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G.E. UPS Productline.

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1 G.E. UPS Productline

2 Uninterruptible Power Supplies | 1 Phase
Delivering reliable power in a compact footprint IT & Match Series GT Series Line Interactive topology, automatic voltage regulation, step-wave output with internal hot swappable batteries. Double conversion, parallel-ready technology with modular battery and power components for easy expansion and retrofit. Application Point-of-sale (POS), ISDN switches PCs, routers, & small IT servers Application Telecom equipment, server racks, small to medium data networks Rating Output Cert. 600 VA – 2 kVA 120 Vac UL 500 VA – 3 kVA 230 Vac CE Rating Output Cert. 1 – 2kVA 120 Vac UL 3kVA 120/208 Vac 5 - 10kVA 120/208/240 Vac 6 & 10kVA 220/230/240 Vac CE VH Series LP11 / LP31T / LP31 Series Double conversion technology, hardened design, peak load handling, and wide temperature operating range. Double conversion, high efficiency (up to 97%) and redundant parallel capable, with galvanic isolation and GE’s battery management for load security. Application Healthcare & marine, wind turbine, controls, all IT & high speed processing Application Medium data networks, telecom equipment, local site protection Rating Output Cert. 2 kVA 208/220/230/240 Vac UL 700 VA-3 kVA CE Rating Output Cert. 5-10 kVA 120/208/240 Vac UL & CE 3-10 kVA 220/230/240 Vac CE 5-20 kVA

3 Uninterruptible Power Supplies | 3 Phase
Clean, reliable and energy efficient power SG Series LP33 Series The high efficiency SG series provides fast step/transient load response while eliminating single points of failure. The LP33 series is a transformer-less design reducing install footprint and installation time. Application Enterprise class data networks, large data centers, healthcare equipment Application Large data networks, telecom equipment Rating Output Cert. kVA 208 Vac UL kVA 380/400/415 Vac CE Rating Output Cert. kVA 480 Vac UL kVA 400 Vac CE SitePro Leading the industry through innovation The SitePro model is a robust, double conversion UPS that provides true on-line operation and galvanic isolation. Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) Increasing reliability by eliminating single points of failure. Paralleling multiple UPS’ for true redundancy without adding complexity. Application Manufacturing & process control healthcare equipment, data centers ECO Mode Power supplied from mains via UPS bypass circuit. Immediate transfer to inverter power during disturbance. Energy efficiency of up to 98.5%. Rating Output Cert. kVA 380/400/415 Vac CE PurePulse ® Delivers pure clean waveform from the mains, reducing sizing of upfront equipment and eliminating additional input filters.

4 GE Critical Power TLE Series Platform 225 – 1500 kW

5 TLE Series platform Introducing TLE Series UPS What is it?
TLE Series is a new high power transformer less 3 phase UPS platform with best in class multi-mode efficiency (eBoost and double conversion), and modular scalable from 200 kW up to 1500 kW for global UPS markets (CE and UL). Why is it important? This TLE platform establishes GE technology leadership in mid/high power UPS applications with industry leading differentiation in efficiency, output power capacity and footprint. Differentiated Value Proposition Best in class multi-mode efficiency 96.5% Double Conversion mode (VFI) 99.0% eBoost mode (VFD) Highest output power (up to 1.5 MW) High reliability: Improved serviceability and lower MTTR Standard building blocks 250 kw Inherent redundancy inside UPS module High power density and small foot print Excellent input , output performance 5

6 Creating Value – Low TCO
Ultra High Efficiency Excellent Performance Improved Diagnostic High Reliability High output power Improved Serviceability

7 Creating Value – Low TCO
1 Ultra high Efficiency

8 GE Sets the Bar for highest UPS Operating Efficiency
High Efficiency at all loads Reduced customer operation costs and cost saving in air conditioning design Double conversion Efficiency – 96.5% High efficiency performances High efficiency at full and partial loads for real benefit in operating conditions Energy cost saving Reduced cost of customer equipment operation at all loads Air conditioning cost saving Reducing size and cost of air condition system Reducing consumption and related operating cost GE Sets the Bar for highest UPS Operating Efficiency 8

