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Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Connor Carless Instructions ~ 100 words per box.

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1 Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Connor Carless Instructions ~ 100 words per box

2 1.1Why did you use a computer? What other systems / resources could you have used? I used a computer because with a computer you can save your work and it will not get lost and you know it’s safe. I also used power point because it’s an easy and quick way of making presentations. Using Power Point also makes it more understanding for the reader. If I used word it would have been less interesting to the reader and if I had done it on paper I’ve got a risk that it would rip or get damp also if you made a mistake you have to start again and I would have no backup. Also I used a computer because on a computer you can get videos and you can’t on paper plus you are wasting paper when there’s no need to.

3 1.2What skills did you need to learn in order to use PowerPoint? You need to have good time management skills to keep track on how much time I am spending to a slide and I have till the presentation should be finished. I also needed to be creative in the work or the viewers will lose notice in the predication. Also I needed to learn how to use the keys on PowerPoint. I needed to learn how to use the new stuff to complete the work by using the world wide web. There was also skills I learnt while making the presentation like making it a lot faster and easier.

4 1.2What resources did you need to make the presentation successful? The resources I needed to make the presentation successful was to have access to go on the internet on the website and to get a picture of the schools logo. I also needed to be able to go on PowerPoint to make the presentation what was easy to do. I needed to use our school area so I could get the videos and pics what I put in my presentation. I also needed to have the information to put on the presentation so I had to get the information from the school.

5 1.4What factors might have affected how well you completed the presentation? (e.g. time / attendance / knowledge of software) The factors that affected how well I completed the presentation the attendance because I was not always in school but because of my knowledge of software I know how to use power point so I was able to finish the presentation faster also that I'm not late for lessons I’m sometimes early to lessons so I gained more time by doing that also I try to concentrate the best I can. I also had the chance to do catch up sessions but I had stuff to do them days. It was also easy to make and move in simple animations.

6 1.6Why did you use PowerPoint to make your presentation? What other software was available? Why did you choose not to use them? I could of used any software to make my presentation there was publisher, Power Point Matchware Mediatarand and Prezi. I chose PowerPoint because it is a easy software to learn and use. Power Point is also great for making presentations because of it being easy to cut, copy and paste items as well as being able to make animations easy also it was easier to move objects without wrapping the text but the main reason I didn’t use a different software was because it would have meant I would have had to learn how to use the new software.

7 1.7Were there any legal constraints or local constraints that changed the way you created your presentation? (e.g. copyright, file sizes, AUP) When creating my presentation I had to change only one thing that was the video on it because the video had a big file size so I couldn’t upload my presentation but other than that there was nothing on the presentation I made that could have been copyrighted because the school gave me permission to use there logo and videos. Every time I went to do my work I had to accept a policy of the school’s and if I broke it I could have been banned.

8 2.2Which tools within PowerPoint made it appropriate for your presentation? The tools within PowerPoint made it better because I was able to use other documents by copying and pasting them. it’s easy to put background colours or pictures on the presentation. I sometimes find it better to write with Power Point than any other software. As well as it being easy to write with there are other appropriate tools what helped me out like cropping images and moving them, being able to put text boxes anywhere I wanted and being able to add as many slides as you want to your presentation.

9 2.4What improvements do you think you could do to your presentation? In my presentation I could of improved the amount of information in it I could talked more about what the teachers are like and why the school is as good as it is. The presentation also could have been presented nicer and brighter. I could of probably made the information more understandable for younger people. I also think if I worked a bit faster I could of put more colours on it. I think if I did a bit more planning I could of put more information on my presentation.

10 3.2What improvements do you think you could have done to improve your work rate? (keyboard shortcuts, file names & locations, backups, work after school, templates, planning) I think I could have been faster making the presentation by putting file names where I could get the information faster. As well as that I could of used keyboard shortcuts but I didn’t because at the time I didn’t know who to. I also didn’t go after school to make my presentation because I have a lot of stuff going on. I had to go and create a new presentation because when I thought I saved my presentation it didn’t so I lost time I could have been making my presentation better.

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