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© Power Grid Company profile - 1 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Company profile.

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1 © Power Grid Company profile - 1 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Company profile

2 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 2 - © Power Grid Company profile - 2 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid History Founded at the beginning of 2006 as a partner company to German company Condensator Dominit GmbH Company was founded by Christian Dresel (D) and Peter Gardian (SK) History of partner’s company Condensator Dominit  1950DOMINIT-WERKE  1973Lepper-Dominit  …ASEA Lepper  1982ASEA Kondensatoren  1988ABB Kondensatoren  2002ABB Schaltanlagentechnik  2005CONDENSATOR DOMINIT 35 employees, turnover 2005 8 Mio Eur

3 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 3 - © Power Grid Company profile - 3 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Our Competence Import and sale of electrotechnic components according to customer’s requirements with focus on power electronic German partner company with a long-term tradition requires support of many different manufacturing and distributive companies. There are available already suppliers presented on the line card, but range of goods will be adapted according to customer’s requirements Complete service of quality of electric grid Our company offers measuring and analysis of customer’s electric grid parameters, suggestions (project) how to increase the quality up to level demanded by customer or suggestions essential (necessary) to trouble-free running of devices. We also offer delivery of necessary power quality devices and their installation Development, construction and delivery of power blocks according to customer’s requirements Our company requires capacity and know-how to develop and produce power blocks eg. for frequency drives, rectifiers, invertors with guarantee of usage high-level components and precise assembly according to customer’s requirements. The R&D center is offering the services for german partner now, but we would be glad to support also others customers.

4 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 4 - © Power Grid Company profile - 4 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Distribution Power semiconductors and accessories Low power semiconductors: DIOTEC (Germany) Fuses: SIBA (Germany) Fuses holders and other accessories: Wöhner (Germany) Cooling equipment: Junior Kühlkörper (Germany) Reactors for PFC: Mangoldt (Germany) and Vinuta (Slovakia) Capacitors for PFC: Condensator Dominit (Germany) and ZEZ Silko (Czech republic) Components for power quality products (contactors, thyristor switches, controlers): ABB (Germany) and Vonsch (Slovakia) The company is searching for partners whose products will fullfil quality requirements of our customers and also to guarantee reliability of supplier. We are important partner for our suppliers and this advantage we spread also over our customers.

5 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 5 - © Power Grid Company profile - 5 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Improvement of Power Quality Network measurement and investigation Solution for power quality problems Production and commissioning of Power Factor Correction units Production and commissioning of Special designed solutions Inspection, maintenance and service Reactive power compensation Flicker and voltage fluctuations Harmonics

6 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 6 - © Power Grid Company profile - 6 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Reactive power compensation (LV, MV): fixed capacitors, automatic PFC banks, customized solutions

7 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 7 - © Power Grid Company profile - 7 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Without filter 135791113151719212325272931333537394143454749 Harmonics 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 I [A] Harmonics: Printing Machine With active filter PQF

8 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 8 - © Power Grid Company profile - 8 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Harmonics: Data center Without filter Phase currentCurrent in neutral With active filter PQF

9 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 9 - © Power Grid Company profile - 9 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Transformer current before compensation The Flicker compensation: rolling pulswelding 2 phase welding current 3 phase transformer current after compensation

10 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 10 - © Power Grid Company profile - 10 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Production of power electronic blocks We know that for some of our customers is not a priority to be the best producer of power blocks (where the knowledge of power electronic and usage of special equipment is necessary). For those we offer supplies of the blocks in customized design. According to customer’s requirements we prepare documentation, produce a prototype and we will offer serial production. We use high-level components, each product is proofed and we guarantee its function and reliability. If needed, in co-operation with our suppliers we are able to develop new components necessary by manufacturing the required product. Our target customers are companies using power blocks in their products or facilities but power electronic is not their main business activity. For those we offer usefull outsourcing.

11 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 11 - © Power Grid Company profile - 11 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid Why to contact us? Company is supported by world-wide partner possesing 50 years of experiences of improving power quality. Company has established contacts to guarantee co-operation with large scale of suppliers and manufacturing companies. Our employees possess skills and knowledge from different electrotronic and engineering companies that they will exploit in our company. Our main priority is satisfied customer, therefore we offer technical knowledge, quality products, customer service and operating logistic. Our aim is to build company that will be respected partner at Slovak and world market. We insist on correct behaving to our customers as well as to our suppliers and competitive companies. We appreciate each partner.

12 © Condensator Dominit “File-Name” - 12 - © Power Grid Company profile - 12 - C ONDENSATOR D OMINIT Power Grid The first address for power quality Power Grid

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