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Benyshek and Hough Consulting Services

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1 Benyshek and Hough Consulting Services
From Data to Information Dr. Larry L. Benyshek, President Dr. John D. Hough, Vice President

2 Genetic and Economic Management

3 GEM (and Breed Association) Database System
Centralized database system Internet based Live data input, access and reporting done anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection Computing equipment located in Georgia Any Internet Connection Any Computer Any Browser Any Printer

4 GEM System Capabilities
User profiles and access permissions Data download & upload capabilities Associations Other applications Multiple Breeds Multiple herds and locations Maintain All Animal Information Purebred (Multiple-Breed) Recipients and Embryos Commercial Feedlot / Carcass

5 GEM System Capabilities (cont)
Maintain Animal location Daily location of every animal Move individuals or whole pastures Calves (& embryos) automatically move with mothers Heat / Breeding / Preg Checking / Calving Semen Inventory / Maintenance Complete ET system Complete Auction System Private Treaty Purchase and Sales Records Health Program Maintain Customer / People Information

6 Demonstration of Current GEM Herd System

7 Main Login Page

8 Each user can have different attributes determined by you.

9 Main menu.

10 Main animal search screen.

11 Generally you will have cattle grouped into various sets of animals.

12 Sets of cattle can be created via the query system using any logic you determine.

13 Main animal reports screen (various Association reports are dependent on breeds you own).

14 Many reports can be sent to your browser, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat or Comma-Separated.

15 Example Reports

16 The Animal Report All reports can be sorted multiple ways by clicking the green header links.

17 Some reports are dependent on your breed.

18 EPD and Accuracy Report.

19 EPD change report (current vs prior EPDs)

20 Genetic Defect Report

21 GEM Maintains a Cow’s Entire Lifetime Location History

22 You can record all sales and purchase info, then query the database based on several criteria

23 PDF-formatted sale catalogs can include breeding, preg-check, calving info as well as footnotes

24 GEM excels in its ability to track Donor Flushes & Embryo Transfer

25 An ET Implant Report

26 A breeding report for this set of cows for 2009

27 GEM seamlessly handles natural vs ET calving
Due Date Report GEM seamlessly handles natural vs ET calving

28 Progeny Performance Summary Report

29 Pasture Calving Report

30 “Official” Angus Association Registration Form (email an Excel file to AAA to register calves)

31 “Official” Hereford Association Weaning Form (email an Excel file to AHA to register calves)

32 The Inventory Change Report can be based on various categories

33 If there is not a Report already in GEM to meet your needs, you can create your own personalized reports call custom views

34 Browse screens are used to review information for a single animal

35 Performance and EPDs Browse screen

36 Ownership and Description Browse screen

37 Single Animal Edit screens used to add or edit data for one animal at a time

38 Single Animal Base Data Edit Screen

39 Implant Frozen Embryo Edit Screen

40 Heat and AI Edit Screen

41 Simulated Mating Screen

42 GEM has a complete Embryo Transfer component from scheduling a flush to collecting and freezing or implanting embryos

43 Set up a Donor Schedule Screen

44 Embryo Recovery / New Frozen Embryos

45 GEM has several Batch Edit screens to enter data for multiple animals at once.

46 Batch Change Locations Screen

47 Batch Medical Treatments Entry

48 Automated tracking of semen inventory & location

49 GEM has a Complete Public Auction Component

50 Complete Real-Time Auction Accounting

51 GEM has Complete People / Customer Component

52 Find People Screen

53 Main People Edit Screen

54 Each GEM Client has at least one system administrator to be able to perform special tasks

55 BHCS Pricing for GEM Not Selling Software Selling Services
Fees based on active cowherd inventory $4 per cow per year (billed monthly) $50 per month minimum No charge for calves or bulls

56 Benyshek and Hough Consulting Services
“Data to Information” Dr. Larry L. Benyshek, President Dr. John D. Hough, Vice President Barnett Shoals Rd., PMB Athens, Georgia or

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