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Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Josh Sherriff Instructions ~ 100 words per box.

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1 Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Josh Sherriff Instructions ~ 100 words per box

2 1.1Why did you use a computer? What other systems / resources could you have used? I use a computer because it helps me with my research and if I didn't have a computer I wouldn’t know what the internet was and you need the internet to research loads of stuff and you get pictures and videos and that on the internet and if you didn’t have a computer you will have to read books and that to get your research so when you are doing your homework you will have to read loads instead of just looking on google and finding the information quickly. If you didn’t have a computer you could use a tablet or a phone with internet but at least you are still researching for your homework or stuff.

3 1.2What skills did you need to learn in order to use PowerPoint? You will need to know how to use PowerPoint because if you just started using PowerPoint then you will not no what to do then you will need to get help of someone and then you will look stupid all you need to do is know how to save and add animations and word art and how to get text boxes so you can type what you want to put I also used pictures and videos so I don’t have to speak a lot and that people wont get bored if I put a video on because if I didn’t have a video people will get bored of me speaking also if my presentation was boring people wouldn’t listen and they would walk out and go home.

4 1.3What resources did you need to make the presentation successful? I needed PowerPoint to make my presentation because I could add slides and hyperlinks so it is easy to show my presentation and I needed to use pictures and videos otherwise my presentation would be boring and not as good as everybody's else's I also used word art to make my presentation stand out and I used animations so I could show my presentation and make it look better than if it didn’t have animation and I made my text bold so you can see it.

5 1.4What factors might have affected how well you completed the presentation? (e.g. time / attendance / knowledge of software) I didn’t work as hard as I was supposed to because I was distracting others and I was getting distracted as well and I was getting distracted by the internet because every lesson I was going on games and not listening to the teacher and I would mostly get sent out for my behaviour and I would also speak to my friends and not listen to the teacher because I would get to bored with the work I could of improved in my attendance because I hardly come In and I was always in isolation.

6 1.6Why did you use PowerPoint to make your presentation? What other software was available? Why did you choose not to use them? I used PowerPoint because its better than Microsoft word because on PowerPoint you can add hyperlinks and word art and you can also have slides and animations to make your PowerPoint better than everyone else's and on Microsoft word you cannot add hyperlinks all you can do is write paragraphs and add pictures you cannot add videos and I think Microsoft word is boring. You can also make your slides fancy on PowerPoint and make your own backgrounds and you can add sounds on word you cannot do that I didn’t want to make a presentation on word because its different to PowerPoint and I know more on PowerPoint than I do on word.

7 1.7Were there any legal constraints or local constraints that changed the way you created your presentation? (e.g. copyright, file sizes, AUP) I copied pictures of the shared area so that isn’t copy right because its on the shared area so anyone In the school can use it even the children and I got sounds of the shared area to make my presentation better than the other people and I got a PowerPoint of the shared area that had animated pictures that moved so I can make my slides fun so its not boring and I had to check the file sizes before I could use them because you could only use a certain amount of megabytes because it wouldn’t upload otherwise.

8 2.2Which tools within PowerPoint made it appropriate for your presentation? In my presentation I used animations to make it fun because if not It would of been boring and I also used word art to make my presentation stand out so if I printed it people would see it easier than if I didn’t have word art and I also used sounds so when I was on my presentation and I was showing it people would be more interested in what I'm showing them and if I didn’t use all this stuff I would have had the most boring presentation in the class and then I wouldn't have got the mark I would want.

9 2.4What improvements do you think you could do to your presentation? If I could make my presentation better I would add better animations so it don’t look boring and if I used more pictures it would look better and it would stand out more than text and if I used more animated pictures it would look more fun and then the people who are going to look at my presentation they would be more interested and because I had only a little amount of animated pictures so my presentation is boring compared to other students in my class.

10 3.2What improvements do you think you could have done to improve your work rate? (keyboard shortcuts, file names & locations, backups, work after school, templates, planning) I could of put shortcuts in and come to work after school so my work would be better and I could of made a plan so I had it all worked out and then the PowerPoint would have been better and then I could of made it more interesting and then I would of probably got a better mark if I used the file names and if I worked in my lessons then I would of completed my work quicker than the others and I wouldn’t have to be doing my work later than I am supposed to.

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