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Problems With Foreign Powers

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1 Problems With Foreign Powers
Chapter 10 Section 3 Problems With Foreign Powers

2 Impressment The kidnapping of American sailors to force them to work on British ships. They needed sailors for the Royal Navy, the biggest navy in the world at the time.

3 Impressment

4 Jefferson’s Foreign Policy
He wanted to keep America separated from other nations and their problems. But.....America had little control (we still don’t!) over the actions of foreign nations.

5 Problems with France and England
British set up a blockade against US ships. France and Britain seized US ships. Britain impresses American sailors. Congress passes the Embargo Act of 1807: American ships were no longer allowed to sail to foreign ports and American ports were closed to British ships.

6 Did the Embargo Act work?
No! was a disaster!!!!! It was more harmful to the United States than to the British or French. Farmers lost markets for their crops and shippers lost business.

7 Tecumseh Shawnee chief who vowed to stop the loss of Native American land by uniting different tribes. Joins with the British in the War of 1812.

8 War Hawks Westerners who wanted war with Britain. They wanted the British to stop helping Native Americans and to get out of Canada. They urge Congress to declare war on Britain in 1812.

9 Impressment of US Citizens
Causes of the War of 1812 Impressment of US Citizens Interfering with US ships British Support of Native Americans

10 War of 1812 Here We Go Again!




14 # 2 Effects of the Embargo Act
Lost markets hurt farmers Shippers lost business The Act actually hurt the US economy more than it hurt the countries of Europe that it was meant to hurt.

15 # 3 Main Ideas a. The British and French interfered with US shipping by using blockades and seizing US ships and kidnapping Americans. b. Jefferson responded with the Embargo Act of This stopped all foreign trade. c. The War Hawks thought war was the best way to stop the British from interfering with US shipping.

16 # 4 Critical Thinking Tecumseh thought Native Americans needed to join together in order to prevent the loss of their land.

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