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Quaker Valley High School Laptop Program. Introduction Overview of Laptop Orientation for Students and Parents –Benefits of a technology infused learning.

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1 Quaker Valley High School Laptop Program

2 Introduction Overview of Laptop Orientation for Students and Parents –Benefits of a technology infused learning environment –Expectations and Responsibilities

3 Then….. DSD Project 2001-2003 –PA State Grant –Bridging The Digital Divide –Apple Laptops for all Students grades 3-12 –Wired and Wireless Infrastructure in the schools

4 Now…. Laptops for 9-12 Mobile Labs for Primary grades Computer Labs Quaker Valley does not provide an Internet Connection in the home.

5 Why Laptops? Access –Online resources Study Resources Library Sites Blackboard –PowerSchool Grade Accountability –Computer and Information Literacy Building for future –Distance Learning Online classes (Apex, Blackboard) Study Island Carnegie Learning (Math)

6 Student Responsibilities Care –Bring the laptop to school every day –Make sure the laptop is fully charged –Carry in the ePack –Care for it properly –Keep laptop in good repair –Keep laptop secure Never leave unattended-not even in a charging cart Locked in locker Report missing laptop PROMPTLY Password security –Back-up Data Students are responsible for backing up their data.

7 Student Responsibilities Care of Computers 1. The laptop should be used on a flat solid surface 2. Open the laptop from the front center open point 3. Never put pressure on the screen with thumbs, fingers or any object 4. Do not open the screen past the natural pivot stop point 5. Never apply stickers, marker or anything to any part of the laptop 6. Place the laptop in the sleeve with the port side up to avoid putting pressure on the CD Drive 7. Do not hold the laptop by the screen or screen frame 8. Do not put any pressure on the CD drive side of the laptop 9. Do not put the laptop in a position where there is any pressure on the laptop;e.g: anything on top; in a backpack or case of any kind where the laptop is squeezed; any situation where the laptop is under any pressure. Chargers –Chargers will be repaired only if defective. If the wire is torn or frayed, or has visible damage this considered accidental damage that is NOT covered by Apple or the district. Students will have to purchase an adapter from Apple vendors. –Chargers are not covered under the school insurance policy. We recommend students leave their chargers at home and use the provided charging carts while at school.

8 Student Responsibilities Educational Use Students may change backgrounds, and screensavers. Students are NOT permitted to load software. Common Examples of Prohibited Software: –File Sharing (Limewire, BitTorrent) –Utilities/OS (OSX or other upgrades) –Games (Halo, Emulators)

9 Student Responsibilities Subject to Spot Checks for Compliance –Violations treated as violations of the Code of Conduct. Privacy Rights –Teachers and staff have the right to read anything on the iBooks. Safety –Students should not post ANY identifiable information about themselves on the web. –Students should not share their passwords with anyone. –Students should notify a teacher of any online harassment or security problem.

10 Parent Responsibilities Parents and Students WILL be held responsible for the proper use and care of the laptops. It is REQUIRED that the iBook be insured through the districts insurance policy at a cost of $38. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs may request financial assistance with the cost of insurance, however a deductable will still apply. Applications for free and reduced lunch programs are available in the High School office.

11 Parent Responsibilities The policy DOES NOT COVER: Intentional damage to the computer (As determined solely by the Quaker Valley School District) Misuse of the computer (i.e. liquid spills, defacing the computer with stickers, ink or paint, and/or carrying and handling the machine in an incorrect manner). With the exception of manufacturer defect, this policy does not cover theft, loss or damage (accidental or intentional) to the AC power adapter, or any other district issued accessories. It only covers the computer itself. Damage, theft, or loss of these parts is the sole financial responsibility of the students and their families.

12 Parent Responsibilities Under this policy, the district will cover claims for less than $425, without requiring the family to pay a deductible. Any costs over $425 will be covered after the family has paid a $100 deductible. The $425 sum is a cumulative total over the length of time a student possesses a Quaker Valley Computer. For example, a deductible will be incurred when a single instance of damage reaches the $425 mark, or if multiple instances of damage reach or exceed a sum of $425. Deductibles DO NOT RESET on an annual basis.

13 Parent Responsibilities The deductible will increase due to incidents of damage in which multiple claims for damage exceed the $425 threshold. The district reserves the right to charge the students and families for the entire repair bill due to multiple damage claims that result in significant financial loss for the district. Students and families will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the computer if there is a second claim of loss or theft, which results in the district having to replace the computer for the second time. (essentially issuing the same student a 3 rd computer)

14 Parent Responsibilities The QVSD provides filtering for inappropriate materials and websites on the Internet. Parents are responsible for monitoring their childrens use of the laptop when at home to ensure the students do not alter laptop settings to go around the Internet filters. Apple and QVSD are the only entities authorized to repair the student computers. Under no circumstances should a parent or student attempt to repair a computer. Attempting repair may void warranty and insurance coverage.

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