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Tips for using EPWNG’S fabulous new website Members have each received an email from Robin with a login and password to be used at Email.

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1 Tips for using EPWNG’S fabulous new website Members have each received an email from Robin with a login and password to be used at Email if you do not have an email and password. Below are some helpful tips, but we also encourage you to go to the website, log in, and explore its wonderful capabilities. It is very user-friendly and you will enjoy it! 1

2 Change Your Password 1.You can change your password to something that is memorable to you by: 2.Go to the Member Center pull-down (see slide 3) 3.Select My Profile 4.Select the Edit Profile button on the right 5.Change your password in the password box, then hit Save. 2

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4 Search for Member Info 1.Click on the Member Center pull-down. (see slide 3) Select Member Directory. 2.The Member Directory appears alphabetically by last name. 3.To search by other criteria: 4.Select Advanced Search (see slide 5) 5.Select the Criteria tab, then choose your criteria (for example, if you want to find all members who are Bankers, you would select Occupation, then Banker, then hit search. You can also add other criteria, like home branch, etc.) 6.Hit Search and the information will appear. 4

5 5

6 Print Out Member Info 1.Go to Member Pull Down. 2.Go to Member Directory. (see slide 5) 3.Click the EXPORT button to the right. 4.A notice will appear saying that you will sent an email when the job is complete. 5.Once you receive your email, return to the Export Center, click on “Completed Jobs.” You will see the link to click to see the results of your search. 6.Click “view.” 7.An Excel spreadsheet will appear with the list. You may download to your computer. 6

7 Member Profile 1.Go to Member Center pull-down. Select My Profile. (see slides 8-9) Your information will appear. 2.To change or add info, hover over gray My Profile tab, then 3.Click on Change Profile Picture to import a picture 4.Click on the Edit Profile button to the right to add or change any information. 7

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9 9

10 Event Registration/RSVP 1.Simply click the Calendar drop-down (see slide 12) to view upcoming events. 2.Registration for events will still be done through the invitation you receive via email. Note that you cannot register for events through the calendar! 3.This applies to both regular meetings and special events. All you have to do is click the link on the invitation to register. 4.It is important to COMPLETE the submission process when registering for events: – Click yes – Click submit – You will have to enter your payment information (unless a Premier member) – When your registration is fully completed, a screen will appear with a thank you, and the amount paid. – You will receive another confirmation email with the same information. 10

11 Unable to Attend Meeting Invited to; Request a Different Date If you are unable to attend a meeting, RSVP “No” on the email invitation, then click submit. If you would like to attend a different meeting, return to the calendar, (see slide 12) find the meeting you wish to attend. Email with your request to attend on the alternate date. She will then send you a new meeting Note: You must receive and respond to a new invitation with the new date in order to attend. 11

12 12

13 Changing a Response to an Event Invitation 1.If you can find the original invitation in your email, you can change your response there or: 2.Go to the Member Center 3.Click on My Profile on the left hand navigation bar. 4.Hover over the gray My Profile tab on the left hand side. (see slide 5) 5.Click the link of Email History to view your invitation (see slide 14) 6.Click the box with the “eye” to find the invitation you are looking for. 7.In the fee box, change your response to “NO.” 8.Click Edit Previous Submission to complete transaction. 9. NOTE: Even though you are able to change your response, refunds are not available through the new system. 13

14 14

15 Inviting a Guest to a Meeting 1.Email with your guest’s name, company name, 2.Robin will send your guest an email with a link to the meeting registration form. 3.Your guest will then RSVP and be registered for the meeting. She can pay with a credit card online. 4.NOTE: If you wish to pay for your guest, you must indicate this when you email Robin. Robin will also need your credit card information so she can charge you the guest fee. Otherwise, your guest will pay when registering. 5.If you want a receipt for your guest’s fee, please request this from Robin. 15

16 How to Obtain a Receipt 1.Go to the Member Center 2.Click My Profile on left hand side 3.Hover over gray tab (see slide 5) 4.Select View Transactions (see slide 17) 5.You will see a list of receipts. Select the one you want. 16

17 17

18 Member Application 1.Your guest will receive a login with her meeting invitation. 2.She can use that login to access the application on the website. 3.Guests to go the website and select Member Center. (see slide 3)The EPWNG application link appears on the left navigation bar. 4.Guests must submit the application online and upload a current resume. 18

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