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2 My Background University of Dayton Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Masters in Renewable and Clean Energy Heapy Engineering – LEED & Energy Services Energy Master Plan for Sinclair Community College

3 Sinclair Pre-2004 Proactive campus Facilities department – energy aware IT development Added monitors, projectors, etc. to classrooms and offices

4 What was already done T12 to T8 lighting retrofits LED lighting CRT to LCD computer monitors De-lamping of exterior lighting Variable frequency drives to all air and water side systems Addition of return air to 100% outside air systems

5 House Bill 251 20% energy reduction by 2014 (compared to 2004)

6 Net-Zero? HB 251 is a good first goal Possibility of going beyond 20% reduction Steps: Decrease current energy consumption Renewable Energy

7 Large Flat Roof Areas – Solar PV 2,200 MWh/year – could produce Current consumption at 300,000 MWh/year (only electric) Low Velocity Wind Turbine

8 Utility Analysis + Benchmarking Campus Energy Use Intensity: 134 kBtu/sf Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) Database: 120 kBtu/sf Campus density factor? Average Campus: 250-450 users per 100,000 GSF Urban Campus: 550-750 users per 100,000 GSF Sinclair: 970 users per 100,00 GSF Using Urban Campus Average = 179 kBtu/sf

9 Year to Year Comparison Square Footage Occupants Weather (CDD and HDD) All

10 Energy Conservation Measures Daylight Harvesting Occupancy Sensors Revise Temperature Set Points to 75F and 70F

11 Energy Conservation Measures PC Automatic Shutoff

12 Energy Conservation Measures Vending Miser Exterior Lighting Controls

13 Energy Conservation Measures Boiler Retrofits Very high base load natural gas consumption Central boilers – DHW and Summer Reheat Summer Boiler or Heat Recovery Chiller Boiler Plant Upgrades (Parallel positioning) 16%+ overall energy reduction through boiler replacements/retrofits

14 Retro-Commissioning Identifies operational issues Original design intent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study 5-15% savings in total building energy use Commission all new buildings Photo courtesy of CTG Energetics, Inc.

15 Next Steps Energy Conservation Measures and Retro-Cx will help to move towards 20%, but will not be Net Zero Future: Retro-Commissioning Energy Metering Sustainability Coordinator Education Renewable Energy

16 Energy Metering Meter each building individually Sub meter large energy consuming processes Lighting Ventilation Heating Cooling Plug Loads ASHRAE Journal – April 2011 – 1-20% savings

17 Sustainability Coordinator Individual or a firm Directly under a President or VP Position strictly focused on campus energy and/or sustainability Education to address energy related behavioral changes

18 Summary Short Term Energy Savings Energy Conservation Measures + Retro-Cx Campus Awareness Long Term Plan Capital Improvements Energy Metering Sustainability Coordinator Education Renewable Energy

19 Amanda OConnell Doenges Questions?

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