9 High Efficiency – eBoost mode
eBoost high efficiency (up to 99%) fast transfer to inverter <2ms "GE's eBoost feature expands a classic mode On-Line Double Conversion UPS System to a multi-mode UPS capable of maximizing operating efficiency commensurate with the stability of utility voltage and frequency eBoost can be operated in RPA mode, up to 6 UPS modules in parallel, with all units operating and switching as one through redundant communication bus

10 High Efficiency – Low TCO
Assumptions: Power cost = $ 0.10 /kw-hr Operating hours/year = 8760 Cooling factor = 0.35 Configuration = S+S operating at 50% load High efficiency up to 96.5% Considerable life cycle cost savings Reduction in UPS operating cost Reduction in cooling cost 93% 96.5% 99% 5 MW IT load - TLE series life cycle savings of $1.5 MM while operating in VFI mode

11 High Efficiency – Low TCO
High efficiency up to 96.5% Considerable life cycle cost savings Reduction in UPS operating cost Reduction in cooling cost Assumptions: Power cost = $ 0.10 /kw-hr Operating hours/year = 8760 Cooling factor = 0.35 Configuration = 500 kW 50% load TLE Series UPS annual savings Compared to 92% efficiency UPS > $ 14,980 94% efficiency UPS > $ 8,140 95% efficiency UPS > $ 4,830

12 Creating Value – Low TCO
2 Excellent Performance

13 Best in class input performance
UPS input performances Total Current Harmonic Distortion – THDi <5% UPS input power factor: 0.99 Constant behavior at all loads Negligible harmonics contents at full and partial loads Programmable Soft Start Feature Benefit on input mains Saving in the sizing of upfront equipment e.g. GenSet, cablings, circuit breakers, … No disturbances to nearby equipment Saving cost due to additional filters

14 Input performances benefit
High input performance means saving: GenSet size ( From 2 X Load kVA to 1.3 X Load kVA) - Stable & longer life due to absence of harmonics Circuit breaker size Cabling section/size Investment & space Improved life for nearby equipments No reactive power – saves on power compensation

15 UPS output power capability
Power capability – Unity power factor (kVA = kW) Designed to supply real power for Unity power factor data centers load Suitable for modern power supply application with unit or capacitive power factor (e.g. new servers generation), crest factor up to 3:1 No output voltage distortion with linear and non-linear loads Voltage distortion - linear loads: THDv < 2-3% - non-linear loads: THDv < 5% 11% more kW power compared to UPS with PF=0.9

16 UPS Input-Output Performance
Module size optimization/ Electrical infrastructure utilization 4000 A Input Bus 3000 A Input Bus 2000 A Input Bus 6 x TLE 500 kW 4 x TLE 750 kW 3 x TLE 1000 kW 2 x 1500 KW 4 x TLE 500 kW 3 x TLE 750 kW 2 X 1000 kW 3 x TLE 500 kW 2 x TLE 750 kW 1 x 1500 kW 3 MW Power 2.25 / 2 MW Power 1.5MW Power 11% more kW power compared to UPS with PF=0.9 Competitors units with 0.9 power factor provides less output power from same input bus size

17 Creating Value – Low TCO
3 Improved Diagnostic High Reliability

18 New FLEX DSP board: the black-box
WAVEFORMS Inverter voltages Bypass voltages Input mains voltages Output voltages: Output current Phases: Input capacitors “Cin” voltages: Inverter primary current: Input current: IDC current: Battery current: Bypass current: UDC Communication status RPA Auxiliary status SSM status Fuses status Phase error slave master. Waveform capture, diagnostic and trend analysis Simultaneous acquisition of 32 channels Sampling frequency up to 10kHz Smart trigger capability with up to 16 indipendent trigger sources to record only specific events with pre/post trigger data acquisition Buffer depth of 1000 samples per channel: each event is recorded for s.f. 10kHz 8 buffers to record up to 8 events without losing older events – can be extended with external USB mass storage devices

19 4 Ease of Installation Improved Serviceability
Creating Value – Low TCO 4 Ease of Installation Improved Serviceability

20 Compact design Reduced footprint
TLE Series 250 kW Reduced footprint Compact design saving space in installation kW: (w x d x h) 44.4 x 33.9 x 75.1 inch kW: 66.9 x 33.9 x 75.1 inch Standard Top-bottom cable entry Easier to handle High power density Savings in installation space 1907 / 75.1” 1100 / 43.3”

