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Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency coordinates an Americorps program, Minnesota GreenCorps, which aims.

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1 Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

2 The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency coordinates an Americorps program, Minnesota GreenCorps, which aims to preserve and protect the environment state wide while training a new generation of environmental professionals.

3 Minnesota GreenCorps and Fond du Lac Fond du Lacs Air Program was looking for someone to tackle building energy efficiency. Fond du Lac receives the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency news letter where the grant for a MN GreenCorps member was advertised.

4 The State of Minnesota B3 Energy Benchmarking Program has been developed by the State of Minnesota Department of Administration and Department of Commerce to help state and local governments improve the energy performance of their buildings by tracking and managing facility energy consumption. Made in collaboration with the private design firm the Weidt Group.

5 Fond du Lacs Building Portf olio Fond du Lac Manages 26 publicly owned buildings that equal just over one million square feet of conditioned space.

6 Black Bear Casino and Resort 485,000 SF Otter Tail Event Center Bingo Hall Gaming floor 3 restaurants 2 hotels 1 swimming pool

7 Fond du Luth Casino Downtown Duluth Casino 56,000 SF

8 Health and Human Services Min no Aya Win Clinic 68,000 SF Tagwii Recovery Center 6,000 SF Assisted living 8,500 SF Center for American Indian Resources 16,500 SF

9 Fond du Lac Housing Supported Housing 28,000 SF Cloquet Elder Housing 16,000 SF Sawyer Elder Housing 12,000 SF

10 Fond du Lac Schools Ojibwe School 86,000 SF Early Head Start 18,000 SF Head Start buildings 29,000 SF

11 Government Buildings Fond du Lac Tribal Court/ Natural Resource Building 22,000 SF Fond du Lac Tribal Center Administration Building and Cloquet Community Center 88,000 SF

12 Public Services Convenient Store Gas and Grocery 7,500 SF Police Station 5,000 SF Housing Office 5,000 SF

13 Community Centers Sawyer Community Center 36,000 SF Brookston Community Center 25,000 SF Cloquet Community Center housed in the same building as the Administration building 88,000 SF

14 Energy use burns fuels that contribute to poor air quality as well as global climate change. Energy costs money and wasting energy means there is less money to spend on other programs. Why do we Care about Building Energy Use?

15 Climate Minnesota has the 3 rd coldest winter in the nation and experiences extreme temperatures

16 2012 Cloquet Temperatures

17 Vulnerability to Global Climate Change Vulnerability to Global Climate Change Ecologically sensitive "hotspots" - Areas projected to undergo the greatest degree of species turnover

18 Why Benchmark Buildings? You cannot manage what you cannot measure. There is a disconnect between those who pay the utility bills and those who manage the buildings.

19 Data Collection Gathering 3 years of utility data for all the buildings reservation wide proved challenging The Utility will provide this information Collect account and meter numbers and understand what those meters power Push the utility to give you the best data possible

20 Entering Data in B3 Keying in data can be time consuming. It can go a lot faster if your utility can give you digital data (numbers you can copy and paste). Keep a hard copy of the data.

21 Maintaining Data in B3 Historic utility data going back 3 years is great but it is vital to maintain current data as well. We had to determine how we were going to collect that energy use data every month and who was going to enter it.

22 Analyzing the Data Now you know how much energy your buildings use, GREAT! But what are you going to do with that information? Benchmarking is a great tool to identify potential energy savings through both retrofit installations and more efficient building management.

23 Peer Review Tool

24 Reports Tool


26 Baseline Tool

27 Benchmark Tool

28 Get Facility Managers Involved Benchmarking is a great tool to identify poor performing buildings and create a plan for better managing the energy use through the building automation software. Training building managers to use the benchmarking software and incorporating efficient building management training is a FREE way to save money and energy used.

29 Identifying and Prioritizing Retro Fit Projects

30 Pool Covers The Cloquet Community Center is housed in the Fond du Lac Tribal Center. It has a large swimming, a small shallow children's pool, and a spa tub These pools are heated to at least 70° F

31 Reducing the Costs of Operating a pool Adding pool covers reduces the amount of energy dollars that evaporates off the pool. Many nationwide case studies estimate the energy savings from pool covers from 30 % to 55% Less evaporation means less make up water and less chemicals (also cost $) needed to treat the pool water. Less evaporation and less chemicals used means less corrosion to the surrounding structures.

32 Update the HVAC System Early Head Start Building Used by the preschool education program 18,000 SF containing classrooms, offices and a kitchen. The building has electric resistance heat in the ductwork with 2 exterior air handlers and 2 split system air conditioners

33 What Do the Numbers Mean? Using the Benchmark tool helps you understand how much energy you could save if you bring the building up to the current energy code.

34 Looking Beyond the Numbers What type of energy is being used to heat the building matters.

35 The Fuel Type Matters

36 HVAC Occupancy Sensors Black Bear Resort and Casino hotel rooms 234,025 SF more than half of square feet of the complex The hotel rooms use the largest portion of energy for the complex and a great deal of that comes from heating and cooling Occupancy controls for the HVAC can cut down on energy used.

37 Infrared Occupancy Sensors

38 Completed Projects

39 Lighting Retrofits Lighting Retrofits are the low hanging fruit of energy efficiency improvements. Fond du Lac has been changing out their old lights for new more efficient one and it has paid off in energy costs and maintenance

40 Before After

41 Large Space Air Management System Why ventilate a gym for 120 occupants when you have a gym class with 30 students in the space. Moving around that much air and conditioning outside air uses a lot of energy. A large space air management system was installed at the Ojibwe school gym which included a variable speed drive as well as CO occupancy sensors.

42 Completed Projects Results This is data from the Large Space Air Management system in the Ojibwe School which was completed in August of 2012.

43 Questions?

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