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Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Connor Mckeever Instructions ~ 100 words per box.

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1 Unit 1 – Improving Productivity Connor Mckeever Instructions ~ 100 words per box

2 1.1Why did you use a computer? What other systems / resources could you have used? I used a computer because you can use software to store files to use another time or come back to and change. Using a computer makes backgrounds and document colourful and interactive. You change the appearance of the text, font size, and animations i.e. buttons to hyperlink to each slide. If I was to write my work on paper it would not be neat. It would be dull, unattractive, boring and I could only use static images and text without animations. If I was to put my work down somewhere I could have a chance of loosing it where as on a computer my work will be in the same file all the time. I used a presentation package called PowerPoint and I used Photoshop, fireworks to edit my images. You can also add sound, videos, sound buttons.

3 1.2What skills did you need to learn in order to use PowerPoint? Skills already knewNew skills Save my work – because I could loose my work and I would have to start again. Add animations with the animation Change font size, colour and style – make the presentation more colourful. Insert videos so the presentation interesting and using auto play Add pictures and graphics – to make the PowerPoint effective adding pictures makes the presentation better to watch. Learnt how to use a master slide Creating and inserting hyperlinks – adding hyperlinks makes the PowerPoint easy to use by going to any slide you want you can also create hyperlinks to the internet. Learnt how to use the more advanced tools like slide action buttons Add word art and backgrounds – makes the presentation attractive, colourful and draws the readers attention. Inserting slides – adds more slides for different subjects and information. Inserting charts from a different programme like excel – this shows you can add different programs with information.

4 1.2What resources did you need to make the presentation successful? In order to create my presentation I needed a presentation package which was Microsoft power point. I needed access to videos because my first slide had a welcome video to inform people about this particular school. To be able to gain access to pictures of staff and students, school photos, uniform and logos for house groups and I had go on to the school shared area which has a folder which contains those items. Also I added a graph which shows GCSE results from our school and other schools across England to show successful schools in England and standards that are being achieved

5 1.4What factors might have affected how well you completed the presentation? (e.g. time / attendance / knowledge of software) Factors that might affect the completion of my presentation are classmate’s behaviour for example Time I thought it took longer than I thought because I was not focused enough for the whole lesson and the teacher kept moving on from one slide to another Knowledge of the software (creating and adding a slide master) Distraction: I was distracted by my friends making me laugh and not completing work during the lesson.

6 1.6Why did you use PowerPoint to make your presentation? What other software was available? Why did you choose not to use them? The reason I chose PowerPoint instead of another programme is because PowerPoint you can create slides on which I could add animations, slide transitions and animations, sound effects for when I click a button to move from slide to slide. However I can project my presentation on to a large screen for the audience to see without getting out of their seats to view it on a computer screen. There was a range of software I could have used for example a word document. The reason why I did not use Microsoft word is because I could only use static images instead of animations, sound and videos. Your work will not be separated and you will have to keep scrolling from top to bottom looking for a particular subject.

7 2.2Which tools within PowerPoint made it appropriate for your presentation? I used PowerPoint because it makes my work more attractive by adding -Word art -Sound animation -Slide animations and transitions -Hyperlinks to slides -Videos -Internet links -Slide masters These tool bar items help me create a presentation which is suitable for an audience by helping me planning,

8 1.7Were there any legal constraints or local constraints that changed the way you created your presentation? (e.g. copyright, file sizes, AUP) Copyright is when you use other peoples creations such as photos, videos, and sound without their permission. I did not check if it was ok to use photos, videos and sound because I assumed that they were available for me to use as they were on the schools shared area. If I published my presentation I would have to ask the school for permission to use their photographs, videos and sound links as they are not my property. When I uploaded my presentation I had to check if it was under 30 megs in size. One of the issues was the videos because they were too big so I had too use by compress them into a smaller file size this meant that the quality was not as good as the first. File sizes have to be compressed if the images, videos and animations of the document is too big and you may loose the quality and clarity of the document.

9 2.4What improvements do you think you could do to your presentation? To improve my presentation I could add - more Videos -Internal and external Hyperlinks -Slide transitions -Animations -Facts -More GCSE results tables -More relevant or up to date photos of staff -Larger text - more photos to show what school is like -Design work before creating -Collection of resources -Timing of when you are going to start and finish presentation

10 3.2What improvements do you think you could have done to improve your work rate? (keyboard shortcuts, file names & locations, backups, work after school, templates, planning) To improve my work I could create a time scale which will help me stick to deadlines what tells me how long I have to finish my work and when I have to submit it. I could of designed my presentation instead of wasting time when creating the presentation and thinking about what to put on the PowerPoint. when I was typing my work I had to keep using the mouse to click bold and underline but to save time I could of used keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl B (bold) shift for a capital letter. I could of named my files and folders better by giving them appropriate names so I can save my work into them.

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