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NSS Program - Navien Service Specialist

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1 NSS Program - Navien Service Specialist
Navien America, Inc. NSS Program - Navien Service Specialist

2 The Benefits of Becoming a NSS:
Your name will be included on Navien’s website as a repair service provider and or installer, as available. You may offer repair services directly to customers if the product is outside of its warranty periods or the problem is due to installation error or poor maintenance. You will receive a high level of manufacturer training in areas of installation and repair of Navien products. Personalized support from a dedicated department. Navien promotional items, technical bulletins and additional support.

1. Completed Application page 2. Signed Contract signature page 3. Proof of Liability Coverage with Navien named as additional insured 4. Copy of Contractor License 5. Copy of Business License 6. Complete NSS training course 7. Purchase Navien spare parts kit or equivalent 8. Proper service tools

4 Must maintain required tools including a manometer and voltage meter for all job site visits

5 Steps to Becoming a Navien Service Specialist:
Submit the following documents: Completed and signed Application/Contract A copy of your liability insurance (One million liability coverage and Navien named as additional insured), Contractor license (if applicable) Business license. 2) Complete Navien’s service training program (today) 3) Purchase initial parts to be ready for service requests (parts kits for Tankless and Combi boiler valued at $400 or purchase parts individually).

6 Basic Terms of the NSS Program:
The NSS Agreement is on a non-exclusive basis. 2) The service area will be based on a 50 miles radius from your place of business, or other as agreed upon in writing on the application. 3) Navien pays $160* for parts replacement and $250* for unit replacement, including all taxes and fees, for work on units under labor warranty *per each RGA, other payment is per Navien’s prior authorization, or discretion.

7 Navien’s warranty periods:

8 The NSS will be obligated to provide the customer’s name, address, telephone, product serial number, install date, and symptom(s) to Navien at jobsite, at time of service. You may also be requested to provide a copy of the product’s installation contract to verify the product’s warranty period. Reports and pictures of job or notes of suggested work on job are always advised and suggested to be sent to Navien for future reference.

9 To receive payment, you will be required to obtain a Returned/Repaired Goods Authorization number (“RGA”) (or Sales Return/Repair Authorization [“SRA”] if RGA is not supplied) from Navien prior to rendering any services covered by the Navien warranty. All invoices submitted to Navien must also include the RGA/SRA number.

10 Warranty coverage excludes failures caused by: improper installation; failure to maintain unit for operating conditions (including hard water and intake clogs); gas, ventilation, water, or power supplies outside of manufacturer’s and plumbing code specifications; freezing; improper use and or handling.

11 Brief Summary of the Repair Service Process:
1) Customer, Navien or Navien contracted representative will contact the NSS to request product repair services. 2) The NSS is required to contact the customer prior to visiting the job site and inform the customer that they will be charged the contractors reasonable labor fee (amount payable directly to the NSS by the customer) if the problem is due to improper installation, operating conditions or lack of common maintenance, or if the product is out of its labor and or parts warranty periods OR Navien will cover charges as per the warranty. 3) The NSS is required to call customer to schedule job within 1 hour of assignment contact from Navien. Scheduled service must be conducted within 24 hours for residential and 4 hours for commercial jobs, from receipt of the service request or as agreed with customer and or Navien.

12 Service fees will be invoiced in accordance with the following fee schedule:

13 Any defective parts used in warranty repairs, taken from NSS’ inventory, will be replaced by Navien. If the service job is within the product’s parts warranty, Navien will ship out the new parts immediately after issuing a RGA number along with a defective parts return label. NSS must return parts to Navien warehouse within 14 business days, or NSS will be charged MSRP for the parts. The charge can be reversed once the part(s) have been received. The NSS will submit an invoice for labor rendered with the requisite RGA/SRA number to Navien within 30 days after repair services are completed. Undisputed invoices will be paid within 14 days from receipt of the invoice by Navien.

14 The NSS will report back to Navien on completion of any job that was assigned by Navien personnel or Navien contracted agents, unless a call for RGA/SRA has already been made. NSS may suggest additional services that improve performance or extend lifespan of system as long as they do not conflict with product specifications or are presented as proscribed by Navien. This contract may be terminated by either party, with 30 days prior written notice.

15 Fax to: 949-206-9004, Attn:, NSS Department
For Applications, additional information or questions contact: Stephen Lieu Navien America, Inc. (800) ext. 142 Direct Kristoffer Carino Navien America, Inc (800) ext. 164 Direct Fax to: , Attn:, NSS Department

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