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UC Application Workshop Eligibility, Tips, Common Mistakes, then free time on computers.

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1 UC Application Workshop Eligibility, Tips, Common Mistakes, then free time on computers.

2 Calculating your UC/CSU GPA First look only at 10 th & 11 th grade Palomar Courses: 5 units =2 weighted grades Put a line through all non-college prep classes (Team Sports, CAD, Woodshop) Repeated courses must be exact same level and title

3 Compare your GPA Berkeley4.15 Davis4.00 Irvine4.05 Los Angeles4.11 Merced3.56 Riverside3.70 San Diego4.00 Santa Barbara4.07 Santa Cruz3.78

4 Tips Keep your username and password written down somewhere. Create a professional email address that you will check! Save your work! If you take a break from your application, sign out or click “Next” on any page to make sure your work is saved. Use High School transcript in order to enter in class information You will find your SSID on top of your SMHS transcript You will complete one application and decide which UC’s it is sent to You will have to choose majors and alternate (2 nd choice) majors. Undecided is ok! For UCSD you will also have to pick campuses/colleges For each UC select your interests from the list provided and you will be considered for scholarships based on your selections.

5 Be sure to enter in the high schools that you have attended and Palomar (Under the “Colleges attended in H.S”) if you took a class there. You are attending San Marcos High School in San Marcos, Ca NOT Santa Barbara or Texas. When entering in test information be sure to include scores. If you are taking a test in the future (in Oct or Nov) put that date on your application and leave your score blank When taking SAT, SAT Subject, and ACT w/writing send to at least one UC and the scores will be sent to all campuses to which you apply. Campuses e-mail applicants to request or clarify information. Provide an e-mail address that you’ll check regularly.

6 Activities, Awards, Extracurricular For activities and awards be sure to include EVERYTHING ◦Clubs (list leadership positions) ◦Sports ◦Church activities ◦Community service ◦Awards and honors (from coaches or if a team makes CIF) Use words like: mentor, taught, led, organized, responsible for, etc. ◦You want to represent LEADERSHIP, IMPROVEMENT, DEDICATION within the activities section and your essay. Work: list responsibilities for your job and what you do with your earnings Ed. Prep Programs: summer programs like Upward Bound, COSMOS, and other ones like AVID.

7 Adding courses There are questions about what you took in 7 th and 8 th grade purely to fulfill the a-g requirements; they do not ask for grades. Courses are already listed, just click on the class you took for that grade level. Choose the grade for each semester (if you repeated a D or F YOU MUST REPORT BOTH TIMES YOU TOOK THE COURSE) List additional non a-g courses such as: Leadership (ASB), Yearbook, Drafting, Woodshop, etc. under activities and awards. When completing the information on the Fee Waiver page IT MUST BE ACCURATE. It can only be submitted once. ◦Fee Waiver = 4 campus applications for free Can pay by credit card, check or money order ($70.00)

8 EOP: How to “Apply” Educational Opportunity Program Check if you want to apply for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). If you apply to EOP, you will need to report your parents’ level of education, family size and income later in the application. Discuss your reasons for applying to EOP.

9 Senior Year Courses Senior Schedule: Enter in 1 st semester courses as “in progress”, 2 nd semester as “planned” AP Gov’t 1 st semester; AP Macroeconomics 2 nd semester (in “G” category) If you listed a course on your application and then drop it, you MUST notify the admissions office at each university to which you applied. All acceptances are conditional; MUST earn C or better

10 ELC Eligibility in the Local Context Top 9% at SMHS based on GPA. Guaranteed admission to UC Merced ◦92% of ELC students were admitted to a UC campus to which they applied. Calculated based on “academic history” section of application. After submitting application, log back in to “application status” page to determine ELC status.

11 CSU/UC Applications due Nov.30th NO APP, NO TURKEY!!

12 Course names SMHS CourseUC Course WS 1 HSS (H)World History (H) AS 1 LIT APEnglish Literature & Composition AP American Studies 2 (Lang AP)English Lang & Comp AP Geometry (H)Geometry Algebra 2 HAlgebra 2 Chemistry P or Physics PChemistry 1A,1B Physics 1A,1B Spanish & FrenchSpanish 1AB or 2AB Spanish Speakers 2 or 3Int or Adv Spanish for Sp Spkrs Dance 1Dance One

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