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Online Application for Admission. Access the Online Application:

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1 Online Application for Admission

2 Access the Online Application:

3 Click the Admissions link

4 Click the Apply link

5 Click the Application button

6 Click the Create Application button Note: This tutorial assumes the applicant is a non- international undergraduate. The appropriate application displays based on the selections made. Important: Enter email address. Click the Request Login Information to receive a link to the application being created (allows access to a saved, but unsubmitted application) Once the application is submitted, an email with the link is automatically sent to the email address entered.

7 Step 1: Welcome Introduction Assume the checkbox has been selected and click the Next Step button

8 Step 2: Biographical Information. All fields should be completed. Note: The SSN field is optional. Note: The Contact Us link displays on all the application pages. Click the Contact Us link to see the email form. Click the Next Step button

9 Applicants may select a Reason for the contact. Spell check is available for the free text entered. Click the Return button

10 Step 3: Race/Ethnicity Note: This step is not required. Click the Next Step button

11 Step 4: Admission Type/Term Attending Note: Once an application type (New Freshman, Non-degree, Post Baccalaureate, Transfer Student) is selected, Qualifying Questions for that application type display. When the questions are completed the applicant is returned to this page. Click the Next Step button

12 Step 5: Major Selection Click the Choose My Major button Click the Next Step button

13 Click the Search button to see all majors

14 Available Majors display in alpha order. Click the Return button

15 Step 6: Self-Report High School Information Select Yes to enter self- reported information. Click the Next Step button

16 Step 7: Self-Reported Test Scores, Rank, GPA Click the Find My High School button to search for and select the appropriate high school. Click the Next Step button Complete the High School GPA, Class Rank, and Test Information section.

17 Search criteria is entered to locate and select appropriate high school Click the Return button

18 Step 8: Self-Reported Core Courses Complete the High School Core Courses Information for each of the listed subjects. Click the Next Step button

19 Step 9: Previous Colleges Complete if applicable. See instructions.

20 Step 10: Address Information Current & Permanent Mailing Addresses are entered here. Click the Next Step button

21 Step 11: Activities Note: This step is not required. Click the Next Step button

22 Step 12: Contact Information The Add Row and Delete Row buttons are used to add additional Contacts (Parents or Guardians) or delete Contacts.

23 Step 13: Misconduct/Law Violation All Yes selections require an explanation.

24 Step 14: Certification & Authorization Statement Click the Submit Application button Select the affirmation checkbox. Once the applicant clicks the Submit Application button, an automated request to launch the process that creates a CAT ID occurs.

25 Application Confirmation Click the Make Payment button

26 Application Fee Payment Click the Pay by Credit Card and Pay by Check buttons to view each payment method page.

27 Application Fee: Payment by Check Click the OK button

28 Application Fee: Payment by Check Applicants follow instructions for making their payment by check. Return to Application Fee

29 Application Fee: Payment by Credit Card Applicants complete the fields to make their payment by credit card. Return to Application Fee

30 Once the Application has been saved or submitted an email with the link to the application is sent to the applicant. Example

31 Online Application Tips ItemTip Accessing the Online Application To access the online application:  Go to  Select Admission from the left navigation  Click the Apply button in the upper right  Click the Application button: Note: Applicants will be prompted to select Undergraduate, Graduate, and International options Note: An application may also be printed and completed. Contact UsThe Contact Us link is in the upper right of each application page. This feature allows the applicant to send a question or comment via email to the Admissions Email box. Applicants have the option of selecting a reason for the email or leaving it blank. Spell check is also available. SavingThe application pages are automatically saved as the applicant clicks the Next Step button. NavigationApplicants may navigate between pages by clicking the Previous Step and Next Step buttons. Time outThe application will time out if no action is taken for 20 minutes. Unsaved information will be lost. The applicant may access their saved application via the email link they initially received. Required fieldsIf a required field is not completed, the warning icon will display when the applicant attempts to navigate away from the page. Choose a DateThe Choose a Date button allows the user to populate a date field by selecting a specific date on the calendar. Tip: Select the year and month first, and then the date. Or Dates may be entered as straight numbers using the following format: MMDDYYYY. E.g. May 1 st would be 05012010. No formatting is necessary as CS will format.

32 Index: New Online Application for Admission To review information, select the link below: Access Online Application Step 1: Welcome Introduction Step 2: Biographical Information Step 3: Race/Ethnicity Step 4: Admission Type/Term Attending Step 5: Major Selection Step 6: Self Report High School Information Step 6: Self Report High School Information Step 7: Self Reported Test Scores, Rank, GPA Step 8: Self Reported Core Courses Step 9: Previous Colleges Step 10: Address Information Step 11: Activities Step 12: Contact Information Step 13: Misconduct/Law Violation Step 14: Certification & Authorization Statement Application Fee Payment Online Application Tips

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