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Push ECO for a greener FUTURE

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1 Push ECO for a greener FUTURE

2 PushECO has developed a selection of effective and easy-to-use energy-saving products which utilizes the most advanced technology which will allow people to cut down on their energy consumption.

3 PushECO’s ECO BOX system units are designed to provide people with many benefits which can be derived for both home and business use. The ECO BOX system adhere to the energy conservation goals which have been set by the U.S. Government to cut down on energy consumption.

4 The Value Of PushECO’s ECO BOX

5 People are now faced with many global and environment issues that need to be addressed through effective energy efficiency and being able to contribute to this goal is a worthwhile commitment to make.

6 PushECO’s ECO BOX allows people to take their part in the united goal of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in an attempt to take on a “green” approach to living. As a result, people are able to be a part of the great environmental cause while also enjoying the benefits of money saving.

7 The Electrical Issues

8 Most people are unaware that as much as 25% or more of the electricity that is billable to consumers is actually unusable and ends up going to waste.

9 - United States Department of Energy (DOE)
“Over $16 billion dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the United States.” - United States Department of Energy (DOE)

10 Nowadays, we are dealing with incredible hikes in electricity costs
Nowadays, we are dealing with incredible hikes in electricity costs. Although the actual electricity cost tends to vary on a regional basis, the average residential electricity cost in the United States is currently at 12 cents per kilowatt-hours.

11 Most electric AC motors that are being used today are known to consume more than half of overall electricity used. Recent research conducted by NASA have proven that great savings can be achieved on the running costs of most AC induction motors.

12 ECO BOX system units can help to provide enhancement for the maximum capacity of any existing electrical systems being used for the home or for the business. As a result, more power will be able to be supplied to more customers without the further need for any additional generation or acquisition of energy. Additional features that are beneficial to the environment include:

13 Decrease in fossil fuel used in order to generate energy
Lowered dependency on the use of foreign oil Decline in overall utility costs

14 The ECO BOX system units run on advanced energy-saving technology which incorporates a specific science that determines how much capacity is needed in order to fully optimize each inductive load in unison. As a result, effective energy optimization is achieved with each inductive load within a matter of minutes.

15 Installation of the ECO BOX system unit is easy!

16 Once the system unit has been installed, the power savings begin to accumulate immediately — reaching savings of up to 30% on electricity bills, allowing investment returns to take shape as soon as possible.

17 How Does The ECO BOX Work?

18 The basic principle to the ECO BOX is as follows:
Inductive loads such as electric motors, pumps, and compressors kick back unusable energy into the power system. This unusable energy materializes as heat builds up in appliances, noise on transistor radios as well as cordless phones, etc. The ECO BOX contains capacitors that absorb this unusable energy and recycles it into usable electricity that can be used by electrical appliances which, therefore, reduces your energy demand from your power company.

19 ECO BOX reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing what would otherwise be lost electricity in its capacitors. The technology applied by the ECO BOX unit supplies the stored electricity back into your inductive loads which cause a decrease in your demand from the utility; when the demand from the utility decreases, your meter slows down because you are consuming less electricity.


21 Other benefits that can be enjoyed by having the ECO BOX system installed within your home or business establishment include: improved efficiency of the electrical system increased kilowatt & amperage capacity maintained voltage levels within the system reduction in the possible harmful effects from the EMF decrease in power system losses within the system reduction in heat resulting in cooler and more efficient equipment with the added benefit of higher life expectancy higher starting torque significant reduction in maintenance costs

22 What is Power Factor?

23 Working Power Reactive Power
Power factor is relevant to the relationship between two types of power: Working Power Reactive Power Performs work of creating heat, light, motion, etc. Sustains the electromagnetic field within the system. Most electrical distribution system loads are inductive. Power factor is the measure for how effective the electrical power is being used within the system.

Loaded Induction Motor (Light) 0.20 Loaded Induction Motor 0.80 Neon / Fluorescent Lighting 0.30 – 0.70 Incandescent Lighting 1 All types of resistance heating devices (i.e. Heaters, etc.)

25 What Causes Low Power Factor?

26 Inductive loads tend to constitute a large portion of the consumed energy in most commercial buildings and industrial establishments — 80% or more. Motors which are lightly loaded tend to be more wasteful and result in lower power factor percentages. Motors which are loaded with larger loads and longer run times produce more savings

Power factor correction is a 20th century technology which is installed on the line side positioned near the main service of the system. It is designed to reduce any PF penalty and its main purpose is to clean up any excess power to help save money on electricity distributed by the utility company.

Power factor optimization is a 21st century technology which is installed on the demand side positioned close to the actual electrical equipment. It reduces the amperage and kilowatt-hours to the counters and helps consumers save on money spent on electricity.

29 What Benefits Can You Get From Power Factor Optimization?

30 By significantly reducing the amperage and kilowatt-hours usage within the system, people can experience savings which will be directly reflected in dollars. Electrical components found within the system are intentionally oversized by at least 125% according to the National Electrical Code.

31 Utility companies tend to charge customers additional fees which go up as much as 25% more on top of their overall electrical bill whenever the power factor is found to be less than 0.90 on PFC equipment. These additonal fees can be avoided by determining the capacitance that is necessary to optimize each motor by proper sizing and installation of the ECO BOX system unit.

32 Upon installation of the ECO BOX system unit, home and business units will be able to reduce motor heat, increase the life of equipment, broaden the distribution capacity within the system, improve the voltage regulation, eliminate surges, avoid power factor surcharge fees, and save money!

33 As electrical rates continue to rise, the ECO BOX is able to help people to go “green” and join in the united global cause to commit to energy conservation. PushECO’s ECO BOX system units can help you save much within your home or business by slowing down the electricity meters LEGALLY!

34 For More Information: 1-855-PUSHECO (local 786 206 9822)

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