Laptop Care Do not put weight or pressure on netbook screen. Do not put magnets on netbook or put items on keyboard before shutting the lid. Do not put food or drinks near the netbook. Clean the screen with a SOFT, DRY cloth or anti-static cloth.

15 Additional Cautions and Care Your Netbook likes the same temperatures you do. Theft Protection - treat as you would your iPod or cell phone No pencils, pens or fingers on the LCD screen. Close the lid on your Netbook when walking around with it.

16 Netbook Repairs Only school based technicians are authorized to service and repair the netbook. If technical difficulties occur, the hard drive may be reimaged. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any data due to reimage. Depending on estimated repair time, loaner netbooks may be issued to the student.

17 Technology Use is a Privilege Access to the internet at school and at home is protected by filtering software. Willful damage or vandalism will result in legal or disciplinary action as well as repair or replacement charges. Inappropriate use may result in loss of privileges as well as other disciplinary action.

18 Technology Use is a Privilege Creation or transmission of material in violation of school district policy is prohibited, including copyrighted material, threatening or bullying, gang-related activities, or obscene material. Illegal software will cause your netbook to be reimaged.

19 Questions? Next step, introduction to the Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook.

20 Dell Latitude 2100 Specifications 10.1 inch screen Light to carry but easy to see No DVD/CD Drive 3 USB Ports 80 GB Hard Drive Wireless Networking Laptop Bag Must be Used External Monitor Capable

21 Power Source Located on the right side. Can be charged while in use.

22 Distribution It is now time to hand out computers! When you receive your computer, make sure that the label on the computer box has YOUR name and ID number on it

23 Computer Box Students will be using computer box to transport and store computer until parents have paid fees and signed AUP. Do not lose or damage computer box. Laptop bags should be here next week.

24 Exercise 1 (Pass out computers) Remove computer from box Dont open the cover yet. Dont turn it on just yet. Were going to look at items on the OUTSIDE of the computer now.

25 Battery Located on underside of Netbook. Charge can last as long as 6.5 hours depending on use. Can be charged while in use. Takes about 2 hours to fully charge. When possible, leave plugged in to power while in use. Never remove battery when laptop is turned on or in Stand By.

26 Battery Power Management Plug in to power outlet every night at home so batteries are fully charged the next morning (takes about 2 hours).

27 Ports – Both Sides of Your Netbook USB ports Network port Power USB port VGA port Mic port Headphone port

28 Time to start it up! Push the Power Button When the Netbook boots up, it may boot up to the screen below. At this time, click on the Switch User button to start the initial login process.

29 Initial Login Process The login screen will now look like the screen below. Click on Other User

30 Initial Login Process The netbook screen will now look like the slide below. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys at this time.

31 Initial Login Process-Final Step The netbook screen will now look like the slide below. Sign in with the user name and password your teacher gives you.

32 You are now logged in. Go ahead and click OK on the pop up screen. Battery Charge Indicator Wireless Network Indicator

33 First Time login It may take several minutes for your computer to adjust settings when logging in for the first time. Please be patient and do not press any buttons.

34 Echalk Echalk is a web based learning management system Or

35 Echalk enables you to: Stay in touch with teachers and other students regarding class work. Keep informed about upcoming school and classroom homework, assignments, projects, upcoming events, etc. Store homework files and project materials for easy access from any computer connected to the Internet.

36 Your schools homepage features important school news and announcements, upcoming events, faculty information, and school resources.

37 Benefits of Echalk Teachers use eChalk Class Pages to provide anytime, anywhere access to homework assignments, project requirements, class materials, and announcements.

38 The Beginning of a New Adventure You are now ready to start using your Netbook! Have fun! Try out some of the cool new applications. Take really good care of your netbook!

39 Thank You For Attending If you would like to pay a fee you may do so at this time by going to room 606 or 610

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