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Your Trade Exchange And

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1 Your Trade Exchange And
An UNBEATABLE Team Your Trade Exchange And

2 Welcome to Your local Exchange has made the step into the future by bringing your account and fellow traders to your Internet Browser. You now have access to your Trade Exchange 24 hours a day. User = your 12 digit Trade Account number Password = a 4 digit PIN number

3 Once you logon - Welcome Center
Account Info Trade Account Current Balance Credit Limit Alert Messages Enhancement announcements Event announcements

4 Navigating Your Way

5 Keeping Your Account Current
Your account center allows you to view and edit your account. view activity check online messages edit your account view filed needs add additional accounts.

6 Recent Activity

7 Your Business Info You can edit address phone email website
company logo / picture

8 Your FOR SALE Items Create / Edit My Store Items
A comprehensive system to manage all the items you wish to offer for sale Your STORE ITEMS can be very detailed: individual inventory item quantity price detailed description picture (upload up to 100K sized pcx, bmp, or jpg file) or hyperlink a picture somewhere on the web

9 Your Store Items

10 Dynamic KEYWORD search
Use descriptive wording you would use to tell about what you are offering to sell.

11 One PICTURE is worth 1000 words
Upload or Hyperlink

12 What catches YOUR eye? This FOR SALE listing

13 Power of picture and price
Or THIS? Power of picture and price

14 Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?
Now the system tracks your needs, just by clicking on FILE A NEED

15 Managing Your NEEDS Once you’ve filed a need Just click on And select

16 Tracking your NEEDS System allows you and your Trade Staff to keep tabs on those items you want to buy

17 Add ADDITIONAL Email Addresses
System automatically sends out: DAILY UPDATES - hot / new / needs Authorizations Exchange news Monthly STATEMENTS - PDF document

18 Preferences: You can custom select what types of broadcast s you wish the account to receive. Send STATEMENTS to your CPA Share offerings with your church members Track purchase authorization at home and work so there are no surprises

19 To Manage Additional Emails

20 Authorizations: Your new system gives you TOTAL flexibility
You can authorize sales via: Telephone Online

21 Telephone - IVR Interface
Just by calling your local AUTHORIZATION telephone number (ask your Exchange): You can authorize transactions 7/24. If our system recognizes your phone number, all you have to do is enter the buyer’s 12 digit number and the amount. (If not, start by entering YOUR 12 digit seller number). Approval or Decline. Approval is instantly available online.

22 Email Authorizations Send email to
MUST be in TEXT format (not HTML) Subject body: seller 12 digit number buyer 12 digit number amount description

23 Online Authorizations
Click on the Authorization button Enter the account number of the buyer Enter the description of what is sold If you have items marked INVENTORY CONTROLLED, select the inventory and the system will automatically populate the quantity, the description, the price - and if you sell more than one, it will automatically calculate the price for you. Click on the AUTHORIZE BUTTON, and you will either receive your approval number or decline.

24 Authorization Screen

25 Let’s Go SEARCHING: Searching can be done via: HOT Limited time or
quantity items NEW items listed within last two weeks GENERAL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY white pages for members

26 General Searching: KEYWORD
Search local, group, global, or specific locations

27 Super Flexibility In Searching
Search by a phrase All words or keyword Department group categories for easier review.

28 Reports Plenty of reporting flexibility Statements Transaction history
Full reporting sort ranges on: dates sales purchases payments paid or unpaid transactions

29 Report Selections

30 Welcome To The Family Ability to trade with over 10,000 businesses
Continual enhancement by a technology team with over a half a century of computer and Exchange industry experience. All you need is Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 98 or higher (prefer Windows 2000 or XP). Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 to read your statements and report (PDF is the industry standard). Most find the site fun and easy to navigate, but if you need help, talk with your local Trade Director.

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