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2 WHAT’S NEW AT UIUC? NEW APPLICATION PROCESS New in 2012: UIUC no longer using transcripts in admission process Students submit online application Students complete a Self-Reported Academic Record [SRAR] online SRAR is an exact replica of all courses and grades earned while in high school, along with list of senior year courses If admitted and matriculating to UIUC in Fall 2012, official transcript will be required to verify SRAR information

3 UIUC APPLICATION: TWO-STEP PROCESS Both application and Self-Reported Academic Record [SRAR] can be found on Admission page of UIUC website [] Must start an application before you can begin the SRAR; UIUC recommends you complete app before you work on SRAR Read info on website about new SRAR and watch the tutorial video on You-Tube

4 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION ARE NOT PART OF APPLICATION! From UIUC website: Unsolicited Information: Please do not send unsolicited information such as letters of recommendation. That documentation will NOT be added to your file. NO letters of recommendation = NO letters of recommendation!!

5 COMPLETING THE APPLICATION: A TEN-STEP PROCEDURE MOST IMPORTANT: Print application as you complete each step! Once you submit your UIUC application, you cannot access it! Complete each step of the application in order Steps 1-4 are similar to other online college applications Asking for demographic information Step 5: Parental Information for Dual Parent Families List both parents’ education when prompted for first parent’s info [follow prompt on application]

6 #9: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SOME TIPS Co-curricular information in document format, not chart format Can create Word document listing activities and then paste into this section [2,000 character limit] Tip: Create a format and use it for each activity Ex: List Activity, Position Held, Years Involved, # Hours/Week, # Weeks/Year After each activity, press “enter” to begin new line for next activity

7 #9: ONE ADDITIONAL TIP Application also asks for name and email for every moderator of each activity you have listed If you have multiple activities, we suggest you list the name and email of those 3-4 individuals who best know your leadership style and character Not necessary to list every single moderator

8 DON’T FORGET TO PRINT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT!! Print every single page of your application before you submit to UIUC!! Once you submit, you will have NO access to your application!!

9 STARTING THE SRAR: SELF-REPORTED ACADEMIC RECORD After you have completed your application, log on to UIUC admissions website, click on “Check Application Status” and insert login and password On your Application Summary, scroll down to “Self-Reported Academic Record”, click and begin Have a copy of your transcript and senior year courses before you begin

10 THE SRAR: AN OVERVIEW Completing your SRAR can take 30-45 minutes You can save and then return to your SRAR if you cannot complete it in one sitting Once you submit your SRAR, you may not make any changes Be sure to print a copy of SRAR before you submit The devil is in the details – take your time, double-check your entries


12 THE SRAR, STEP #2: SCHOOL INFORMATION School Information asks for information on class rank and grade point average Check “My school does not provide rank in class” Submit your highest gpa on transcript and indicate if it is weighted or unweighted

13 THE SRAR: STEP #2 SCHOOL INFORMATION Complete all information about your high school Name, Address, “Domestic”, Graduation Date [change to 6/2012], check that you are graduating from high school No need to complete “grading legend”

14 THE SRAR: STEP #3 COURSES AND GRADES This section replicates your transcript, listing every course and grade received, along with your senior year courses in progress Details are important! Can take 30-45 minutes to complete Can save and return to SRAR Read the directions defining each item of this section

15 THE SRAR: COURSES AND GRADES Subject: Choose from five categories of classes All P/E, Fine Arts and Applied Arts classes = “Other” Course : List title exactly as it appears on transcript Ex: Adv Alg AC, AP Psychology HN Grade : List semester grade earned. Senior year classes: click on “In Progress” P/E classes: click on “Pass/Fail – Pass” Term : Two-step answer Click on Year, then click on Semester Type : If class is Accelerated, Honors or AP, be sure to click here [even if level is in class title!] Repeat: Click only if you have repeated class

16 SOME SHS-SPECIFIC TIPS FOR THE SRAR If you took summer school after 8 th grade: Term is “Pre-High School” and “Summer” If you received credit for junior high language: Under “Course”, list “Language Prof” [you’d list specific language, such as “Spanish” or “French”] Under “Grade”, list “Pass/Fail – Pass” Under “Term”, list “All year”

17 THE SRAR: SOME HELPFUL TIPS Be accurate! Allow enough time to complete SRAR Be sure that every course title matches transcript Be sure you have listed correct year and terms Be sure you have indicated if class is Accelerated, Honors or AP under ‘Type” Proofread your SRAR Be sure to PRINT A COPY BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Once you submit your SRAR you will not have any access to it!

18 SUBMITTING THE SRAR Congrats! You’ve completed the application process!


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