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Genocide in Rwanda.

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1 Genocide in Rwanda

2 Ruled by the Belgians and Burundi
Two major ethnic groups in Rwanda Tutsis- minority (1/7 of population) Tutsis are in charge under Belgian rule. Hutus- majority

3 Rwanda Timeline 1959- Belgian colonists and Hutus majority revolted.
Goal was to gain control over Tutsis who had demanded independence. During the uprising Hutu peasants killed hundred of thousands of Tutsis. Survivors fled to neighboring countries 1962- Rwanda became independent Tutsi’s were exiled and performed guerilla attacks.

4 1973- Hutu Dictator - military coup.
1990- Start of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). Tutsi exile army staged a war. 1993- Hutu government signed a cease fire agreement with the RPF. UN peacekeeping troops arrived in Rwanda. 1994- A missile blew up the President of Rwanda and Burundi, and Hutu extremist were suspected of the murders. Rwandan soldiers and Hutu military started murdering Tutsi’s and Hutu moderates.

5 1994 (Cont.)- 3. Tutsi’s and Hutu moderate refugees fled to neighboring countries. In the first 24 hours, 250,000 people poured s into Tanzania. 1 million fled to Zaire . Tens of thousands died of Cholera. 4. UN peacekeepers found scenes of carnage. 5. Genocide- 500,000 people massacred 6. RPF took control of Rwanda, established a new government with both Tutsi’s and Hutu’s.

6 1996- U.N. left Rwanda and the refugees returned. Armed Hutu’s used Zaire (Congo) as base for attacks on Rwanda. Rwanda accused Congo of supporting the Hutu’s and sent troops into Congo where they became entangled in Congo’s civil war. Hutu attacks began dying down. 2000- Elections; RPF leader, a Tutsi, elected president. Fighting continued between the Tutsi’s and Hutu’s in Burundi. 2001- Hutu’s and Tutsi’s tried for a peace settlement.

7 2007- Rwanda entered East African Community trade center.
2003- A Tutsi was reelected and focus was put on Education, family planning, and attracting foreign investments. 2007- Rwanda entered East African Community trade center. Paul Kagame- President of Rwanda

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