21 Improved serviceability
Improving Mean Time to Repair & Installation Front access construction/design Draw out construction for fans & power modules Common 250 kW power block & common components Faster power block MTTR Easy access to customer connections Easy access to connectivity Improved diagnostic capability iUPS Guard – Remote monitoring Standard back feed protection Internal Option - Q2 (TLE ) External Option – Q2 (TLE )

22 Installation flexibility – RPA Cable Saver
Bypass input to UPS 1A 2A 1B 3A 2B 3B Competitors – 1A=2A=3A and 1B=2B=3B or max 10% difference TLE Series with inductor = allows variation up to 20-25% (depends on UPS rating & cable section Output from UPS

23 Advanced User Interface
Menu driven touch screen 7” display Critical measurement of input, output and battery included with mimic diagram Quick operational status Different access level for user and service Different mimic diagram based on configuration Multilanguage communication interface Metering Alarm Set up Command RPA System

24 Advanced User Interface
Menu driven touch screen display

25 Advanced User Interface
Menu driven touch screen display Separate screen for RPA system with status and measurements Metering screen by tabs Home button inside each screen Improved alarm and events screen Easy to use set up screen

26 Creating Value – Low TCO
5 Summary

27 Limited life component monitoring
Differentiated TLE Series UPS Efficiency Black Box Limited life component monitoring High Reliability Small foot print Product options Font access New control panel Draw out construction 96.5% THDi 3-5%, Input pf 0.99 Output pf -1

28 TLE Series UPS Differentiating:
Best in class double conversion efficiency - up to 96.5% Ultra high efficiency in eBoost mode of operation - up to 99% Static bypass inductor Compact foot print provides very high power density Excellent input, output performance Improved diagnostic capability with black box Ease of installation and Improved serviceability

29 High Efficiency at all loads Reduced customer operation costs and cost saving in air conditioning design 3-Level topology High efficiency performances The TLE Series UPS uses a three level technology with an Advanced Neutral Point Clamped topology implemented with true Reverse Blocking IGBT. These result in reduced switching and filter losses with respect to a standard two level technology 29

30 Improved diagnostic, High Reliability
Improving Reliability & Diagnostic AC Capacitor health monitoring Component life time counters Dedicated supply path for bypass logic Redundant Isolated power supply Robust RPA communication No total OFF button to avoid human error Heat sink & input, output filter coils temperature monitoring Improving Mean Time to Repair Wave form capture capability Fan failure detection

31 UPS configuration Double conversion (VFI) technology
Optional – TLE Series kW TLE Series kW Double conversion (VFI) technology Automatic bypass for overloads, short circuit and UPS disturbances conditions Manual bypass Q2 (optional) for UPS maintenance operations without load interruption ( kW internal option) Standard common mains Number of battery blocks – 40-42 - back feed protection K6 standard

32 Installation flexibility - Product options
Supplemental Cabinetry VRLA Battery Cabinet Systems Flywheel DC Energy Storage 480/480V External Maintenance Bypass 480/208V External Maintenance Bypass (250kw max) Optional Equipment 480/415VAC Input Isolation Xfmr 600VAC Input Isolation Xfmr Remote Alarm Status Panel Dual Input RPA Card for parallel operation eBoost Software for multi-mode operation ISM (intelligent Synchronization module) – not supported

33 Remote monitoring – TLE Series
iUPSGuard – Remote monitoring Improved response time 24 x7 monitoring & alarm notification of UPS Improved pre dispatch diagnostic & first time fix Regular status reports Highly secure communication

34 Customer Connectivity Easy integration with Building Management System (BMS)
UPS supervision capability 1x RS232 Serial Communication Port 6 programmable potential free alarm contacts: - D plug - Terminals blocks 1x Emergency Power OFF contact 1x Gen-ON Input contact 1x Control Input contact Additional interface: SNMP Interface Card (10/100Mbps auto-select) MODBUS Interface (RS232 or RS485) iUPSGuard (free license during warranty) - SNMP card required for iUPSGuard Customer interface

35 Redundant Parallel Architecture
System reliability improved by RPA Configurable up to 6 units in parallel Future expansion Safe and reliable power supply Redundant Communication Bus Easy to install and maintain Easy system upgrade/downgrade Maintenance operation without load interruption RPA cable saver allows installation flexibility


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