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Down Down Evaluation By Georges Mbuku. DOWN MAGAZINE FRONT COVER.

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1 Down Down Evaluation By Georges Mbuku




5 Forms and Conventions My magazine doesn’t follow most of the forms and convention of a typical magazine, this is because I wanted to be different I wanted to create a magazine which no one would have though to create. Me breaking most of the forms and conventions shows that my Magazine follows my rationale as I stated that I’ll create a magazine for “rebels, teenagers, mostly people who don’t follow rules”. The front cover of my magazine breaks, the law that the image used must be in the middle of the page. I also decided to make ma artist slyly cover his eyes with his hoodie this shows us, the reader that the artist fits the image of the magazine its self. The contents page of my magazine isn't called contents page instead I used the word “features” I used this type of convention because my magazine mostly holds featured articles about artist, as well as this it holds many advertisement as young teenagers tend to not read a lot, I also made the features page as it only states the major articles of the magazine so it will make the reader think about what else is in the magazine. The double page is very different to other magazines around the world and also within my class, I put the text left hand side of the page and this is wrong, normally our eyes read from the right so I should have put on the right hand side of the image. Although I broke most of the conventions of a magazine I made sure that I kept the theme of my magazine thought the pages I kept the theme colour blue and white

6 Social representational issues Because my magazine is grime/hip-hop magazine I had to make it look gritty, and thuggish. I used a grimy surrounding for the location of my photographs, however I tried to make the magazine seem as though it was teaching teenage boys especially that, living the grimy life isn't always the best you should plan to make something for your life like ‘Millz’ my artist. Because the magazine is also a grime/hip-magazine I made certain images look dark and gloomy however because I was sending out a message I also added colour to the images and to the magazine itself. My other articles had familiar artist names so I made sure I was keeping up to date with current artists

7 Institution Although in my rationale and my previous Idea I said that this magazine will be sold to teenagers, however because I knew that selling to teenagers will be hard so the business of the magazine will not gain profit, I decided to give the magazine to teenagers for free from the help of the government, I decided to hand out the magazine for free because like the metro it could be read on train, journeys and also bus journeys. I thought that the best way for these magazine to be distributed should be that copies should be sent to every secondary school across London, and that it should also be handed at retail shops that teenagers would normally go to e.g. JD Sports, Game etc.

8 Comparison with preliminary task and the main task The preliminary task help regain my experience at Photoshop, it enabled me to “fool around” with the software as it had been a long time since I touched Photoshop, also within the preliminary task I had the opportunity to work in a group this help me gain feedbacks and from these feedbacks I would change an idea, I also was able to teach my fellow classmates how to use the Photoshop this help me become a leader within the course. The main task was very different as I had to work by myself I had to undertake all the experience I had from the preliminary task and create a master piece by my self. I personally believe my main task went better than my preliminary task as it was the real thing so it had a lot more focus and concentration than the preliminary task had.

9 What I would do differently I would complete my work on time and slowly. As I was rushing my work and wasn’t taking my time to look at any improvements that need to be done, so because I only ended up doing this during the last few days of deadline I had more work to do than others did but eventually I completed my work on time.

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