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Institutional Presentation June/2011.

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1 Institutional Presentation June/2011

2 The Company MCK was founded in 2009 by professionals with extensive experience in industrial automation and special machine building. 100% Private National Capital. Proven experience in industrial automation and special machines development. Highly specialized and updated technical team. Multidisciplinary Knowledge. Siemens e Rockwell systems integrator. GE Fanuc solution provider.

3 MISSION Providing innovative technology solutions to its Customers in order to obtain high levels of competitiveness and profitability. VALUES Focus in the Customers and their satisfaction; Prioritize good service; Encourage creativity and entrepreneurship; Encourage training and professional development. The Company

4 Competitive Edge CUSTOMIZATION As a developer of proprietary technology, MCK has the flexibility to tailor solutions and services according to Customer´s needs and goals. INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS The Customer has all integrated solution with a single company, from mechanical design, electrical and electronic design, manufacturing, assembly, integration, try-out, start-up, commissioning and technical assistance. EXPERIENCE MCK has a team of highly qualified and updated professionals about the industrial automation technologies available in the market, able to offer the best solutions to Customers needs. AGILITY AND PUNCTUALITY Due to the focus on the schedule and strong developed partnerships, MCK serves its customers with speed, while maintaining the accuracy and quality of products and services provided.

5 Partnerships

6 Structure Mechanical Design, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Electrical and Electronic Design

7 Assembly of Special Machinery and Equipment Mechanical assembly and adjustment Electrical and electronic assembly Assembly of electrical panels Internal try-out Packing for transport Structure

8 Served Markets AREAS Auto-Parts; Bike-parts; Automakers; Metallurgical Industry; Plastics and Rubber Industry; Etc

9 Products and Services Electrical Panels Assembling Power Panels Control Panels Remote Control Panels

10 PLC programming, HMI and Supervisory System HMI and Supervisory System Products and Services

11 Special Machines Systems for Axes Interpolation Covers Stamping Machine Liquid Silicone Rubber Aplication Machine Products and Services

12 Robotic Cells Products and Services

13 Complete Solutions (Turn Key) Products and Services

14 Technical Support Contracts Electrical and Mechanical Projects Vision Systems Machinery Repairing Pneumatic and Hydraulic Projects Sales of Spare Parts Products and Services

15 Main Customers

16 Phone.: (11) 3925-0240 Thank You!

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