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Welcome to Buzz 2015 Day #3 Saturday, March 28.

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1 Welcome to Buzz 2015 Day #3 Saturday, March 28


3 AGENDA It’s All About the Bass Future Campaigns Bee 2015 New Opportunities for a New Tomorrow Mentoring Your Next Leader Upcoming Training Opportunities Bringing Buzz to Your Teams

4 It’s All About the Bass! Judy Wise Senior Director

5 Future Campaigns Michael Kennedy and Andy Wolfe

6 Bee 2015

7 Location: – Longaberger Homestead Dates: – Kicks off at 9 a.m. Thursday, July 23 – Wraps up at Noon Saturday, July 25

8 Bee 2015 What we heard from YOU… – Must have tours! – Want your teams to meet the PEOPLE – Keep it on Longaberger property

9 Bee 2015 Next Steps: – Share notes and results with Directors next week – Talk to your team NOW about attending!

10 New Opportunities for a New Tomorrow Paula Vandegriff Executive Director

11 Mentoring Your Next Leader Barb Arnold Senior Director

12 Your Gift to someone!

13 Mentoring

14 1. This will be an intense program that will require you to spend time on your business every day and complete weekly and monthly tasks. 2. The expectation is that you will move up TWO levels in the career plan from where you are today by June month end. 3. You will have daily contact with me via email and a weekly one-on-one phone appointment. 4. If I am going to commit this kind of time to you (happily), you must be totally committed to your Longaberger business, and cannot be affiliated with any other Direct Sales Company. My expectations…… (yours may vary)



17 Let’ s come together to build! “We are at our best when we gather together” Tami

18 Beautiful accommodations!






24 Gathering area!

25 Kitchen area!

26 Dining area!

27 Training area!

28 Stay tuned for more information about participating in a world class leadership retreat! Plan to attend to BUILD your next Longaberger Team!

29 Where?

30 Right HERE in the Big Basket!!

31 Get the “Buzz” Going!


33 Business Updates Sample Program Enhancements New Basket Tags Training opportunity for leaders – Help your team close parties – We are looking for ways to support you

34 Supporting Leaders April – June Recruiting Incentive – All new recruits who join Longaberger April 1 through June 30 can qualify with $500 in personal sales New recruits must qualify by June 30 – New Home Consultants who join and qualify in this period will receive a qualification gift valued at $25 – When a New Home Consultant achieves this goal, the Sponsor will receive $50 in Just For Business Credits – NOTE: Any current unqualified home consultant can qualify during this time with $500 in personal sales Qualification gift does not apply. – Friends and Family BONUS: When a new Home Consultant invites a friend or family member to join the business during this time, they will earn $50 in Just For Business Credits when their new recruit qualifies

35 Supporting Leaders April – June Leader Activity Challenge – Every leader is challenged to grow the number of sellers ($150 in sales or more) in their Central Team by 25% Minimum of 6 every month – After closing March month-end, every Leader will receive an email with the number of $150 or more sellers on their team in March – The email will include the number of additional Home Consultants they need to reach their 25% goal – When their team achieves the goal, the leader will receive FREE Bee 2015 registration!

36 For example: – Lucy Leader – Had 8 $150 sellers in March Needs ONLY TWO MORE (10) in April, May and June

37 Post Buzz Early next week, Leaders will be sent: – An invitation to attend a Post-Buzz webinar on Monday evening (3/30) at 8 p.m. ET for those who were not able to attend Buzz – A link to the pictures from the Manufacturing tour – A link to all workshop and Buzz handouts and PowerPoint decks

38 Here’s What YOU Can Do! Here’s what we can do TOGETHER!

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