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© P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd P2 Power Solutions Active Filter on DG – Newspaper Printing.

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1 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd P2 Power Solutions Active Filter on DG – Newspaper Printing

2 An Innovative Engineering Solutions company focused on ensuring high Power Quality for its customers Promoted by a group of IIT Kharagpur graduates State of the art production facilities at Noida & Kharagpur An ISO 9001:2008 certified company Currently delivering products (CE certified) and services catering to the power and energy demands of the industry Dedicated R&D activities in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur to improve and expand the current range of products and services © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Company Profile

3 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Measurement errors in metering equipments Spurious operation of fuses, circuit-breakers and other protective devices Voltage glitches in computers systems resulting in lost data Electromagnetic interference with TV, radio, communication & telephone Malfunctioning of standby generators and associated AVR control equipments Excessive temperature rise in motors, transformers Failure of Power Factor correction equipments Malfunctioning of precision equipments Low Power Quality - Symptoms

4 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Case Study – Client Details Sector - Newspaper Printing DG Rating- 380kVA Peak Demand- 330A Load Profile- 2x135kW DC drives 15kW Compressor Lighting Loads iTHD- 28% PF- 0.76

5 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Case Study – Client Details The backup Diesel Generator started hunting whenever the load current demand went beyond 200A. The client wasnt able to carry out production in full capacity using the backup generator P2 Power Solutions audited the site and found the current harmonic distortions to be significantly higher than recommended limits The power factor was also low due to which the peak apparent current demand on the DG was high We recommended the installation of a P2 Power Active filter for harmonic mitigation and power factor correction

6 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Load Profile – Apparent Power AF OFF peak kVA: 208 PF: 0.76 AF ON peak kVA: 191 PF: 0.94

7 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Load Profile – Harmonics AF OFF AF ON iTHD: 28% 5 th : 23% 11 th : 6.5% iTHD: 12% 5 th : 10% 11 th : 4.5%

8 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd P2 Powers Active Filter reduced the peak kVA demand on the DG by improving the Power Factor without any risk of over compensation It reduced current harmonic distortions to 12% The client was able to run the press at full capacity on DG with our solution Post Installation Condition

9 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Active Filter – Working Principle LOAD 4 wire – Active Filter CT1 CT2 CT3 L1 L2 L3 Supply L1 L2 L3 LN

10 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Iactive Ireactive Iharmonic ILoad Ireactive IharmonicIneutral IAF Active Filter – Working Principle

11 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd ID.G IAF ILoad AF Load D.G active reactive + harmonic + neutral Active Filter – Working Principle

12 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Active Filter - Advantage Ultra Fast Response No Risk of Over Compensation No Risk of Resonance Step less Correction Small FootprintProgrammable

13 Optimum capacity utilization Reduction in Peak current demand Reduced losses Reduced heating Efficient loading © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Active Filter – Benefits Optimum Utilization of Generator Capacity

14 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd COMPARISON SHEET Active Power ConditionerHybrid PF CompensatorSubstitute Technology P2 Power Active FilterP2 Power Hybrid CompensatorAPFC, RTPFC PERFORMANCE Speed< 0.2 milli seconds Response time in seconds TechnologyStepless current compensation Stepped kVAR compensation EffectivenessEffective with highly fluctuating loads Ineffective with fluctuating loads Power Factor (PF) CorrectionTrue PF compensationDisplacement PF compensation Leading/Lagging PFBoth Leading/Lagging PF compensation Lagging PF compensation only Load BalancingNegative sequence current injection No load balancing Harmonic CompensationHarmonic compensationNo Harmonic Compensation Neutral Correction Possible with 4 wire systemNot possibleNot Possible FOOTPRINT Size Advantages Smallest FootprintSmallLargest Footprint COST Installation (per Ampere) ` 3400 ~` 4200 ` 2300~ ` 2800 `1000~`1800 Resource IntensiveSmallest space requirementLow on space requirementsIncreases cost of space Capital CostReduced failures Can increase failures due to resonance Operating CostLow operating cost Recurring cost of capacitor replacement Returns on Investment High High with non fluctuating loads Improved PF Ineffective with fluctuating loads Better voltage profile Introduces voltage transients Reduced failures Can increase failure due to resonance MAINTENANCE Maintenance requirements Modular design Easy Maintenance Spare parts requirements Virtually maintenance free Recurring cost of capacitors/contactors

15 © P2Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Thanks!

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