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How many …. Have seen this page on our website ?

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3 How many …. Have seen this page on our website ?

4 How many >>> - Have gone to the club website at least once ? - Gone there this year ? - This month ? How many have set up an event online ? How many have registered for an event online ?

5 Goal Today Familiarize members with our website Encourage more usage by members

6 Topics Home Page and Signing In Getting around the Admin Page Editing Your Own Information Using the Club Directory & Email Setting Up and Managing Events Signing Up Online to Attend or Volunteer Help is Available


8 This is what the HOME page looks like Home Page events speakers and news downloads club info

9 To Log On

10 User name and password ….. (call me if you forget)

11 Menu Bar at top …. This is the ADMIN Page

12 Lots of things available on the Admin Page Members mostly interested in MyClubrunner area

13 Your Information

14 ADMIN Page ….. Edit My Profile and keep your information up to date

15 Be sure to save after changing

16 Club Directory And Email Members

17 ADMIN Page …… Club Directory

18 Click on their email to send one message … or

19 Or go to the ADMIN Page ….. Email Message Center to send one message to many people

20 Email message center … add new email … then select … Email Once set up …. No need to re-create each year. Can edit and resend when needed next time ( Eg. Annual announcements of event, calls for volunteers or donations, dues reminders etc.)

21 Can select who to send email to ….. (can also create your own custom lists)


23 HOME Page …… EVENTS List

24 To set up … Events and Projects …. Back to ADMIN page …. Choose Edit Events Then to edit events

25 Can add new events or edit / update existing events Do NOT need to recreate each year, simply update info

26 Put all the event information …. In one place for anyone to find Allow online registration


28 Managing Events (once set up) Back to ADMIN page …. Then to Edit Events …..

29 Select ….. SERVICES this time (not Edit)

30 Event page comes up NOW can... Send email announcements etc.

31 Can …… register attendees manually and …. view attendee lists including those who signed up online

32 Can set up tasks and manage volunteers

33 Setting up tasks … (adding or editing)

34 Set up time slots and the number of volunteers needed

35 Summary of Volunteers and Tasks available

36 Attendee lists available (NOTE: lists can be pasted directly into spreadsheets )


38 Members ….. “click” on an event on the HOME page

39 Gives access to event information PLUS Can sign up online … to attend or volunteer

40 Sign up Online OR …… Events also show at the bottom of the ADMIN page after logging in

41 Tasks, time slots and number of volunteers needed shows up …… Pick your task and time slot and ….. click “book”

42 click on “myself” or …. fill in name if signing up someone who’s not a member

43 Summary

44 Event and Project Organizers …. Set up your events online …. Post event details for all to see …. Send announcement emails …. Online attendance registration …. Online volunteer signup.... Task lists and task schedules CAN ALSO …. Make forms available for download like the lobster dinner donation sheet

45 Members …. Keep your membership information up to date …. Sign up online to attend events …. Sign up online as a volunteer (pick your time and task) … Maybe check out the rest of the site the calendar of upcoming events the news stories contribute to the online discussion forums

46 If You Need Help

47 HELP … is always available online … or give me a call

48 Help Page …. Basic information

49 Basics for Members (how to update, login etc.)

50 Help for Event and Project organizers

51 HELP for Adding Events, defining tasks, viewing volunteers etc

52 For those of you who are really into this there is …… MORE Attendance records and reports Photo journals Club documents and forms for download membership proposals, children’s foundation brochure, auction item donation form etc Online Discussion Forums (provide feedback on the lobster dinner) Post News Stories

53 For the rest of you

54 Please Consider Making a little more use of our website

55 Done … But what I want to know


57 Any Questions ?

58 HOME page

59 ADMIN Page

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