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DSS Questions Week of 11/12-14

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1 DSS Questions Week of 11/12-14

2 Tuesday, November 12th DSS Questions
What were the three regions of the 13 colonies? Which region was North Carolina in? What state do we know today that was apart of Massachusetts colony? What was the mother country of the 13 colonies?

3 Wednesday, November 13th DSS Questions
What was the first successful English colony in the New World? Name three of the five Southern Colonies. Who was the founder of Pennsylvania colony? Who was the colony of New York named after?

4 Thursday, November 14th DSS Questions
What was the main reason for founding the New England colonies? What colony did William Penn lead and what was special about it? Name two of the Quakers beliefs.

5 5th Period: Come in, take out your laptops and go to

6 Good Morning Sunshines!
Get your DSS notebook and your ISNs and open to your chart from yesterday!

7 13 Original Colonies Get out a pencil, a ruler from the back table and three colored pencils.

Make a chart : 4 columns across the top 14 rows down the sides (one at the top for titles, and 13 for colonies) I made each of my rows about 1 inch and 1/4

9 3 regions New England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies

10 New England Colonies Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut
New Hampshire

11 Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

12 Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina

13 Massachusetts New England 1629 John Winthrop

14 Rhode Island New England 1635 Roger Williams

15 Connecticut New England 1636 Thomas Hooker

16 New Hampshire New England 1623 Sir Ferdinand Gorges and John Mason

17 New York Middle 1664 Peter Minuit (Dutch) and Duke of York (English)

18 Pennsylvania Middle 1682 William Penn

19 New Jersey Middle 1664 Lord Berkeley and Sir George Cateret

20 Delaware Middle 1638 Peter Minuit

21 Maryland Southern 1632 Lord Baltimore

22 Virginia Southern 1607 John Smith

23 North Carolina Southern 1712 8 English Nobles

24 South Carolina Southern 1712 8 English Nobles

25 Georgia Southern 1732 James Oglethorpe

26 New England Region IMPORTANT FACTS: Society: Motive for Founding:
Status based on religion Religious freedom Strict society Economics: Government: Shipbuilding Direct Democracy Fishing Conducted through town meetings Lumbering Covenant community based on religion Subsistence farming Manufacturing

27 Middle Regions IMPORTANT FACTS: Society: Motive for Founding:
More relaxed than New England colonies Money, trade, religion Strong middle class Religious toleration Economics: Small scale farming Government: Ship-building Democratic Trade Emphasis on culture and religion Middle Class

28 Southern Region IMPORTANT FACTS: Motive for Founding: Society:
Religious freedom (no persecution) Based on family status (nobles) and land Strict social classes Economics: Plantations (tobacco, rice, indigo, cotton) Government: Near the coast House of Burgesses Trading 1st elected government in the colonies Hunting Farming

29 House of Burgesses

30 House of Burgesses First legislative (elected) government in North America Began in Virginia Started by the Virginia Company Their goal was to encourage English craftsmen to settle in North America to make the colony more inhabitable (livable) to the other colonists “Burgess” means an elected or appointed official of a city or town to represent the people living there (in a borough)

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