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Energy Service Fossil Product Portfolio

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1 Energy Service Fossil Product Portfolio
Energy Service - Service Fossil Executive Summery Energy Service Fossil Product Portfolio SIEMENS SSK Service Concepts Standard Service Packages: Spare Parts Outages Repairs Customized Service Solutions: Service Agreements Mod’s & Up’s Life Time Assessment For internal use only / © Siemens AG All rights reserved.

2 Standard Service Packages – Spare Parts
Siemens Spare Parts Concepts: Single order spare parts Event related spare parts offering Spare parts stocking philosophies: Container Concept Consignment Concept Reservation Fee Concept

3 Standard Service Packages- Outages
Scope Benefits Turnkey Outage Services Whole outage done by Siemens (turning gear on to turning gear off) Shorter Outage Duration Performance Guarantees Liability for delay Outage Supervisory Package Siemens: Engineering & Project Management NDT- Experts Special Tools Consumables Supervisory & key staff Customer: Local Personnel Customer Special Tools Standard Tools Site Infrastructure Local Subcontractors Local Workshops Scope of Work Disassembling Fact Finding Reassembly Commissioning Work according Check-List Material Tests (NDT)

4 Standard Service Packages- Outages
TMS (Total Maintenance Service) Availability Efficiency Reliability Power Output Generation Requirements on Time Delivery high Quality reasonable Prices Maintenance Siemens Approach Provide Right Products in Right Quantities at Right Time

5 Standard Service Packages- Repairs
Various Factory Repairs Blades & Vanes Refurbishment Coating/Material Development On-Site Repair Services

6 Customized Service Solutions – Service Agreements
Mutual Benefit Commitment Program Business - Service Agreements Change Mode Long Term Program Operating Plant Service Agreement Project Managed Maintenance Contract Technical Field Assistant Total Maintenance Services Performance Driven Expanded Scope/Risk Transactional Operations & Maintenance

7 Customized Service Solutions Operating Plant Service Agreement (OPSA)
OPSAs are exclusive, price-list based long-term contracts. Out of the OPSA’s scope Customer will buy under separate Purchase Contracts parts, repairs and service as per its requirements. In return for its associated exclusivity obligations, Customers will receive discounts. Price List Price Escalation Scope Definitions Discounts Terms & Conditions Easy and comfortable access to Siemens services and parts

8 Customized Service Solutions Change Mode (CM)
Change Mode means the temporarily supply of new or refurbished major gas turbine parts for a series of major maintenance intervals at a rental price. Siemens provides a warranty for their complete major maintenance interval. At the end of a major maintenance interval the parts are returned to Siemens and (unless at the end of the term) replaced by Siemens. Customer bears no cost/risk with regard to scrap rates or repairs regarding the parts. Reduced capital cost and reduced inventory Refurbishment Scheduled End of GT Life set Change Mode B&V Pool GT Operation 1 Cycle Investment Value in % Scrap Risk taken by customer

9 Customized Service Solutions Long Term Maintenance Program (LTPM)
Long-Term Maintenance Programs (LTMP) are managed programs for parts, parts repairs, program management and turnkey outage services for Siemens gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators. Self - Maintenance LTMP Outage- services Repair Extended Warranty Parts Program Mgmt. Remote Diagnostic System Outage services Repair Parts

10 Customized Service Solutions Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
Operations & Maintenance (O&M) (content in addition to all LTP Features) O&M contracts cover all aspects of plant operation and maintenance, such as plant operation itself, routine and planned maintenance of the power plant, long term maintenance programs for OEM equipment including remote monitoring and do offer the most extensive warranties.

11 Customized Service Solutions Service Agreements
Value O&M Plant Performance Warranties Full Access to OEM know-how Unscheduled Outages Plant Availability LTP Routine Maintenance Training Plant Operation Plant Management Program Manage- ment Covered Equipment Availability Power Diagnos-tics Term Warranty GT,ST,Geno Performance Warranty Scope OPSA Expanded Scope (ST, Geno) Turnkey Outages Unscheduled Outages Discount Standard Warranty Parts Labour Repair

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