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Bar|Scan ® Asset Inventory System The leader in asset and inventory management.

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1 Bar|Scan ® Asset Inventory System The leader in asset and inventory management

2 Overview Efficiently manage fixed asset procurement, disposal, budgeting, forecasting, help desk activities, and maintenance using the Bar|Scan Asset Management system. Desktop and portable PC’s, cell, phones, PDA’s, and audio visual equipment share more than a high-tech heritage. They’re easily transportable and can be very expensive to replace.

3 Overview (continued) Employees often share a limited number of these high-demand resources with their colleagues, making tracking a difficult and complex issue. Servicing and maintaining equipment is also a high priority.

4 Overview (continued) Automated tracking can provide reports with a description of each item, its complete history since purchase, where it is located, who is responsible for it, and if it is no longer active in the inventory, when and how it was disposed of. Fundamental to an asset management system is a turnkey system with central database and accompanying scanning devices to easily update activity.

5 Bar|Scan Features Self contained application that can track over 175 fields of information for any asset. Bar|Scan allows user to sort and filter the database by any single field or combination of fields. Using the global editing feature, multiple records can be changed with a few simple keystrokes. SQL based report generator can print to printers or files using common formats including Excel, CSV, & XML.

6 Bar|Scan Features (continued) Modular system allows the user to purchase only the functions they require Menu driven import/export generation. Automatic process using XML scripting. Because it is a SQL compliant database, the data can be accessed directly by many Enterprise Systems. Activity Log monitors keystrokes (including additions, changes, and deletions).

7 Bar|Scan Features (continued) Import/Export module allows the user to control the type of interface. Add or change any field, set import criteria, import or export certain information based on matches or non- matches. Customize your program using our User Defined Fields module. Users can create text, date, logical, and memo types. The bar code reader can be configured to collect these fields along with any others. They can be ordered and filtered on just like any existing fields!

8 Bar Code Hardware Bar|Scan can work on most Microsoft ® Pocket PC or Windows ® CE mobile devices so customers are not limited on choices. Easy to use configuration tool for device prompting. Choose which data elements to download into the device. Build multiple configurations for different functions (e.g. receiving, audit, disposal).

9 Bar Code Hardware (continued) Bar|Scan hardware can accommodate every environment from corporate to rugged. Send data to host computer via USB cable or wireless network Data is sent to a temporary transaction file for automatic validation, error checking, and editing before being moved to the master asset database.

10 Services Bar|Scan’s base price includes two days of on site training with unlimited attendees, one year of technical support, and user manual. Other services include on site asset management consultation and inventory services. Bar|Scan offers a “one stop” approach which includes software, scanning hardware, training, and bar code labels.

11 Contact Us! For additional information or a personalized free web demonstration, contact us at: 1-800-414-7226 or visit our site at:

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