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Struggles in Africa Ch. 20 Sec. 2.

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1 Struggles in Africa Ch. 20 Sec. 2

2 South Africa Apartheid – Separation of races in South Africa
African National Congress- the main organization that opposed apartheid and led the struggle for majority rule – outlawed in 1960 Sharpeville Massacre – Black township where men , women, and children were gunned down by police Shift from nonviolent protest to armed struggle

3 Nelson Mandela ANC leader
First to organize young South Africa to peacefully resist apartheid laws Arrested, tried and condemned to life in prison for treason against apartheid Even in prison was a powerful leader and symbol in the struggle for freedom 1994 became the country’s first true president of a democratic South Africa

4 F.W. de Klerk South African President pressured to end apartheid
Foreign nation sanctions Work of Desmond Tutu South African bishop won Nobel Peace Prize for work against apartheid Lifted the ban on the ANC Freed Nelson Mandela

5 Rwanda 1962 - gained independence from Belgium
Conflict in Rwanda and Burundi between Hutus and Tutsis intensifies over years Tribal divisions generated by European aristocracy Hutus the majority Tutsis, the minority but dominated Rwanda govt. Plane carrying the (Hutu) Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi was shot down Hutu extremists urge civilians to kill their Tutsi and moderate Hutu neighbors

6 Rwanda about 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus are killed in the Rwanda massacre Tutsi rebels do gain control back Hutus fear revenge About 1 million become refugees in Zaire and Tanzania

7 Sudan Northeastern country of Africa
Arab Muslim north dominating non-Muslim, non-Arab south The ethnic conflict has caused civil war ever since the Islamic government has tried to impose Islamic law and discriminate in non-Muslim regions. 2004 peace agreements signed between southern rebels and Sudan’s government

8 Sudan However: Ethnic conflict has spread to a western region of Sudan called Darfur Fears of a new genocide Government backed Arab militias unleashed terror on non-Arab Muslim people of Darfur Drove into refugee camps (Chad) where they face starvation

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