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How to complete the CSUMentor Undergraduate Online Application

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1 How to complete the CSUMentor Undergraduate Online Application
CSUMentor Tutorial How to complete the CSUMentor Undergraduate Online Application


3 Graduate after Bachelor’s Degree is earned
Since you all are applying as undergraduate students, click “Undergraduate Admission Application”

4 FALL 2010

5 Creating An Account Have an account with CSU Mentor?
Forgot your username and/or password? Don’t have an account with CSUMentor?

6 Create An Account Unique Email Account Required
Create an or use existing (appropriate) account Can create and use address via CSUMentor Username must be unique Automated system to check if username is available Username suggestions are provided to user if desired username is taken Too many people using Naviance/Family Connection have inappropriate s. Give examples.

7 Create An Account – Screen 1
Can create an address

8 CHECK Check to see that your username is unique. CSUMentor will offer suggestions, if needed.

9 Screen 1: Example Errors
This message will display username choices that are guaranteed to work.

10 Create An Account – Screen 2
Issues with Screen 2: International Postal Code: This question is only required if your address is outside the United States of America. Telephone Numbers: Make sure to format your telephone numbers correctly to avoid errors. Not Required: “How did you hear about CSUMentor”?

11 Create An Account – Screen 3
Click here to continue Account successfully created!

12 Application Filing Status Report

13 Application Manager To start an application. To resume an application.
To complete additional applications to other CSU campuses, you only have to complete the first screen of each application. To resume an application. To view submitted applications.

14 Application Filing Status Report

15 What is the last SAT/ACT date accepted?
View campus notice for Freshmen


17 Freshmen students MUST live on campus next year
New for SDSU Freshmen students MUST live on campus next year

18 DECEMBER Test date!


20 Completing the 2010-11 Online Application
Fall 2010 Applications are open as of October 1, 2009 All screens must be completed in order to submit your application Payment type must be selected Be sure to check Application Filing Status report to learn when campuses close

21 Online Tutorial Each header bar will also have a link to the online tutorial via the question mark. Only videos pertinent to this section will play Go straight to section you are interested in by scrolling through menu or play the entire movie (66 minutes) Menu broken up by topic and also by page number of the online application. For example, any videos pertinent to page 1 will be labeled 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.

22 Side Menu Bar of Application
Push Pin: Current page Check Marks: Completed screens Skip & Jump to: Go to another screen without saving Quick link to Introduction page of campus HELP Movies: Link to new online video tutorial Instructions: Text instructions for any screen of the application Quick link to Student Support page for assistance on completing the application Quick link to Application Manager SAVE: Will save the information that has been inputted on the screen LOG OFF: Log off the application and the CSUMentor site SUBMIT: To submit the completed application

23 Application-Screen 1

24 Main/Off Campus Question
Without With

25 For What Term? What Major? Credential Program?

26 Screen 6-HS Information
Click on the “FIND” button to select your High School. High School Information Graduation, GED Date or checkbox if neither

27 Entry Status Options for Applicants


29 Other High Schools attended

30 Students can now pull UC A-G list courses for 2 additional high schools besides graduating high school

31 Enter test taken or will be taken.
Non-native speakers of English

32 EAP scores…Release to CSU campus

33 How do you get your results?
On the back of your STAR test results or at the website below:

34 Screen 6 – High School Preparation 1
English (Area B) – 4 years Social Science/U.S. History/Government (Area A) – 2 years Mathematics (Area C) – 3 years Biological Science (Area D1) – 1 year with laboratory Physical Science (Area D2) Foreign Language (Area E) – 2 years in the same language other than English Visual/Performing Arts (Area F) – 1 year College Preparatory Elective (Area G) – 1 year A-G Review

35 Click “Add Course” to enter a course. Click “Edit” to modify a course.
Entering Coursework

36 Select Grade… …And School Year Grade Simple

37 Course List. This list contains your school’s actual courses.
Select from the Course List. This list contains your school’s actual courses. If class is not in drop down menu select “Other” and type in the class.

38 Term Type = Semester

39 Remember that Westview is considered a Semester schedule for applications. Each year-long course (e.g. English 1-2) has two “semester” grades.

40 First quarter of course is fall semester, 2nd half of course is spring semester.

41 Some courses have no second semester
If your quarter 1 grades have reported, you may include them.

42 Click “add course” to save course Do not use Honors designation. One exception – H. American Lit.

43 Quarter 1 Quarter 4

44 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Use AP only for AP Courses. Both Fall and Spring terms.


46 Warning for Missing Coursework

47 GPA Calculation Self Reported
Links to CSUMentor GPA Calculator

48 Additional A-G Courses

49 Screen 11 – EOP Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
New EOP&S Fee Waiver Transfer Students that are enrolled in EOP&S

50 Screen 12 – Fee Waiver Application Fee Waiver Only complete once
Financial Information Calculation of Fee Waiver


52 Sample: Fee Waiver Granted
Sample: Fee Waiver Denied

53 Screen 13 – Review Your Application

54 Click to submit your application!

55 Payment Options Credit Cards Check / E-Checks or Money Order
Visa MasterCard Check / E-Checks or Money Order Fee Waiver Option only if granted Apply only once for all CSU Campuses Applies all academic year

56 Selecting A Payment Sample: Check or Credit Card Sample: Fee Waiver
Instructions on how and where to send your check are on the following screen.


58 Application Submitted!

59 Separate Application for EOP
Online EOP applications can be started only AFTER submitting an online application to a CSU campus first To apply for EOP online, Go to Apply Online, then click link to apply for EOP online.

60 Important Information
Important note for summer classes: When entering high school courses taken during the summer, select the grade level AFTER the summer you took the course in. For example, if you took Geometry during the summer between the 9th and 10th grades, list it as a 10th grade class. This is important to ensure that the GPA calculated on is accurate. Important note honors courses: Select only authorized honors courses that are designated honors or advanced placement on the University of California's a-g list. If you have repeated a course, list the highest grade you achieved for each semester for the course.

61 Helpful Hints…. Write down your user name and password.
Make sure you have an up to date transcript with you when applying. Create a “college/financial aid” account with parent access. Check your SPAM folder.

62 You can now print a preview of your application and return to the application if changes need to be made before clicking the SUBMIT NOW button.

63 Join us next week at 9:00 for the UC Application!
Questions??? Join us next week at 9:00 for the UC Application!

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