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Save Energy, Save Money Spring 2012 Richard Davies, MBE Director.

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1 Save Energy, Save Money Spring 2012 Richard Davies, MBE Director

2 Marches Energy Agency Shrewsbury based award winning social enterprise Creating the climate for change Train, educate, inspire, challenge, broker & catalyse: in the field of energy and the environment Established 1997

3 The aims of this briefing Help you know where you can save energy and money at home Signpost you to people that can help Help you to help others.


5 If you only do three things… Insulate! Insulate! Insulate! Save £2-300 Switch Electric and Gas Supplier. Save up to £300 Turn things off at home when not in use

6 Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!

7 26% Roof 33% Walls 18% Windows 3% Doors 12% Ventilation & Draughts 8% Floors

8 Heating – insulate, insulate, insulate! Cavity Wall Insulation: –For homes built after 1920 –Grants available (free for some people) –Costs about £49-£150 –£115 a year saving on heating –Call 01743 277123 Solid Wall Insulation: –Fledgling industry / supply chain –Internal & external solutions –From around £3,000 to do –Around £400 a year saving on heating

9 Heating – insulate, insulate, insulate! Loft Insulation: Recommended amount is 270mm (11 inches) Grant available (free for some people) Easy DIY job (£30-£50) or get installer to do it (£49-£150) £150 saving per year (from 0 – 270mm) £45 saving per year for top-up (from 50mm – 270mm) Lasts for 40 years YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE TO GET IT FOR FREE! This is not good enough!

10 Contact Keep Shropshire Warm 01743 277123

11 Switch your energy supplier!

12 Switching your Energy Supplier Can save up to £300 per year For token or credit meters Direct debit and online tariffs save even more Check MoneySavingExpert or for more information or speak to the Keep Shropshire Warm Team 01743 277123

13 Other ways to cut your bills

14 Heating – minimum changes Draught Proofing: –Cheap and simple to install –£25 a year saving on heating –Adds enormously to comfort factor Thermostat: –If you have one keep it set to 21 o C or lower –Do not use it to control your heating – use the timer and TRVs instead –Every degree on the control you turn it down will save you £55….

15 Heating – efficient as possible Combi Boiler is more efficient than having a hot water cylinder Condensing boilers are now standard when replacing boilers If your boiler is 10 -15 years old you should consider replacing it – it could be less than 70% efficient (G rating) compared to a modern one which could be more than 90% efficient. Potential savings of £240/year

16 Other equipment – TURN STUFF OFF! TVs, Hi-Fis, Consoles, Gadgets, Mobiles, etc: –8% annual household electricity wasted on standby (£33) –Standby buster gadgets available to help turn all appliances off –Simple actions: Turn things off Unplug un-used chargers (mobiles, laptops, cameras) Only boil water needed Leaving things on and on standby wears out your equipment quicker and can be a fire risk. It also leaves your equipment more at risk in the event of power cuts and voltage fluctuations

17 Electricity – get a real time electricity monitor Available in some libraries to borrow, to buy starting at about £35 Gives you real time energy use, cost and CO 2 emissions It wont save you energy by itself – but will allow you to see what happens when you TURN STUFF OFF (and it can solve some family arguments!) Simple to fit

18 Any questions? Richard Davies, MBE Director

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