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The Daniel Thwaites Masonic Buying Group Proposal. 25/10/2013.

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1 The Daniel Thwaites Masonic Buying Group Proposal. 25/10/2013

2 Agenda. Daniel Thwaites PLC. The On Trade Market. Our Draught Beer Product Range. Marketing and sales support. Installation plans and technical support. Order capture and deliveries. Product pricing/investment/contract..


4 The Total On Trade Beer market is declining -4.4% driven by Draught Standard Lager declining -4.4%. Cask Ale is outperforming the Beer Market declining at half the market rate.


6 Our Keg Beers. Thwaites Smooth international Gold Medal Winning Ale.

7 Our Cask Ales Wainwright the Fastest growing cask Golden ale

8 Our Craft Ales.

9 Standard Lagers.

10 Premium and world Lagers.

11 Draught Ciders.

12 . In summary a Range of products to meet all your needs.

13 Initial and ongoing marketing and sales support. All products will be supplied with branded glassware in place for the launch of the enhanced brand range in the quantities required. Ongoing replacement of glasses as required during our trading period. P.O.S. will be available for start of trading and ongoing replacement Ongoing sales outlet callage by DSM at agreed level will be maintained to carry out a business review and target ongoing opportunities to drive joint business/promotional plans. Access to training carried out by Innfluential a leading training company in all aspects of On trade training on site or at the Brewery.. Full wine list review /re design if necessary by our wine sales executive. Quarterly promotional offers Brochure.

14 Installations/Technical support support. Survey to carry out full equipment review purchase lines or replace as necessary. Cellar cooling and Bottle cabinets can be installed if required on a short term write off agreement. Cellar cooling can be placed on Daniel Thwaites subsidised contract for ongoing service and replacement if necessary there is a nominal cost for this of £12.50 per month. Maintain this equipment at all times and benefit from our emergency call out service 7 days per week.

15 Order capture and deliveries. Weekly telephone sales call from our own team in blackburn to capture your orders. Weekly delivery with our own Daniel Thwaites vehicles and staff. Emergency deliveries can normally be completed within 2 days (not guaranteed but many testimonials available to support our success rate).


17 Product pricing to Masonic accounts. P&C A full product pricing schedule..beers ciders minerals wines and spirits….has been prepared for all Masonic halls with 2 levels.Level 1 is pricing only..Level 2 is pricing with small capital investment. All Masonic accounts will receive a retrospective bonus discount based upon the amount of Halls opening an account with Daniel Thwaites.

18 Retrospective Bonus details. P&C Accounts in Buying GroupRetro bonus per brewers barrel (36 gallon) 5 to 9£5 10 to 14£10 15 accounts or more£17.50 Example. Ormskirk masonic expect to achieve 60 barrels per annum If 10 members were in the group they would receive a bonus Payment of £600 but 15 members would Generate a payment of £1050 at year end. (start date november 1 st 2013)

19 Joining the Buying Group. Open an individual account with Daniel Thwaites. (process completed by your local DSM) We register you centrally for the retrospective bonus.

20 Summary of Benefits. Quality extensive Brand range at very competitive prices. Service and support package for every member. Price margin maintained at future price increases (excludes duty increases). Retrospective bonus for all members with opportunity to increase its value.

21 Thank you. Any questions ??

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