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Miss Erwins 3 rd Grade Class The Thirteen Original Colonies.

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2 Miss Erwins 3 rd Grade Class The Thirteen Original Colonies

3 Table of Contents Virginia Massachusetts New Hampshire Maryland Connecticut Rhode Island Delaware (Was New Sweden)Delaware North Carolina South Carolina New Jersey New York (was New Amsterdam)New York Pennsylvania Georgia That's the Thirteen Original Colonies!

4 Virginia Founded in 1607 Founded by the London Company Founded to gain wealth to convert the natives of Christianity

5 Massachusetts Founded in 1620 Founded by the Puritans Fled from England to find refuge and create their own community in America

6 New Hampshire New Hampshire Founded in 1623 Founded by John Mason New Hampshire was a planned colony, designed to be a fishing colony

7 Maryland Founded in 1634 Founded by Lord Baltimore Founded to create wealth and provide refuge for the Roman Catholics still being persecuted in England.

8 Rhode Island Rhode Island Founded in 1636 Founded by Roger Williams Roger Williams founded Rhode Island to spread his beliefs to others.

9 Delaware Founded in 1638 Founded by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company Founded to create religious freedom opportunities

10 North Carolina North Carolina Founded in 1653 Founded by Virginians Virginians founded North Carolina in order to acquire more land

11 South Carolina South Carolina Founded in 1663 Founded by 8 nobles with a royal charter from Charles II Due to internal problems Carolina had to be split into North and South Carolina

12 New Jersey New Jersey Founded in 1664 Founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret Settlers were promised representative government and freedom of religion

13 New York New York Founded in 1664 Founded by the Duke of York The Duke of York acquired the land and named it New Amsterdam, the name was changed to New York in honor of the Duke.

14 Pennsylvania Founded in 1682 Founded by William Penn William Penn was seeking freedom of religion to rescue himself and other Quakers from religious persecution.

15 Georgia Founded in 1732 Founded by James Edward Oglethorpe Created to serve as a place where prisoners could start fresh and it served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida

16 The End! The End!

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