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Welcome to Purpose Club

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1 Welcome to Purpose Club
I invite you to join me and make a Positive Global Difference

2 You are born for a purpose!
Key quote: “You were born on purpose and for a purpose that the world cannot do without.” I believe that you were created with every gift and talent needed to fulfill your purpose. There is no doubt in my mind that you have what it takes to get the job done.

3 Important things to do now!
White List our domain name: This is important so that the subscriptions you have selected are not rejected after a while as SPAM. Daily s from the same address or s sent to large groups can easily be mistaken as SPAM. If you do not know how to do this ask your IT Person or contact us for assistance. Update your Portfolio We only ask you for a limited amount of data on registration to keep it simple. However, we would love to communicate effectively with you and to do this we need you to complete all data in the My Profile section. Claim your FREE Gift If you have registered or upgraded to an Associate or Partner and made payment within 14 days of joining Purpose Club, you can claim your FREE Gift. This gift includes an Autographed Membership Certificate and Card as well as a copy of our bestseller, Power Quotes.

4 Getting the best price Always LOGIN Book Early Upgrade to Partner
When you are logged in the database reads your member type and you will be charged the appropriate discount price. Alternatively you will pay the non-member prices. Book Early All seminars and events will carry an Early Bird Discount price for bookings before the advertised closing date which is usually two weeks before the event. Big events like the Annual Island Breakaway may have a two month early discount. Upgrade to Partner Our Partners get the very best price. Not only does this allow them to profit from sales, but they can participate in our residual income plan as well. So if you intend attending a seminar or buying products as gifts for friends, Partner Membership is the one to have.

5 Features in your Portfolio
My Portfolio Add your Photo, Birthdate and Location so we can be of better service to you. My Account Here you can manage your subscriptions. Simply tick the ones you would like to receive from the available list. The higher your membership the more choices. My Purpose Team See your very own Purpose Team grow. People who indicate they were referred by you get to enter your address and will be linked to your team. You can also use the Special Referral Link in this section to add to your signature, invitation or website that will automatically enter your referral info into the registration form when your referrals join.

6 Features in your Portfolio
My Service Directory This allows free Business Promotion, one for Associates and five for Partners. Members can also use this service for a small fee. Simply enter your NEW listing and we will activate it from our side. Give us a little time to do this. Always add your LOGO. My Downloads This section currently has a copy of your Membership Certificate. The original is available for purchase or will be supplied with your FREE Gift should you qualify for it. We will be adding other tools in this section in time for you to use. What you can access will depend on your membership type. My Goals This section is still under construction. We hope to have it active soon. It will be a place for you to journal your successes.

7 Daily Subscriptions Daily Quote Daily Promise Weekday Power Quote
Sent each morning to all subscribers. A different quote every day. It can also be viewed on our home page. Daily Promise This is a new service not yet started. It is a biblical promise or affirmation that you can choose to receive. Weekday Power Quote I personally write my thoughts each day and challenge you to take some action. We all need to grow daily. This is available to Associates and above.

8 Weekly Subscriptions Monday Motivator Friday Inspiration What’s On?
Distributed every Monday and based on the same concept as the Power Quote. A great way to start your week. Friday Inspiration Each Friday afternoon we supply you with an inspiring message that I write based on my own revelations from the week. It is thought provoking, challenging and aimed to get you to think about your purpose. We will also include some reminders of what is happening. What’s On? All of the latest seminar and events are advertised on the website so we do not send them to you again, instead, we will highlight a particular type of seminar and provide you with upcoming dates.

9 Monthly Subscriptions
Purpose News – Monthly Newsletter On the first Monday of each month, we distribute our Newsletter. It comprises a short description of each article which you can read separately on the website. Links are contained to take you directly to each article. Here you will learn how your country is progressing in the TOP 10, read about potential opportunities for you and much more. National Notices – Specific to your country We will advise you of specific events or issues that pertain to your country. Adhoc Notices – Important info It may be necessary from time to time to inform you of new developments or changes which affect you. These will be kept to a minimum. They do not appear on your subscription choices as they are sent to membership type.

10 Automated Notices Membership Registration Membership Renewal
Service Directory Registrations Seminar & Event Bookings Product Orders Birth Day Wish

11 Opportunities Residual Income Direct Sales Distribution Rights
Every person you refer into membership affords you credits on registration and renewal. As a Partner you can use these credits in exchange for Products and Services. In time, we will be able to pay these out in lieu of sales / promo commission but not until the systems have been properly tested. Direct Sales As a Partner you can sell our Products and Services to others for a profit. Presently you could earn a gross profit in excess of 60%. Distribution Rights We issue one distribution license per country which is available subject to the issue of a Franchise License. Franchise takes precedence.

12 Opportunities Franchise Ownership Seminar Hosting Purpose Café Hosting
Three Franchise options will be available from 1 April Regional Franchise, National Franchise and Local Franchise. The initial estimate for a Franchise License is $35, National Franchises will be the first to be offered. Seminar Hosting You can host a seminar in your city. A profit share arrangement will be entered into. A minimum of 20 participants will be required. Purpose Café Hosting This is one of our leadership development roles and an opportunity for you to facilitate the personal development of many members in your community.

13 Making A Difference Build your Purpose Team and win
Many members tell family and friends about the tremendous value that Purpose Club offers. I appreciate this very much and believe that those who contribute to our growth should be rewarded. To recognize you for your contribution towards Positive Global Influence, we will enter your name into a draw to join us on our Annual Island Breakaway. In addition to the credits you will receive, you will get one entry for each of the following things you achieve in one calendar month: Refer 3 Local citizens into membership Refer 1 International citizen into membership Purchase more than R1, ($150.00) in Product or Services Upgrade a Referral / Team Member

14 I hope we get to meet! My dream is that everyone that I encounter will begin a journey of discovery that will lead them to find their Life Purpose. Being able to meet you face to face at a seminar or event that I attend would be an absolute joy. I trust that your decision to join us is a life long commitment to your own personal growth and development. I wish you every success in your journey through life, may it be a time of great learning and enormous prosperity as you pursue your purpose with passion. Let us grow together and, in so doing, have a Positive Global Influence.

15 Welcome again! I am greatly encouraged by your support and involvement as we grow and Make A Difference!

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